MPs find government in contempt of parliament in historic motion
5 months ago

MPs passed a historic motion to hold the government in contempt over its failure to release the cabinet legal advice on the Brexit deal. The shadow Brexit ...

LIVE: UK Parliament resumes discussions on Brexit
3 weeks ago

Subscribe to our channel! UK Prime Minister Theresa May answers questions from MPs in the House of Commons in London on Wednesday, ...

Democracy, parliament cant function without opposition: Firdaus Ashiq
2 days ago

GEOBREAKINGNEWS - Democracy, parliament cant function without opposition: Firdaus Ashiq - 21 April 2019 | #GEONEWS ISLAMABAD: Special Assistant to ...

Geo Parliament With Arshad Waheed Chaudhry - 21 April 2019
1 day ago

Geo Parliament With Arshad Waheed Chaudhry - 21 April 2019 Pakistan Parliamentary Cricket team to take part in inter-parliamentary cricket tournament in ...

'Put it back!': Labour MP grabs the mace during parliament
4 months ago

The extraordinary moment Labour MP Lloyd Russell-Moyle picks up the mace and walks it over the line during proceedings in the House of Commons.

An introduction to Parliament
5 years ago

A short animation that introduces the UK Parliament, looking at its history and how it works today. This is an ideal teaching resource for secondary students ...

Bercow defends Parliament after Brexit delay: 'None of you is a traitor'
1 month ago

John Bercow has defended MPs against Theresa May's accusation that they are frustrating the will of the people over Brexit. Addressing the House of Commons, ...

Brexit: PM May pitches latest EU deal to parliament as deadline looms
4 weeks ago

British Prime Minister Theresa May was under pressure on Monday to give a date for leaving office as the price to bring Brexit-supporting rebel lawmakers in her ...

MPs debate Theresa May's Brexit withdrawal agreement ahead of vote – watch live
3 weeks ago

Today was the day that the UK was supposed to be leaving the EU, two years after Theresa May sent the letter triggering article 50. But instead the House of ...

The House of Commons Chamber
7 years ago

Watch our film about the House of Commons Chamber, what it does and how it works for people across the UK Links: ...

Greece parliament demand Germany pay WWII reparations
3 days ago

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said demanding reparations is "a historic and moral duty and a duty in memory of the heroes of the past."… READ MORE ...

President Barack Obama delivers stirring speech in Parliament
3 years ago

President Barack Obama spoke to Parliament following the North American Leaders' Summit. Obama spoke on wide range of topics including the close ...

How Parliament works in nearly 60 seconds
5 years ago

A fun and speedy guide to the role of UK Parliament, including the House of Commons, House of Lords and the monarchy, voiced by Rick Edwards. Use this ...

MPs hold second round of indicative votes
3 weeks ago

MPs take part in a second round of indicative votes on various Brexit-related motions. Results of the vote are at 2:15:30 Last week, the Commons were unable to ...

How to access the Houses of Parliament
5 years ago

How to access the Houses of Parliament (with optional subtitles) 1) 0:00 Welcome to Westminster Tanni, Baroness Grey-Thompson welcomes visitors to the ...

FULL coverage of British parliament's no-confidence vote
3 months ago

British Prime Minister Theresa May survived a no-confidence vote in Parliament on Wednesday to remain in office - but saw more of her power ebb away as she ...

State Opening of Parliament 2016
3 years ago

The Queen's Speech The Queen's Speech is delivered by the Queen from the Throne in the House of Lords. Although the Queen reads the speech, it is written ...

House of Commons debate on extension of Article 50
1 month ago

Today is the third of three days of big Brexit debates in the House of Commons this week. On Tuesday, MPs rejected the Government's Brexit deal in the second ...

Live: MPs take control of Parliament as they discuss Brexit options | ITV News
4 weeks ago

MPs have taken control of the House of Commons to discuss which plan for Brexit has the most support. A series of votes will be held after the debate. More at ...

LIVE Prime Minister's Questions: 3 April 2019
3 weeks ago

The Prime Minister, Theresa May, answers questions from MPs in the House of Commons on Wednesday 3 April 2019.

Watch chaos in Parliament after Brexit votes fail
4 weeks ago

None of the eight options that British lawmakers voted on previously got majority support from MPs. Conservative lawmaker Oliver Letwin, the architect of the ...

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