Why do airlines sell too many tickets? - Nina Klietsch
2 years ago

View full lesson on ed.ted.com: http://ed.ted.com/lessons/why-do-airlines-sell-too-many-tickets-nina-klietsch Have you ever sat in a doctor's office for hours, ...

This Technicality Got Family With Infant Kicked Off Overbooked Delta Flight
2 years ago

A California father's outrage is on full view as he's told his entire family is to be booted from an overbooked Delta flight. A flight attendant actually told the Orange ...

What are your rights on an overbooked flight?
2 years ago

What are your rights on an overbooked flight?

3 years ago

I apologize for the downer video on our otherwise upbeat channel, but there is somewhat of a feel-good ending. We took a last minute trip to the Bay Area last ...

The Chip Chipperson Podacast - 083 - OVERBOOKED
5 months ago

So many people want to be around Lyle and they all show up at the same time. Bryan discusses comic books while Kerryn makes nasty remarks. Things get ...

Delta willing to pay up to $10,000 to passengers on overbooked flights
2 years ago

Policy is a direct response to outrage over United's removal of a physician who was seen being dragged off a plane.

Why Airlines Sell More Seats Than They Have
2 years ago

Get 15 free days of knowing your data is safe by using this link with Backblaze: http://backblaze.com/wendover I started a brand new podcast with Brian from ...

'No worries about overbooked flights again': United Airlines in hot bed for passenger eviction
2 years ago

One of America's biggest airlines has found itself embroiled in scandal after video emerged showing a man being forcibly removed from an overbooked flight on ...

How This Woman Made $11,000 From Delayed, Overbooked Flights
2 years ago

Missing your vacation doesn't sound like a bad idea when you can cash in on it. Learn how this woman and her family made $11000 because of delayed and ...

2 years ago

Katie's newest video! EASY TODDLER MESSY BUN TUTORIAL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8y75G... YESTERDAY: https://youtu.be/iuzX-0XDYHA ...

Overbooked United Airlines flight causes controversy
2 years ago

'The O'Reilly Factor' investigates.

Why It Makes Sense That Airlines Overbook - Cheddar Explains
4 months ago

Every year, more than 450000 passengers are denied boarding to flights they already paid for. Overbooking has been happening for so long that we might no ...

United Airlines forcibly removes passenger from overbooked flight
2 years ago

'Look at what you did to him': video shows man being dragged from aircraft by guards: CBC News A man was forcibly removed from a United Airlines flight from ...

How To Avoid Overbooked Flights | This Morning
3 years ago

Simon Calder explains how overbooking happens and how you might avoid it.

Our Flight Was Overbooked!
2 years ago

I've been thinking about the United Airlines situation and how it relates to our own experience a couple weeks ago. Thanks for watching. If you like the content, ...

Elizabeth Becker's 'Overbooked' explores travel and tourism
5 years ago

Elizabeth Becker talks about the wonders and woes of the ever-growing travel industry and how tourism transforms countries in her new book, 'Overbooked: The ...

Overbooked flights: Dealing with being bumped from a flight
10 years ago

http://www.howdini.com/howdini-video-6690531.html Overbooked flights: Dealing with being bumped from a flight The best way to deal with being bumped from ...

Passenger dragged off overbooked flight
2 years ago

Video captured a passenger on a United Airlines flight being violently forced from his assigned seat and dragged off the plane after the flight was overbooked ...

11 months ago

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Family claims Delta threw them off overbooked flight
2 years ago

The Schear family alleges they were on a Los Angeles-bound flight when Delta employees asked them to give up their 2-year-old son's seat.

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