This North Korean Defector Hopes Trump Will Help Her Return Home (HBO)
2 weeks ago

Kim Ryon-hui is among the 30000 North Korean defectors now living in South Korea. But she says her story is different from most — in fact, she doesn't even like ...

What Happens To North Korean Defectors After They Escape
8 months ago

More than 1000 North Koreans try to escape the country every year. They risk being killed, imprisoned, or trafficked, as they escape through China, Mongolia, ...

Young North Korean Defectors Find New Life In Modern Seoul | NBC News
12 months ago

For young North Korean defectors, escape from an oppressive regime is only the first hurdle. Next, they must learn to live among people who don't understand ...

North Korean defectors use their most powerful weapon: The truth
1 year ago

Some who have fled south have tried to send information back home about life outside the repressive regime.

North Korean Defector: Explaining The Video
1 year ago

Video footage of North Korean defector's escape into South Korea shows that a pursuing soldier from the North may have violated an international treaty, ...

North Korean defectors answer 'stupid questions' - BBC News
1 year ago

What questions do those who have escaped North Korea get asked over and over again? The BBC asked three defectors to answer some of the more stupid ...

Another North Korean soldier escapes to South Korea
1 year ago

Another soldier from North Korea defected across the border into South Korea. CNN's Brian Todd has the details.

North Korean defectors beaten, killed
6 years ago

Anderson Cooper talks to Jim Butterworth about his film "Seoul Train," detailing North Korean defectors' journeys. For more CNN videos, visit our site at ...

North Korean Defector Recovering After Daring Escape | NBC Nightly News
1 year ago

As the North Korean soldier who made a daring escape across the DMZ recovers, six servicemen, including three Americans, were honored for their bravery in ...

Exclusive Interview With North Korea Defector: 'You Clap To Stay Alive'
3 years ago

Forced to witness public executions and beaten for 15 days after his first escape attempt, a former North Korean soldier who dramatically defected to the South ...

North Korean defector recalls field trip to execution
9 months ago

North Korean defector Sungju Lee recalls going on a school trip to a public execution when he was 11 years old.

North Korea defector's escape caught on camera
1 year ago

A North Korean soldier who defected across the demilitarized zone has had his escape caught on camera.

A Week In Interviews: A North Korean defector and The Oscars
3 weeks ago

This week of interviews features a North Korean defector, highlights from Oscars including Rita Ora and Motley Crue's Nikki Six. SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube ...

That Moment I Escaped North Korea
2 months ago

We talked with another advocate of the organization Liberty in North Korea, Geum Hyok Kim. Geum is a defector from the ruling class of North Korea who didn't ...

North Korean defector praises President Trump's summit decision
3 weeks ago

Former North Korean diplomat Thae Yong-ho says President Trump did the right thing by walking away from the Hanoi summit without giving in to Kim Jong Un's ...

See How One North Korean Soldier Escaped To South Korea | TODAY
1 year ago

In December, a North Korean soldier scrambled across the DMZ, the heavily guarded border that separates North and South Korea, in a bid for freedom that was ...

North Korean defector: South Korean soap operas showed regime was lying
1 year ago

K-pop and K-dramas -- South Korean soap operas -- are banned in North Korea. But black market versions are making their way to North Koreans, even offering ...

The Social Media Stars Of South Korea Are North Korean Defectors (HBO)
2 years ago

There's a new kind of social media star in South Korea: North Korean defectors, whose videos get tens of millions of views. The South Korean capital city of ...

Why does this North Korean defector want to return home ? BBC News
5 years ago

Subscribe to BBC News Find out why a small number of North Korean defectors are deciding to return to their repressive homeland ...

North Korean defector says she's "trapped"...
3 years ago

North Korean defector says she's "trapped" in South Korea -- desperate to return to her family in Pyongyang. CNN's Will Ripley reports.

North Korean defector disowned by Pyongyang family
2 years ago

In a CNN exclusive, the North Korean government takes Will Ripley to meet with the families of defectors, including the family of the most senior diplomat to ...

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