Alone in an Empty North Korean Airport
2 days ago

I had to fly out of the Pyongyang airport and needed two North Korean guides to take me there. Then when I arrived, the airport was completely empty and I was ...

Trump, Bolton Seem To Be At Odds Over North Korea | MSNBC
10 hours ago

President Trump and his National Security Advisor John Bolton seem to be at odds over how to handle North Korea's recent missile tests. NBC's Hallie Jackson ...

Lindsey Graham: Trump 'has to deliver' on denuclearizing North Korea
13 hours ago

Sen. Lindsey Graham on Trump giving the OK to declassify intelligence related to Russia investigation. FOX News operates the FOX News Channel (FNC), FOX ...

The Terrifying Danger Of Wearing Makeup In North Korea | Shady | Refinery29
1 week ago

On this episode of Shady, our host Lexy Lebsack travels to Korea to uncover the reason behind the danger of wearing makeup in North Korea. An underground ...

Full Sanders: North Korea Missile Tests Aren't 'Bothering The President' | Meet The Press | NBC News
11 hours ago

In an exclusive interview with Meet the Press, White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders talks to Chuck Todd about North Korea's missile tests, the president's ...

Trump Projects Unity With Japan But Splits With Abe On North Korea | NBC Nightly News
4 hours ago

President Trump and Prime Minister Abe publicly projected unity, playing golf and attending a sumo wrestling match. Trump struck a different note on Twitter, ...

NORTH KOREA as a Tourist  - Pyongyang Day One
3 weeks ago

It was day one in North Korea and I want to show you what it's like to travel as a tourist there. Currently, there are only 4000-5000 tourists per year and I wanted ...

Arriving to Pyongyang - First Impressions of North Korea
2 weeks ago

After arriving to Pyongyang and getting to have a look around the city, here are my first impressions of North Korea. I am basing this off of 3 days of exploring the ...

North Korea - All the dictator's men | DW Documentary
2 months ago

North Korea is one of the poorest countries in the world, but its leader Kim Jong Un has still found the money he needs to finance a nuclear weapons program, ...

Trump talks trade, North Korea with Japanese PM Shinzo Abe
35 minutes ago

President Donald Trump said the U.S. relationship with Japan has never been better during a meeting with PM Shinzo Abe. Trump also stated that North Korea ...

I Escaped North Korea. Here’s My Message for President Trump. | NYT - Opinion
11 months ago

Yeonmi Park and her family suffered tragically under the North Korean regime. Now she's urging the United States to pressure Kim Jong-un to end the holocaust ...

Inside the North Korea Subway - SURREAL (May 2019)
1 week ago

It's day two in North Korea and we had the chance to ride on the Pyongyang Metro across the city. We also visited the Party Monument and got to climb the ...

Never before seen real life footage inside of North Korea (Documentary)
2 years ago

in this documentary you get to see how north korean people really live in one of the rarest documentaries ever recorded by 2 french journalists exclusively given ...

The North Korean women who had to escape twice - BBC News
4 months ago

Trafficked into the sex industry after defecting from North Korea, two young women spent years in captivity before finally getting the chance to escape. Please ...

NORTH KOREA: The Most Daring Escape Captured on Camera
2 years ago

November 13, 2017 - Closed-circuit television (CCTV) footage of a North Korean soldier daring escape through the DMZ at the JSA site. The KPA defector uses ...

3 weeks ago

This is the beginning of my journey to North Korea. I travelled by train from Beijing to Dandong, the biggest border city to DPRK, and then on to Pyongyang.

10 Strange School Rules In NORTH KOREA
1 year ago

10 bizarre facts about the school system in North Korea. Subscribe to our channel: For copyright matters please contact us at: ...

Pyongyang Street Food - North Korea
3 years ago

READ THE DESCRIPTION! I'm Indonesian. I was going to a street food stall at Bugsae Street in Pyongyang. I don't buy many kinds of food, since we are ...

Visiting North Korea | DW Documentary
1 year ago

Few tourists manage to peek behind the iron curtain of North Korea's dictatorship. But the journalist Luca Faccio managed to visit Kim Jong Un's regime. Anyone ...

10 Horrifying Tales From Inside North Korea
2 years ago

What is it like to live in North Korea? We bring you 10 horrifying tales from defectors about their time in the Hermit Kingdom. Click to Subscribe..

US seizes massive North Korean cargo vessel for violating sanctions
2 weeks ago

The Justice Department announced the seizure off the coast of Indonesia just hours after Kim Jong Un launched two short-range ballistic missiles. WATCH THE ...

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