UK MPs reject a no-deal Brexit   - BBC News
6 days ago

MPs have voted by 312 to 308 to reject leaving the EU without a withdrawal agreement. It is not a legally-binding decision - and it does not rule out the UK ...

Theresa May says clear majority against no-deal Brexit
5 days ago

Prime minister says Commons has provided clear majority against leaving the EU without a deal after MPs inflict fresh defeat. May had promised MPs a free vote ...

British lawmakers have rejected a no-deal Brexit
6 days ago

British Prime Minister Theresa May has reiterated to MPs that while they have voted to reject a no-deal Brexit, it remains the default option if the UK cannot reach ...

With May's plan defeated, could a no-deal Brexit be 'ruinous' for the UK?
6 days ago

Britain's Parliament soundly rejected Prime Minister Theresa May's revised Brexit plan. May had secured some concessions from the European Union over the ...

EU reaction to UK rejecting No-deal Brexit
6 days ago

"We will grant you one month, not more than one month." | EuronewsTonight Shona Murray interviewed MEP Philippe Lamberts to get the EU's reaction on UK ...

What could a no-deal Brexit actually mean for YOU?
2 months ago

Theresa May's Brexit deal has been defeated by MPs and the UK is creeping closer to leaving the EU without a deal. But how does a no-deal Brexit actually ...

MPs vote to reject no-deal Brexit by majority of 4  - now what?|#BREXIT
5 days ago

MPs have voted against a no deal Brexit by a majority of four, in a non-binding vote. So what happens now? (Subscribe: ...

MPs inflict further Brexit defeats on May in no-deal votes
6 days ago

MPs have voted against the idea of Britain leaving the EU without a deal, clearing the way for Brexit to be delayed. In chaotic scenes, the government whipped ...

UK parliament votes against no-deal Brexit
5 days ago

Try the Financial Times for 4 weeks for just £1. Start your trial now - ▻ Read more at MPs voted by 321 to 278 to ...

UK Parliament votes to reject "No-Deal" Brexit
6 days ago

After a searing defeat for Prime Minister Theresa May's Brexit deal, the U.K. Parliament votes later today on whether to leave the EU without any deal. FOX News ...

Michel Barnier warns risk of no-deal Brexit 'at highest'
5 days ago

Try the Financial Times for 4 weeks for just £1. Start your trial now - ▻ Read more at The EU's chief Brexit ...

Brexit debate as MPs prepare to vote on no deal|#BREXIT
6 days ago

MPs debate whether the UK should take a no deal Brexit off the table ahead of a vote at around 7pm this evening. (Subscribe: ...

U.K.'s Hammond Sounds Alarm on No-Deal Brexit
6 days ago

Mar.13 -- U.K. Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond speaks about the risks of a no-deal Brexit during a statement in the House of Commons in London.

What is no-deal Brexit? - BBC News
2 months ago

With no certainty over an agreement for the UK's departure from the EU, what happens in the event of no deal? Please subscribe HERE

What a 'no-deal' Brexit could mean for the UK
6 months ago

Sky's Faisal Islam discusses what the 'no-deal' Brexit papers released by the government could mean for the UK.

How will today’s No-deal Brexit vote affect GBP?
6 days ago

Brexit remains the single biggest GBP risk. Nick Kilbey, from Foenix Partners, says that if tonight's vote is in favour of keeping a no-deal Brexit as an option the ...

Forget politicians - here's the experts' view of a No-Deal Brexit
2 months ago

With Theresa May's Brexit deal struggling to get support in the House of Commons, a number of MPs believe the country is getting closer to a No-Deal Brexit.

Brennpunkt zum Brexit: Abstimmung über den No Deal
6 days ago

Das britische Unterhaus stimmt erneut ab - heute über einen EU-Austritt ohne Abkommen.

Britain to slash trade tariffs in event of a no-deal Brexit
2 weeks ago

The government will cut Britain's trade tariffs by more than at any point in the country's history, if the UK leaves the EU without a deal. SUBSCRIBE to our ...

Wales prepares for no-deal Brexit
2 months ago

The Welsh government today cleared its diary in the assembly for ministers to announce one by one what the impact would be of leaving the EU in 66 days ...

Brexit: U.K. lawmakers vote against no-deal as EU divorce looms
6 days ago

British lawmakers on Wednesday rejected leaving the European Union without a deal in any scenario, paving the way for a vote to delay Brexit to seek a way out ...

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