Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro evacuated from stage
8 months ago

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro was evacuated from stage during a speech in Caracas after what authorities say was an "assassination attempt" against ...

Embattled Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro Addressed The U.N. In A Surprise Visit | TIME
6 months ago

Embattled Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro showed up unexpectedly at the U.N. General Assembly on Wednesday to “defend his country” as six nations ...

Au Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro danse la salsa et joue de la percussion en plein meeting
2 months ago

VENEZUELA - Trois jours après l'auto-proclamation de Juan Guaido comme "président" du Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro tente d'afficher sa décontraction. Devant ...

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro addresses the nation
2 months ago

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro addresses the nation on January 28. For more info, please go to ...

Nicolas Maduro responds to protests with military show of force
2 months ago

Protesters in Venezuela once again demanded President Nicolas Maduro step down. But he insted had a warning for the U.S. Elizabeth Palmer reports from ...

Nicolas Maduro rend hommage à Hugo Chavez pour le 6e anniversaire de sa mort
2 weeks ago

Le président vénézuélien Nicolas Maduro a rendu hommage le 5 mars à Hugo Chavez dans son mausolée à Caracas à l'occasion du sixième anniversaire de ...

Venezuela 'Drone Attack': Maduro says attempt made on his life at event
8 months ago

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro says he has survived an alleged assassination attempt in Caracas. He was speaking at a military event when he says ...

Venezuela: Nicolas Maduro survives 'assassination attempt'
8 months ago

Seven National Guard soldiers were injured after explosions interrupted Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro mid-speech during a military event in Caracas, ...

Venezuela President Maduro accuses US of leading a coup to force him from power
2 months ago

The White House has backed opposition leader Juan Guaido as interim president.

Venezuela Crisis: President Nicolas Maduro rallyies support | #GME
2 months ago

National Assembly leader Juan Guaidó hasn't been seen in public since proclaiming himself, interim president. But the official President of Venezuela Nicolas ...

Présidentielle au Venezuela : victoire Nicolas Maduro
10 months ago

Abonnez-vous à notre chaîne sur YouTube : En DIRECT - Suivez FRANCE 24 ici : Le président vénézuélien Nicolas ...

Venezuelan president breaks diplomatic ties with US
2 months ago

The embattled President of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro says he is ending diplomatic relations with the US after President Donald Trump officially recognized the ...

How the Drone Attack on Maduro Unfolded in Venezuela | NYT - Visual Investigations
7 months ago

It started with a nervous look to the sky. Two minutes later, two drones exploded. We analyzed videos and photos to show how a speech by President Nicolás ...

Moment Maduro’s speech cut midway by explosion, panic ensues
8 months ago

The moment Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro's speech was interrupted by approaching drones laden with explosives was captured on video.

Venezuela : explosions en plein discours présidentiel de Nicolas Maduro
8 months ago

Une attaque de drones est venu perturber l'allocution du président vénézuélien Nicolas Maduro alors qu'il s'exprimait à l'occasion d'une cérémonie militaire à ...

Maduro: Trump has ‘no right’ to joke about military action in Venezuela
1 year ago

After President Trump spoke about the dire situation in Venezuela at the UN General Assembly, how would that President Nicolas Maduro respond to Trump?

Nicolas Maduro ‘survived assassination attempt involving exploding drones’
8 months ago

Venezuela's president Nicolas Maduro has claimed he has survived an assassination attempt involving exploding drones. … READ MORE ...

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro loves the Turkish series 'Resurrection: Ertugrul'
10 months ago

Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro is a fan of the Turkish series 'Resurrection Ertugrul' which began airing in 2014 on Turkey's TRT1.

🇻🇪 Venezuela's President Maduro survives drone 'attack' | Al Jazeera English
8 months ago

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has survived an alleged assassination attempt while speaking at a military event in central Caracas. Saturday's incident ...

Putin is asked: Is it time for President Maduro of Venezuela to go?
6 months ago

Find more from PBS NewsHour at Subscribe to our YouTube channel: Follow us: Facebook: ...

Defiant Nicolas Maduro Declares: ‘We Will Defeat A Coup’ In Venezuela | NBC News
2 months ago

Nicolas Maduro insisted Juan Guaido would not be installed as “a puppet regime for the interests of the United States empire.” » Subscribe to NBC News: ...

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