CNN Philippines News Report
2 years ago

My former work on CNN Philippines in 2015 as News Anchor for all weekend news. This is not my property and upload is purely for record keeping purposes.

Top 15 Scary Live News Reporting Moments
1 year ago

Narrated by Chills: Follow Top15s on Twitter: Follow Chills on Instagram: Follow ...

Special Report: Hurricane Michael To Make Landfall In U.S. | NBC News
1 year ago

Hurricane Michael will make landfall as a Category 4 Hurricane in the Florida Panhandle before moving into Georgia and the Carolinas. » Subscribe to NBC ...

Funniest Live TV News Interviews Gone Wrong
3 years ago

Funniest live TV news interviews gone wrong.

Best TV News Bloopers Fails 2017
2 years ago

A collection of the best TV news bloopers fails.

Craziest News Report | Hannah Stocking, Lele Pons, Rudy Mancuso, Juanpa Zurita & Anwar Jibawi
4 months ago


NBC News Special Report: Transcript in whistleblower complaint released
4 weeks ago

The transcript of a phone call mentioned in a whistleblower complaint between President Trump and the president of Ukraine has been released. » Subscribe to ...

9/11: Airliner hits North Tower
8 years ago

At 8:49 a.m. on a Sept. 11, 2001, CNN got the first report of a plane hitting one of the World Trade Center towers.

5 years ago

The entire newscast, as shot by Angelo Mike and edited by James Romano and Pickleboy, uploaded in it's entirety.

9/11: The First News Reports (2001)
8 years ago

A compilation of the first news reports about the attack on the Twin Towers, September 11, 2001. With reports from eyewitness and the impact of the second ...

MEGA CHURCH PASTOR SAID WHAT !!! Unbelievable News Report 2019
9 months ago

DONATION LINKS: ▻ Support the Bible Project: ...

Sargger's Breaking News Report #5
5 months ago This is no me! Background animation by: AA VFX, Amitai Angor

Creating a News Report
6 years ago

This video is about Creating a News Report.

Earthquake News Report - SNL
9 months ago

The Action 9 News team (Cecily Strong, Mikey Day) reports on an earthquake and talks to victims of a building collapse who were having their names legally ...

R.I.P Yoteslaya (Brian Rickard) News Report
6 years ago

A little late but i hope you will all miss him as much as i did.

Top 20 Hilarious News Reporting Fails
2 months ago

We guess you could say that these new reporting fails were in themselves breaking news stories. We're counting down the most epic fails in the history of the ...

BBC News HD - Zombie Apocalypse News Report
3 years ago

BBC World News report about the zombie apocalypse. Enjoy. See my other BBC News Zombie video here: The actual video is ...

Plastic Bag interrupts News Report (Original)
10 years ago

A plastic bag decides to interrupt a dull interview.

Elvis Presley: News Report of his death - Aug 16, 1977
1 year ago

News breaks of the death of Elvis Presley.

"Pokémania": 1999 MSNBC Pokémon News Report
9 years ago

As a child, watching adults try as hard as they could to understand what made Pokémon appealing to children and fail miserably was possibly the funniest thing ...

Sargger's Breaking News Report #4
6 months ago This is no me! Background animation by: AA VFX, Amitai Angor

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