Самые быстрые Mazda MPS в Украине. 450 и 500hp.
2 days ago

Ребят, всем привет! Продолжая тему бюджетных валящих автомобилей, мы нашли для Вас уникальные проекты 450hp...

German MPs: Assange's detention 'violation of law'
2 days ago

(15 Apr 2019) A group of German and Spanish MPs on Monday called for detained Wikileaks founder Julian Assange not to be extradited from the United ...

MPs behaving badly (Part 1)
4 weeks ago

MPs are elected to represent their constituencies but sometimes their behaviour can get the better of them. These are a collection of our politicians' ...

Toyota Supra MK4 2JZ BW S366 Single Turbo - Die Abstimmung! - MPS Engineering
1 week ago

Toyota Supra MK4 2JZ Single Turbo - Die Abstimmung! - MPS Engineering In diesem Video stellen wir euch eine Toyota Supra MK4 LHD vor. Wir stimmen den ...

India Today's Special Report Card On What Lok Sabha MPs Did In Past 5 Years
1 week ago

As voting begins to elect the nation's 17th Lok Sabha, it's time to evaluate individual performances in the outgoing House. Who were the best and the worst ...

Uganda MPs fight in Parliament during presidential age limit
2 years ago

In neighbouring Uganda, chaotic scenes broke out in parliament as MPs debated the contentious removal of the presidential age limit. Tempers flared and ...

MPs behaving badly (part 2)
4 weeks ago

AS Speaker of the House of Commons John Bercow is supposed to be politically neutral. Who is John Bercow?

MPs reject all 8 different Brexit options
4 weeks ago

MPs have voted against all eight options under the indicative votes process. Notably this means that the UK will not the European Union without a deal on April ...

In full: MPs vote on Brexit alternatives
4 weeks ago

MPs voted on eight Brexit alternatives after the government failed to halt the process. No option received a majority. LISTEN to our All Our Politics podcast: ...

Nissan R35 GTR - 660PS - Technik, Tuning und Zeiten - MPS Engineering
2 weeks ago

Nissan R35 GTR - 660PS - Technik, Tuning und Zeiten - MPS Engineering Nissan GTR MY 2011 Ecutek Tuning by MPS Engineering 1000ccm Injectoren MPS ...

Intro Video of JetBrains MPS
8 months ago

MPS is a tool for building your own domain-specific languages (DSL). DSLs expresses your domain processes and knowledge in a language that directly uses ...

6 months ago

Intro Edited by Ipowded Media: https://www.ipowdedmedia.com/ https://www.instagram.com/ipowdedmedia/?hl=en EMP Performance Discount code LLF10EMP ...

MPs debate taking control of Brexit LIVE
4 weeks ago

MPs are debating whether they should have a say on alternatives to Theresa May's Brexit deal and take control of the process from the Prime Minister.

MP's Plot to Oust Speaker John Bercow - Brexit Explained
2 days ago

Recently Speaker John Bercow hasn't been particularly popular with the Conservatives. With some believing that his decisions have been biased against them.

Security officers attached to 'Tangatanga MPs' withdrawn
1 week ago

Security officers attached to 'Tangatanga MPs' withdrawn. SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel for more great videos: https://www.youtube.com/ Follow us on ...

THE RUTO ALLEGIANCE QUESTION: 6 MPs' demand for Jubilee PG meeting
4 days ago

Six members of Parliament from Mt. Kenya region are demanding for a Jubilee parliamentary group meeting to be convened, so as to shed light on whether what ...

MPs vote down all four alternatives to PM's Brexit deal
3 weeks ago

Britain's exit from the EU remains deadlocked on Monday night after MPs failed to back either a soft Brexit or a referendum in sufficient numbers to forge a ...

Bercow gives MPs a Brexit b*ll*cking
3 months ago

The Speaker of the House - John Bercow, got very fired up during today's #brexitdebate. Did the MPs deserve his wrath? Like what you see? Please subscribe ...

MPs' expenses: the 46 claiming London rent & hotels while owning property
4 years ago

Subscribe to Channel 4 News: http://bit.ly/1sF6pOJ Forty six MPs have claimed expenses for London rent or hotels despite owning a property in the capital, ...

MPs take over the Brexit Debate in Commons - LIVE
4 weeks ago

MPs debate ahead of votes over the future direction of Brexit. (Subscribe: https://bit.ly/C4_News_Subscribe) ----------------------- Get more news at our site ...

MPs debate different options for Brexit - LIVE
3 weeks ago

MPs debate and vote on different options for Brexit - after no option successfully won a majority last week. Eight motions have been tabled and Speaker John ...

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