Guy Rages When He Misses His Flight "Planes Gone Bro"
7 years ago

Guy raging after he missed his flight out of Atlanta. Goes as far as to use the airlines intercom system. Aiport In Atlanta.. credit: clansingbrown.

AIRLINE - Entitled Couple Miss Flight!
1 year ago

(From Season 4, Episode 6 of Airline) A couple travelling to Nice in France miss their flight because of the busy car park outside. Maybe they should have left ...

Angry people missed their flight
1 year ago

Me and my dad were kinda laughing ...then I realized we missed it also.

Missed Flight Airport Tantrum!! AA Passenger tries getting Pilots attention to board. Hilarious!!!
5 years ago

Watch this before you buy your next plane ticket :D American Airlines (AA) Passengers missed the boarding and goes bonkers in the Airport terminal.

It's Our Flight to London  for Spring Break *We Almost Missed It!!*
19 hours ago

Check Out Our STORE! It's Our Spring Break vacation in England and we ALMOST missed our flight . Check out the journey we ...

I missed my flight to London...
1 year ago

I still cannot believe this happened... Stay tuned for more fun videos!!(that are less sad than this) ~Subscribe: ~~Social ...

Lady at airport screaming over her missed flight.
6 years ago

She started have a temper tantrum because she got at the gate late.

Watch US Airways rep Alesia Garcia: Causes missed flight, calls police
4 years ago

Where: Denver Airport. When: May 23rd, 2015; 4:30 AM. Flight time: 5:45 AM. Upon attempting to check-in to a Denver to San Diego flight, a US airways ticket ...

3 years ago

I apologize for the downer video on our otherwise upbeat channel, but there is somewhat of a feel-good ending. We took a last minute trip to the Bay Area last ...

WE MISSED OUR FLIGHT :(.. Barbados to Nashville
1 year ago

We almost made it two full years of full-time travel without missing a flight, but we missed our last flight of 2017 and had to sleep in the airport. Besides that, it was ...

WORST travel experience with AeroMexico (it was a NIGHTMARE!!!) 😰
2 years ago

My sister Alodia​ and I missed our flight, had to camp out overnight in the Mexico airport, AND had to pay a fortune just to rebook our flight. All thanks to the ...

2 years ago

Hey guys!! Missed me? haha I was away at London for a week but i only vlogged twice so might as well upload it! :) London haul #2 soon! :)

Airport Worker Tears Up Passenger's Ticket After He Missed Flight While Eating Noodles
1 year ago

The passenger, 43, checked in at 5pm for a 5.50pm flight from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam but missed boarding because he was eating noodles. He became ...

Missed My Flight...Now I'm Stuck...
5 months ago

SimpliSafe is awesome security. It's really effective, it's really easy to use, and the price is great. Check SimpliSafe out here: ...

A woman missed her flight at the boarding gate HKIA
10 years ago

woman going insane after missing her flight.

1 year ago

A couple at JFK missed their flight because the boarding period had ended (meaning they couldn't get on the plane because the doors already closed).

Flight delay, missed cruise, too bad
1 year ago

A woman missed her cruise bevcuse her flight was delayed. No problem, she thought, I bought trip insurance. But Royal Caribbean says she didn't buy the right ...

10 months ago

Wow cannot believe we missed our flight to head out to California! Well all things happen for a reason! Who is ready for vacation vlogs!?! Well get ready because ...

Mom's meltdown over flight delay, missed Disney cruise, goes viral
3 years ago

A mother traveling with her daughters to a Disney cruise in Miami had a public meltdown over a 12-hour delay at New York's LaGuardia Airport, and video of her ...

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