Brexit: Why Theresa May now sees no-deal as second best option
16 hours ago

The FT's UK political commentator Robert Shrimsley and editor Lionel Barber discuss the prime minister's change in strategy ▻ Subscribe to here: ...

#Brexit: Theresa May says EU has granted extension to UK over Article 50
1 day ago

UK Prime Minister Theresa May says an extension on Article 50 has been granted by the EU and they will work towards getting a Brexit deal done before May 22 ...

Her way or the highway? EU leaders offer Theresa May Brexit delay until May 22
2 days ago

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Theresa May gives news conference after delaying Brexit
1 day ago

UK Prime Minister Theresa May is expected to hold a press conference at the European Union's summit after having her request for Brexit's delay approved.

"You, the public, have had enough." Theresa May's Brexit speech tells MPs to decide
2 days ago

SUBSCRIBE for more Read the Prime Minister full Brexit speech here: Nearly three years have passed ...

Theresa May ‘might cancel third meaningful Brexit vote' | ITV News
12 hours ago

Theresa May's hopes of getting her Brexit deal through Parliament have been dealt a huge blow after her key allies, the Democratic Unionists, attacked her ...

Theresa May: UK must 'deliver Brexit' for the people
2 days ago

Theresa May has arrived at the EU summit. On her way in she told reporters she would be requesting a short article 50 extension until the end of June.

May dashes to salvage Brexit deal in Brussels
2 days ago

The scene is set for a crisis: MPs indicating they still won't back the PM's deal, Theresa May insisting she won't ask for a long extension, and the EU currently ...

Brexit: May antagonizes UK Parliament with public address | DW News
2 days ago

Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel has confirmed that the EU could approve Britain's request for a short extension to Brexit. Merkel told German lawmakers ...

Theresa May calls for MPs to make Brexit decision
3 days ago

Theresa May has called on MPs to make a decision over Brexit as addressed the nation this evening. SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel for more videos: ...

Brexit: May says high time MPs vote for her deal in No 10 statement
3 days ago

Theresa May delivered a statement outside 10 Downing Street on Wednesday, where she said it was high time MPs voted for her Brexit deal. She started her ...

Live: Theresa May news conference after she agrees Brexit delay with EU | ITV News
1 day ago

The Prime Minister is giving an update after EU leaders agreed a plan which will delay Brexit until May 22, so long as MPs approve Theresa May's withdrawal ...

Theresa May makes Brexit statement
3 days ago

Prime Minister Theresa May makes a statement in Downing Street. (Subscribe: ----------------------- Get more news at our site ...

EU ultimatum to May: you can only delay Brexit if deal is passed
3 days ago

Theresa May has ruled out a long extension to Brexit while she is Prime Minister. (Subscribe: In angry exchanges at Prime ...

Theresa May asks for June 30 extension for Brexit deal | Raw Politics
2 days ago

In a letter to European Council President Donald Tusk, UK Prime Minister Theresa May asked for an extension to her Brexit deal. May has proposed postponing ...

Bercow defends Parliament after Brexit delay: 'None of you is a traitor'
2 days ago

John Bercow has defended MPs against Theresa May's accusation that they are frustrating the will of the people over Brexit. Addressing the House of Commons, ...

Theresa May speaks after asking EU for delay on Brexit
3 days ago

UK Prime Minister Theresa May makes a statement after asking the European Union to delay the Brexit date in order to give herself time to reorganize after two ...

WATCH: Theresa May says it is 'high time' UK lawmakers make a decision on Brexit deal
3 days ago

Suggested blurb: Theresa May in a televised statement that it's a matter of "great personal regret" that U.K. won't leave EU with a deal on March 29. With British ...

May says she is not prepared to delay Brexit beyond 30 June
3 days ago

Theresa May has written to the EU seeking a short delay to Brexit until the end of June, telling MPs at PMQs that a longer delay would mean 'a failure to deliver' ...

The next Brexit PM: who takes over if May gets ousted?
18 hours ago

THERESA May's leadership has been an uncomfortable display of crumbling credibility combined with resolute determination to push through Brexit - no matter ...

Brexit deadlock: EU grants May Brexit extension
23 hours ago

Subscribe to France 24 now: FRANCE 24 live news stream: all the latest news 24/7 The EU has granted May ...

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