Nicolás Maduro: “Trump ataca la libertad de circulación”
3 days ago

Como un “ataque a la libertad de circulación” calificó Nicolás Maduro la decisión del gobierno de Estados Unidos de suspender todos los vuelos desde y hacia ...

Venezuela crisis: Maduro condemns 'extremist' Trump - BBC News
3 months ago

Venezuela's embattled President Nicolás Maduro has called Donald Trump's government a "gang of extremists" and blamed the US for his country's crisis.

Inside Venezuela’s Blackout: How Maduro’s Power Endures | The Dispatch
2 months ago

After years of economic crisis, many Venezuelans struggle just to get by. Yet President Nicolás Maduro continues to hold onto power, using state propaganda, ...

Nicolas Maduro says ex-intelligence chief helped plan 'coup'
3 days ago

Venezuela has been hit by more protests this week after President Maduro locked up Edgar Zambrano (inset), the deputy of the US-backed opposition leader ...

#VenezuelaHoy: Maduro desafía a Guaidó y le pide que convoque a elecciones
3 months ago

El presidente Nicolás Maduro cuestionó al líder opositor Juan Guaidó por no llamar a comicios presidenciales en su condición de declarado mandatario ...

Maduro negó que estuviera por abandonar Venezuela para ir a Cuba
3 weeks ago

El presidente de Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, negó hoy que planee abandonar su país para refugiarse en Cuba debido a la crisis política que vive la citada ...

MADURO rechaza el ultimátum para convocar elecciones
4 months ago

Maduro rechaza cualquier plazo para convocar elecciones y carga contra las “élites europeas”. El líder chavista advierte a Guaidó: "Esta situación se resolverá ...

Maduro meets with soldiers in Venezuela in show of strength
3 days ago

Acting Secretary of Homeland Security Kevin K. McAleenan (left) has ordered the suspension of all commercial passenger and cargo flights between the United ...

Venezuela: Maduro denounces 'coup plotters and traitors'
2 weeks ago

The Venezuelan president, Nicolás Maduro, has said 'the time to fight has come', in a televised address surrounded by his military high command. Maduro gave ...

Maduro: Trump has ‘no right’ to joke about military action in Venezuela
2 years ago

After President Trump spoke about the dire situation in Venezuela at the UN General Assembly, how would that President Nicolas Maduro respond to Trump?

Maduro rompe relaciones con EE.UU. tras apoyo de Trump a Guaidó
4 months ago

Nicolás Maduro le da 72 horas a todo el personal diplomático estadounidense para que abandone Venezuela. "Basta de imperialismo", dijo Maduro ante una ...

Pompeo: Maduro was ready to leave. Russians said stay
3 weeks ago

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo tells CNN's Wolf Blitzer that Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro was preparing to leave his country, but was talked out of it by ...

Venezuela's Maduro 'leaves voicemail' for rival Guaidó
3 months ago

In interview with reporter, embattled president gives two messages. In the first, he tells Donald Trump he will leave the White House 'stained with blood' if he ...

How the Drone Attack on Maduro Unfolded in Venezuela | NYT - Visual Investigations
9 months ago

It started with a nervous look to the sky. Two minutes later, two drones exploded. We analyzed videos and photos to show how a speech by President Nicolás ...

Nicolas Maduro accuses US of fabricating a crisis
3 months ago

The embattled Venezuelan president accused the U.S. government of trying to fabricate a crisis to start a war in South America in an interview with ABC News' ...

Aid trucks arrive at Venezuela border as Maduro tries to woo security forces
3 months ago

Semi-trailers carrying emergency food and medical supplies have arrived at the Colombia-Venezuela border. The border crossing has been blockaded by ...

Venezuela's President Maduro claims victory over attempted coup in defiant TV address
3 weeks ago

In an hour-long speech, President Nicolás Maduro said he had defeated what he called a military coup attempt by Juan Guaidó, the opposition leader. He also ...

🇻🇪 Venezuela's army declares loyalty to Maduro l Al Jazeera English
4 months ago

Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro has hit back at his opponents at home and abroad with backing from the military and world powers like Russia and China ...

[EN DIRECTO] Conferencia de prensa de Nicolás Maduro
4 months ago

Artículo relacionado: Suscríbete a nuestro canal para no perderte más vídeos clickando aquí Este vídeo ha sido publicado en el ...

DIRECTO VENEZUELA | Sigue la rueda de prensa de MADURO
3 months ago

El líder venezolano ofrece una rueda de prensa en el palacio presidencial, en Caracas. Suscríbete a nuestro canal: Visita ...

Venezuela : pourquoi Trump veut tant le départ de Maduro
3 months ago

Brésil, Canada, France… de nombreux pays demandent aujourd'hui le départ du président vénézuélien Nicolas Maduro. Tous lui préfèrent son opposant Juan ...

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