Macey Hensley Encourages People to Vote by Going Door-to-Door
8 months ago

To help local residents prepare for the midterm election, Ellen sent her kid presidential expert Macey Hensley door-to-door to talk with people about the ...

Ellen Meets Macey Hensley
4 years ago

This 5-year-old presidential expert is one of the most hilarious and adorable guests of all time.

Kid Presidential Expert Macey Hensley on the Government Shutdown
5 months ago

Nine-year-old presidential expert Macey Hensley stopped by to talk with Ellen about the recent government shutdown, her Lego-themed birthday party, and how ...

Lin-Manuel Miranda and Macey Hensley Face Off in Historical Trivia
2 years ago

"Hamilton" creator Lin-Manuel Miranda may have met his match as he faced off against kid presidential expert Macey Hensley in Founding Fathers trivia!

Justin Hartley Faces Off Against Macey Hensley in ‘This Is U.S.’ Game
5 months ago

To celebrate Presidents' Day, Ellen put actor Justin Hartley up against kid history expert Macey Hensley in a quiz all about American events, called “This Is U.S.” ...

Macey Goes to 'Hamilton'
2 years ago

Ellen didn't throw away her shot at sending her favorite presidential expert Macey Hensley to "Hamilton" during its run at Hollywood's Pantages Theater!

Macey Meets President Obama
3 years ago

The presidential expert got to meet a President for the first time, and asked him some very important questions.

Macey Goes to Mount Rushmore — Extended!
4 years ago

Ellen's pint-sized presidential expert took a family trip to Mount Rushmore! Check out this extended clip featuring moments that you didn't see on the show!

Lin-Manuel Miranda Gives Macey a VIP Tour of Hamilton: The Exhibition
1 month ago

Ellen sent her resident kid presidential expert Macey Hensley to Chicago to see the new Hamilton: The Exhibition, and she had a very special guide as ...

Kid Presidential Expert Macey's Best Moments on Ellen
1 day ago

It's been four years since kid presidential expert Macey Hensley first visited Ellen, and she's as adorable and smart as ever. Take a look back at some of Ellen's ...

Trick-or-Treating with Macey, Brielle, Claire, Nate and Lil’ Mushroom
8 months ago

It's #SquadGoals when Ellen's adorable kid experts get in costume and go trick-or-treating for Halloween. Join Macey Hensley, Brielle, Claire Crosby, Nate ...

A Present for Macey
4 years ago

Ellen had just the thing for this adorable young presidential expert.

A Special Gift for Macey
4 years ago

Ellen had an awesome surprise for Macey to help prepare for her future presidential run. Yes, it's adorable!

Macey Visits a Country Music Festival
3 years ago

Ellen's favorite national treasure, kid presidential expert Macey Hensley, kicked up her heels with some of country music's biggest stars at the Country Stampede ...

Presidential Expert Macey Hensley Talks Her Favorite Show, 'This Is Us'
1 year ago

Eight-year-old presidential expert Macey Hensley celebrated Presidents' Day by telling Ellen a few jokes, and also got a special surprise from the star of her ...

Spacey vs. Macey
4 years ago

Ellen challenged Kevin Spacey, the President on "House of Cards," and her presidential expert Macey to a trivia game for the history books.

Macey Hensley visits Hamilton: The Exhibition
5 days ago

Tickets available at

Go RVing with Macey: Arizona
1 year ago

Ellen's 8-year-old presidential expert Macey Hensley makes her final stops on her RV road trip to Arizona. After heading to Tombstone, home of the famous O.K. ...

Macey's New Hobby
4 years ago

Macey showed Ellen some of her new skills! Not only is she a presidential expert, she's now a ventriloquist!

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