Yu-Gi-Oh LOTD: Link Evolution NEWS/WORLDWIDE RELEASE! ; Coolest Yugioh Merch ever!?
1 day ago

Right as I was about to export, news broke that Legacy of the Duelist: Link Evolution will be released outside of Japan this coming summer!! Audio was recorded ...

Venezuela crisis:'There is simply no water' - BBC News
11 hours ago

Water shortages caused by a six-day power cut in Venezuelan cities hit the headlines earlier this month, but for many in the country, dry taps are nothing new.

Unbelievable News Anchor Meltdowns
4 months ago

Sometimes you just need to let your feelings out, and sometimes that happens on a live broadcast and results in unbelievable news anchor meltdowns.

Christchurch shootings: 'NZ attacker killed my whole family' - BBC News
1 day ago

Maryam Gul's brother and parents were killed in the attacks on two mosques in New Zealand on 15 March. She says she has forgiven the gun man, and hopes ...

Link Record News - 07/02/2019
1 month ago

Acompanhe as principais notícias do dia ao vivo no Link Record News. #LinkNews.

NZ PM: 'We need global action on extremism' - BBC News
2 days ago

The New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern has called for global action on extremism in an exclusive BBC interview. Speaking to the BBC's Clive Myrie she said she ...

REAL FAKE NEWS (feat. Rhett & Link) #CONTENT
3 weeks ago

REAL GUYS REALISE REAL WISE EYES LIES!!! Tea Party with TomSka (https://youtu.be/R7hchQn9Ep4) Rhett & Link's Good Mythical Morning ...

Black box data shows link between 2 crashes: Authorities
4 days ago

Ethiopian authorities say the black box data they checked from the deadly Ethiopian Airlines crash shows "clear similarities" to the Lion Air crash in Indonesia.

Middle Eastern women's group blasts Fox News over dumping Judge Jeanine
20 hours ago

Outrage is mounting in the wake of Judge Jeanine Pirro's suspension from Fox News. The human rights watchdog group Middle Eastern Women's Coalition is ...

Russia's IS families: 'Why are the children being punished?' - BBC News
1 day ago

The collapse of the Islamic State group leaves many countries facing a dilemma over what to do with the fighters' wives and their children. In Britain, the case of ...

Link Record News - 07/02/2016 - 1ª edição - íntegra
2 years ago

Acompanhe a cobertura das notícias do Brasil e do mundo na íntegra da primeira edição do Link Record News.

Entrevista Link News - Record News
5 months ago

O diretor do Ranking dos Políticos, Renato Dias, conversou sobre a nova formação do Congresso no programa Link News, da Record News do dia 10/10/2018.

Heavy storms are causing extreme flooding across the country
6 days ago

The Elkhorn River in Waterloo, Nebraska, has reached a record flood stage of 24 feet.

False Flag Weekly News 03/22/2019--New Zealand False Flag?
3 hours ago

False Flag Weekly News 03/22/2019 YouTube gave us a strike on February 24th so we could not live broadcast the March 1st newscast. That ban has now ...

Link News Now Houston Docs and JC Playford
2 weeks ago

https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/mobile/folders/1DvAs4uaESeHMpH0aCkzC-xg24v78oC68?usp=drive_open DPPD Interview ...

Marcela Rahal e Tainá Falcão - Link News - 05/07/18
9 months ago

As jornalistas apresentam o Link News, na Record News. *Todos os direitos reservados à Rede Record de Televisão.

May: We will not be able to leave on time - BBC News
2 days ago

Theresa May says nearly three years have passed since the public voted to leave. "I came to office on a promise to deliver the result of the referendum," she says ...

GranBlue Fantasy Versus Worldwide Release 2019!? 60FPS confirmed!+ MORE Re:Link NEWS!
3 weeks ago

Granblue Fantasy Versus And Relink Are BOTH Being Planned For concurrently for Worldwide Releases, Let's talk about it Read more at ...

5 Hilarious News Bloopers
1 year ago

We try and guess some of the most LOL-worthy news blooper outcomes you've ever seen. GMM #1294.3 Watch GMMore: https://youtu.be/yguisla-FmA Watch ...

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