South Korea 4K. Interesting Facts About South Korea
3 months ago

South Korea is one of the most developed countries today. Lets take a tour of Korea and see modern Korean cities. Seoul, Busan, Daegu and many more.

Exploring South Korea's dog meat industry
6 months ago

Do dogs belong on the dinner plate? South Korea is in the middle of a war over a cultural practice as the younger generation defends canines in a battle against ...

I Escaped North Korea. Here’s My Message for President Trump. | NYT - Opinion
9 months ago

Yeonmi Park and her family suffered tragically under the North Korean regime. Now she's urging the United States to pressure Kim Jong-un to end the holocaust ...

Meet John & Mack: The Most Famous American Kids In Korea | ASIAN BOSS
4 months ago

We met with John & Mack, blonde-hair and blue-eyed brothers from America who speak perfect Korean and are on their way to stardom in the Korean ...

15 Strange Things That Seem Normal Only In South Korea
10 months ago

South Korea is a dream travel destination for many, an absolutely fantastic culture, a country of contrasts, where modern technologies and ancient Eastern ...

Cambodia U23 Vs Korea Republic U23 Asian Cup 2019 2nd Half
2 days ago

Cambodia U23 VS Korea Republic U23. AFC U 23 Championship Thailand 2020 Qualifiers.

10 Strange School Rules In NORTH KOREA
1 year ago

10 bizarre facts about the school system in North Korea. Subscribe to our channel: For copyright matters please contact us at: ...

a day in my life in korea
3 days ago

hola mis amigos~ check out the 'love ya bag' by Joseph&Stacey: today was busy, yet fun! the best part was hangin out with neisha and ...

πŸ˜‚ foreigner pranking koreans in perfect korean (german ver.) | prank
2 months ago

foreigner pranking koreans in perfect korean | prank by JAYKEEOUT x VWVBβ„’ thanks to @ilaayyda_ ...

5 months ago

Terimakasih sudah menonton.Jangan lupa SUBSCRIBE Channel ini dan klik tanda lonceng agar kalian tidak ketinggalan vidio terbaru dari kita. Ada Banyak ...

What's It Like Living In South Korea? | ASIAN BOSS
6 months ago

We hit the streets of Seoul, South Korea to find out how locals feel about living in South Korea. The opinions expressed in this video are those of individual ...

Would A Korean Guy Marry You? | ASIAN BOSS
5 months ago

Special thanks to our reporter, Chris. We believe that any ordinary person can deliver real news and commentary. Through our original and in-depth interviews ...

What It's Like To Serve In South Korea's Mandatory Military Service
2 years ago

South Korea requires all of its male citizens to serve in the military for two years. Here's what that experience is like. Footage courtesy of Goyang TV, 2012 ...

BRUNCH at 7-ELEVEN in Seoul South Korea
5 months ago

This 7-Eleven in Korea is kind of a special one because it's a Korean 7-Eleven Cafe!!! The place I went to: β—ˆ 7-11 NamDaeMun Cafe Store 73, ...

Inside The Lives Of The Rich Kids Of South Korea
1 year ago

Take a look inside the world of the wealthiest citizens of South Korea. Subscribe: ...

How Master Sushi Chef Park Sangha Is Defying Sushi Tradition in Korea – Omakase
2 weeks ago

Master sushi chef Park Sangha defies all tradition at his ultra-popular, six-seat restaurant Ooshima in Seoul, South Korea. Eater is the one-stop-shop for food ...

Why South Korea Is the Plastic Surgery Capital of the World | The Plastics | Harper's BAZAAR
7 months ago

We went to Seoul to see the process behind an airjet face lift and doublo gold treatment. #ThePlastics Subscribe to Harper's Bazaar: ...

Meet The Controversial Winner of Miss Korea 2018 | ASIAN BOSS
4 days ago

We talked to Miss Korea 2018, Soo Min Kim, to discuss the issue of Korean beauty standards and body-shaming. Special thanks to Soomin for sharing her story.

Are you FAT in Korea?
2 years ago

ARE YOU FAT IN KOREA? What's chubby in Korea? Skinny vs Fit! Why do Korean girls exercise and diet?

How Do Koreans Feel About Japan? | ASIAN BOSS
12 months ago

This is part 2 of our Korea-Japan relations series. You can watch Part 1 of the series "What the Japanese think of Korea" here: The ...

A South and North Korean Meet For The First Time (Hot Take) | ASIAN BOSS
11 months ago

Special thanks to Jeong-Bae and Pil-Ju for participating in this Hot Take. The opinions expressed in this video are those of individual interviewees alone and do ...

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