Orlando Officer Under Investigation After Arresting 6-Year-Old Girl Who Threw a Tantrum
2 hours ago

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Politicians weigh in after Trump urges Ukrainian investigation
24 hours ago

Politicians including Sen. Lindsey O. Graham (R-S.C.) and Sen. Chris Coons (D-Del.) spoke on Sept. 22 about President Trump's call to investigate Hunter ...

Graham calls for an investigation into Biden's ties with Ukraine
1 day ago

South Carolina Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham weighs in on the Biden family's relationship with the Ukraine, Trump's phone call with Ukraine officials and ...

Why Police Detective Says He Believes The French Police Botched The Investigation Of Princess Dia…
9 hours ago

A police detective says when he watched the French police investigate the crash that led to Princess Diana's death, he couldn't believe what he saw. So he went ...

Crime investigation -- possibilities and limitations? Marco Gercke at TEDxZurich
6 years ago

Marco Gercke's talk focuses on the increasing discussion about crime investigation instruments. After a short review of the development of investigation ...

PMA to file charges upon conclusion of investigation into PMA cadet's hazing death | Rundown
1 day ago

Philippine Military Academy (PMA) spokesperson Maj. Rey Afan says, it is coordinating with various agencies to fast-track the investigation over PMA cadet's ...

Whistleblower investigation, historic night at the Emmys, ex-cop on trial | ABC News
6 hours ago

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এ যেন আরেক জজমিয়া | Investigation 360 Degree | EP 234
1 day ago

বাদি পক্ষের অভিযোগ, মামলার মূল আসামিদের আড়াল করতেই মঞ্চস্থ করা হয়েছে আরেক...

জ্বিনের  লন্ডন যাত্রা | Investigation 360 Degree | EP 131
1 day ago

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Nia Investigation Reveals Facts | శరణార్థిగా వచ్చినా వాడే ప్రాణాలు తీశాడు
5 hours ago

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How Police Officers Investigate Crime
4 months ago

What do these investigation officers from Singapore's Tanglin Police Division do on a 12-hour night shift? Real life isn't quite like police dramas #Brooklyn99, ...

Trump urged Ukrainian investigation into Joe Biden's son
3 days ago

National Security reporter Shane Harris explains what we know know about President Trump's phone call with the Ukrainian president. Read more: ...

Surge in fraudulent eVisas sparks Immigration New Zealand investigation | Newshub
17 hours ago

There's been a sharp rise in fraudulent eVisas being picked up by Immigration New Zealand since it changed its system in July last year. INZ stopped issuing ...

Overnight shooting investigation in Va. Beach
8 hours ago

Virginia Beach police are investigating an early morning shooting that left one person seriously hurt.

অচেনা ঢাকা রমরমা ক্যাসিনো | Investigation 360 Degree | EP 233
3 days ago

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Antonio Brown released from the New England Patriots amid an NFL Investigation | CBS Sports HQ
3 days ago

Antonio Brown's tenure with the New England Patriots was short-lived and limited to his Week 2 debut against the Miami Dolphins. On Friday, the team released ...

বাজিকর | Investigation 360 Degree | EP 46
2 days ago

জুয়া এবং বাজিকর শব্দটি আমাদের সমাজে অতি পরিচিতি নাম। ফুটপাথ থেকে ব্যবসা...

Important development in NAB investigation against PPP leader  Syed Khurshid Shah
1 day ago

NAB important progress in investigation of PPP leader khursheed Shah corruption case, Provincial Minister Awais Qadir Shah, Dr. Aftab Soomro and Lidomal ...

Crime Scene Investigation & Photography 2015
4 years ago

Crime Scene Investigation & Photography 2015.

(BRAWL) Investigation Disneyland Fight ToonTown 7/6/19 | GRAPHIC
2 days ago

I took an in-depth look at this epic Disneyland brawl that took place this summer. This fight took social media by storm as most people have never quite seen ...

Dead End: An investigation gone wrong - The Fifth Estate
6 months ago

Two young men were on an ATV at a cottage near Haliburton, Ont., in August 2012 when it crashed into a steel gate, leaving one dead and the other unscathed.

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