How 8-Year-Old Was Rescued From Alleged Kidnapper
4 days ago

After an 8-year-old girl was abducted in plain sight while she walked with her mom, police worked through the night to save her and bring her home safely.

Is New Coke the Most Hated Drink in History?
2 days ago

New Coke, the most hated drink in history, is being re-released to coincide with the new season of "Stranger Things." The upcoming season, which debuts on ...

Is This One of the Craziest Police Chases Ever?
2 days ago

A woman was arrested after stealing an RV and leading police on a wild chase in California Tuesday. The suspect, Julie Ann Rainbird, 52, was with her two ...

Lisa Guerrero Gets Infection After Microblading Procedure
1 week ago

Microblading is a hot new beauty trend that involves tattooing your eyebrows for a more defined and fuller look. Thousands of women have done it safely each ...

Rare Disorder Turns People’s Bodies to Bone
6 days ago

Fibrodysplasia ossificans progressive, also known as FOP, is a rare disease that turns muscle tissue and connective tissue into bone. “We're human beings ...

The Most Dramatic Moments From the James Charles Saga
2 weeks ago

Everyone is watching James Charles' subscriber count keep going down amid the very public drama unfolding between him and Tati Westbrook.

ASMR Queen ‘Life With Mak’ Celebrates Inside Edition's 6M Subs
1 week ago

Life With MaK” host Makenna Kelly, 13, celebrates Inside Edition on its 6 million subscribers with this special ASMR video. She marks the milestone by raising a ...

Can You Trust Your Dog Walkers?
3 weeks ago

Wag! is like Uber for dog owners, but can you always trust the people you're paying to care for your pup? Some Wag! customers say their home surveillance ...

16-Year-Old Runs Her Own Slime Empire
2 weeks ago

Most teens spend their days worrying about who's at their lunch table or how to navigate the high school hallways. But Samantha Zumwalt, 16, has an entire ...

Why 13-Year-Old’s Mom Addressed Bullying at School
4 days ago

A mom who took matters into her own hands after her daughter was allegedly bullied is defending herself. Christian Tinsley walked into a second-period class at ...

The World Beard and Moustache Championship Is a Thing
4 days ago

Have you ever wanted to compete in a facial hair-off? If so, you're in luck. This year's competition took place in Belgium and featured categories like 'Imperial ...

You Won’t Believe How Dirty Your Showerheads Could Be
4 weeks ago

It's supposed to help you get clean, but is your showerhead making you sick? To find out what might be lurking in your showerhead, Inside Edition ran some ...

Can You Believe Prince Louis Is Walking?
4 days ago

Prince Louis is walking! The 1-year-old was all smiles at the Chelsea Flower Show with his siblings and parents. It seems the family of five all had a good time ...

Doctor Suspended After Video Shows Her Allegedly Attacking Uber Driver
3 years ago

A Florida doctor was allegedly caught on camera physically and verbally attacking an Uber driver in Miami. Dr. Anjali Ramkissoon apparently jumped into the ...

Man Admits Pointing Laser at Tom Brady
2 weeks ago

The man who shone a green laser in New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady's eyes insisted he wasn't trying to hurt him. Dwyan Morgan, 64, showed ...

Hulu's 'The Act' Brings Gypsy Rose Blanchard Story to Life
2 months ago

It was a disturbing and puzzling case, but now Hulu is telling the story of one family's unraveling. The saga of Gypsy Rose Blanchard comes to life in "The Act." ...

Why Mom Went to Jail Over Posting Video of High School Fight
3 weeks ago

A mother was arrested after sharing footage of high school students fighting on social media. Maegan Adkins-Barras says her son, Dylan, is a student at ...

Meet the Maine 15-Year-Old Allergic to Almost Everything
4 months ago

Martina Baker, a 15-year-old from Maine, needs service dog Keeva to help protect her from her severe and potentially deadly allergies. Martina suffers from a ...

How Grumpy Cat Became a Famous Meme
7 days ago

She was the little kitty with a huge scowl. Grumpy Cat, whose real name was Tardar Sauce, catapulted to fame six years ago after her owner posted a photo of ...

Turpin ‘House of Horrors’ 911 Call: ‘We Live in Filth’
1 month ago

A just-released 911 call captures a teen's frantic plea for help after she escaped what's since been dubbed a "house of horrors." In January 2018, Jordan Turpin, ...

Why Golf Carts Are Becoming Very Dangerous
2 years ago

More from Inside Edition: Golf carts aren't just for golfing anymore and appear to be ...

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