Women March in DC to Get Textured Breast Implants Banned by FDA
1 day ago

A growing sisterhood say they suffered painful and life-threatening symptoms from their textured breast implants, and now they want the U.S. government to ban ...

Elisabeth Hasselbeck Returns to ‘The View’ for First Time
4 hours ago

Elisabeth Hasselbeck returned to “The View” for the first time since being fired six years ago, and it wasn't long before her strained relationship with Rosie ...

Rare Albino Penguin Revealed
2 days ago

Poland's Gdansk Zoo had a unique surprise for visitors and fowl enthusiasts worldwide Friday as the only known albino penguin in captivity stepped out in front ...

Netflix's 'The Dirt' Relives the Wild Ways of Motley Crue
4 days ago

The music of the 1980s is remembered for its sound, its attitude and its hair. Pete Davidson and Machine Gun Kelly star in the new Netflix biopic "The Dirt," which ...

‘Florida Man Challenge’ Brings Out Sunshine State Weirdness
4 days ago

What did "Florida Man" do on your birthday? The question forms the basis of the "Florida Man Challenge," which has people Googling the phrase paired with ...

Parkland Survivor Suffering From PTSD Takes Her Own Life: Mom
4 days ago

A Parkland school shooting survivor took her own life a little over a year after the massacre that claimed the lives of her fellow students.

Use These Gadgets to Hack Your Spring Cleaning
4 days ago

It's time for a spring clean and these are the gadgets to get the job done. "Many of them are really inexpensive and multi-purpose," said lifestyle journalist and ...

Texan Brings Huge Steer Named Oliver to Petco
4 days ago

A Texas man took one local Petco's “all leashed pets are welcome” slogan a bit too far by bringing in his steer. The man, Vincent Browning, led his 1600-pound ...

Some Wealthy Parents Consult Experts for Prison Tips
4 days ago

So you might go to prison, now what? Justin Paperny is a federal prison consultant who advises wealthy people facing a stint behind bars about what to expect.

How Inside Edition’s Deborah Norville Lost 30 Pounds
4 months ago

Inside Edition anchor Deborah Norville recently lost 30 pounds and said the transformation should have come years ago. “It should have come when I was ...

Meet 13-Year-Old Who Makes ASMR Videos for YouTube
2 weeks ago

Makenna Kelly couldn't sleep as she scrolled through YouTube, searching for something to help her focus and relax. That's when she stumbled upon ASMR.

Accused Scammer Busted at Casino After Inside Edition Report
2 months ago

A respected businessman who police say masterminded a million-dollar Super Bowl ticket scam is now in shackles. Ketan Shah, 48, was captured at the largest ...

Inside Wendy Williams’ Battle With Addiction
1 week ago

Wendy Williams was in tears as she made the shocking revelation that she is living in a sober house. "For some time now, I have been living in a sober house,” ...

ASMR~ Floral Foam Triggers Porcupine Quills! (INSIDE EDITION WAS AT MY HOUSE DURING THIS!)
1 week ago

FUN Fact: Inside Edition was AT MY HOUSE filming me during this video! 🤣❤ Check out their video at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BIHB-xXR-dM ...

Meghan McCain Rants About President Trump on ‘The View’
1 week ago

The View” co-host Meghan McCain went on a defensive rant about President Trump after he slammed her late father in a Twitter storm over the weekend.

Shane Dawson Denies Disturbing Claim About Cat
1 week ago

Something Shane Dawson said in 2015 is coming back to haunt him. In a clip from his podcast, he describes a sexual encounter with his cat. The alleged ...

Florida Police Struggle to ‘Arrest’ Trespassing Raccoon
5 days ago

Police in Sarasota, Florida, didn't think their most difficult arrest of the day would be a raccoon. Officer Ron Dixon with the Marine Division says he was called to ...

How Inside Edition Helped Catch These ‘Smash and Grab’ Thieves
6 months ago

So-called smash and grab burglars, who break car windows and take anything left inside, are a nationwide problem. To get a closer look at these wrongdoers, ...

Hulu's 'The Act' Brings Gypsy Rose Blanchard Story to Life
2 weeks ago

It was a disturbing and puzzling case, but now Hulu is telling the story of one family's unraveling. The saga of Gypsy Rose Blanchard comes to life in "The Act." ...

'Egg Boy' GoFundMe Will Reportedly Help Mosque Victims
1 week ago

A teenager who cracked an egg over the head of an Australian senator has become an international hero. Video of Will Connolly, 17, smashing an egg over Sen ...

Inside Edition Producer Goes Undercover to Deliver Amazon Packages
4 months ago

Amazon delivers billions of packages a year, but how do those packages get to your door? In some cases, they're transported by independent contractors, who ...

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