IMF Lending
4 days ago

The IMF helps countries hit by crises by providing them financial support to create breathing room as they implement policies to restore economic stability and ...

What Is The International Monetary Fund (IMF)?
4 years ago

How Racist Are Ferguson Police? » Subscribe to NowThis World: The Department of Justice ...

How the IMF Works
2 years ago

The International Monetary Fund and its 189 member countries work together to foster global monetary cooperation and financial stability. The ultimate goals as ...

IMF Financial Operations: Overview
10 months ago

This video is part of a new series which introduces the IMF's Financial Operations. The video provides a brief overview of the IMF's financial organization, ...

What's the difference between the IMF and the World Bank? | CNBC Explains
1 year ago

The IMF and World Bank hold their Annual Meetings together each fall in Washington. But do you know the difference between the institutions? CNBC's ...

Davos 2019 - Press Conference: IMF World Economic Outlook
2 months ago

As trade tensions between the world's largest economies affect economic confidence and momentum, which are the bright spots in the world economy that could ...

Interview with IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde
7 years ago

In a wide-ranging interview, IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde discusses what it will take to move beyond the crisis in the eurozone and restore ...

Objectives and Functions of IMF
2 years ago

Subject:Management Paper: International Business Operations.

Fighting Fires, Why the IMF Lends
6 years ago

There's good reasons why countries borrow from the International Monetary Fund. Often it's the quickest way to get money in times of crisis or emergency.

About IMF Quotas
2 years ago

The IMF is a quota based institution and they constitute the primary source of IMF's finances. Learn more about IMF quotas, and recent quota reforms.

IMF on Fiscal Challenges
7 years ago

The IMF says while most advanced economies need to reduce their debt ratios over the medium term, if economic growth slows, too rapid consolidation could ...

Meet Tobias Adrian, the new IMF Financial Counselor
2 years ago

Taking over as financial counsellor and director of monetary and capital markets, Tobias Adrian tells why he wanted to work for the IMF, his plans for financial ...

Some Facts about IMF(The International Monetary Fund) Banking Awareness [In Hindi] Part - 7
2 years ago

In this video i am discussing things that you should know about IMF(The International Monetary Fund). It will helpfull in the preparation of Banking Awareness ...

Empire - The IMF on trial
8 years ago

Subscribe to our channel Can the International Monetary Fund recover its lost credibility and fix the world economy? At Al Jazeera ...

Agreement with IMF to be reached soon: Asad Umar
2 hours ago

Agreement with IMF to be reached soon: Asad Umar -------------------------------------------------------------- Newsone delivers the Latest Updates, Headlines, Breaking ...

wow..Ghana out of IMF? IMF handled certifitcat to Ghana - Kwadwo Oppong Nkrumah reveals
4 days ago

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World Economic Outlook 2016—Message from IMF’s Economic Counselor
2 years ago

IMF Economic Counsellor Maury Obstfeld presents the key findings of the 2016 WEO and describes the world economic challenges going forward.

Partnerships for Change:Japan and the IMF
6 years ago

IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde outlines how the IMF helps countries build the capacity to manage their economies more effectively and highlights ...

Thinking of Home: Japanese staff at the IMF
7 years ago

Japanese staff members at the IMF reflect on last year's devastating tsunami and on the ensuing recovery. Tetsuya Konuki, Senior Economist (Strategy, Policy, ...

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