The Alabama Human Life Protection Act: Challenging Roe v Wade
2 months ago

With Alabama directly challenging the historic abortion rights case Roe v Wade, making it illegal with doctors facing 90 years in jail, I thought a video was in ...

The Alabama Human Life Protection Act - ENN 2019-05-02
3 months ago

The Alabama House votes to outlaw almost all abortions in the state and make it a felony to perform an abortion. The bill now moves to the Alabama Senate.

The Alabama Human Life Protection Act -  abortion ban -  heartbeat bill
2 months ago

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Human Life Protection Act
3 months ago

Update on Child Murderer.

Vote YES with NO Amendments on the Alabama Human Life Protection Act (HB 314)
2 months ago

Find your AL Senator: Contact your Senator. Tell him/her "To ...

Alabama BANS Abortion
2 months ago

Alabama has passed an almost complete ban on abortions. Ana Kasparian, Brooke Thomas, and Jayar Jackson, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down.

Abortion Doctors Face 99 Years In Prison
2 months ago

Doctors in Alabama could face 99 years in prison if they perform an abortion. Brooke Thomas, Jayar Jackson, and Sue-Ann Robinson break it down on The ...

Alabama Bill 314 Bans Mostly ALL Abortion - Liberals Are MAD!
2 months ago

Late Tuesday, the Alabama State Senate passed what would be the nation's strictest abortion laws should it be signed by Republican Gov. Kay Ivey. House Bill ...

Alabama's Human Life Protection Act: a Charter for Rapists, Peodophiles and the Incestuous
2 months ago

Roe v Wade faces another Challenge from State Legislators.

Rep  Terri Collins Celebrates the AL Human Life Protection Act
2 months ago

Students for Life Rally - Montgomery, AL 5.22.19.

the alabama abortion bill: explained
2 months ago

a short movie detailing the new human life protection act.

New Alabama Abortion Law Is So Extreme Pat Robertson Opposes It
2 months ago

Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey signed the state's controversial near-total abortion ban Wednesday evening. The new law is the most restrictive anti-abortion measure ...

Define Patriotism #1: Human Life Protection Act
2 months ago

Check out Logan Holmes (@RugratsFan2003):

The Alabama Abortion Ban (Facts & Thoughts)
2 months ago

From discussing what the bill actually says ...

Alabama House committee approves abortion ban
3 months ago

The Alabama House of Representatives has passed a bill that makes it a crime for a doctor to perform an abortion. The bill passed in the Alabama House of ...

The Wild Life (Protection) Act, 1972
2 years ago

Subject:Environmental Sciences Paper: Environmental law and policies.

Everything You Need To Know About The Alabama Abortion Ban
2 months ago

A lot of false info is spreading about Alabama's new abortion law. Here's what you should know about clinic access, emergency contraception, and more.

What Alabama’s abortion ban really aims to do
2 months ago

Alabama passed the country's most restrictive abortion ban, virtually eliminating all abortions except when the mother's life is in danger. Here's why Alabama ...

This is the story of one woman’s illegal abortion
1 month ago

Libby Rich had an illegal abortion in Alabama when she was 19 years old. Rich spoke with reporter Abbey Crain about her experience and the repercussions ...

Alabama's Human Life Protection Act
2 months ago

Source: Alabama Amendment 2, State Abortion Policy Amendment (2018) ...

Arguing for Alabama's Pro Life Bill and Against SJWs in the Church
2 months ago

Jon discusses intersectional arguments against the Human Life Protection Act and how to turn them on their head. Also, the different ways Puritans and ...

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