Hong Kong Protests Spread Worldwide
6 hours ago

Hong Kong pro-democracy protests that started in June have now spread around the world. Parallel demonstration took place in the United States, Canada, ...

Protesters march from Victoria Park in Hong Kong, demand political reform
21 hours ago

Tens of thousands of pro-democracy protesters marched in the rain from Victoria Park to the financial district in Hong Kong, demanding political reforms.

Timelapse: Hong Kong Protesters Continue Sunday Demonstration Despite Rain
22 hours ago

Tens of thousands of pro-democracy protesters marched peacefully through the streets of Hong Kong on Sunday, the 11th weekend in a row of anti-government ...

Hong Kong protesters fill Victoria Park for anti-government protest
1 day ago

Subscribe to our YouTube channel for free here: https://sc.mp/subscribe-youtube Protesters gather on August 18, 2019, in Hong Kong's Victoria Park, Causeway ...

Anti-government protesters flock to Hong Kong park for major rally
23 hours ago

Subscribe to our YouTube channel for free here: https://sc.mp/subscribe-youtube Hong Kong protesters gathered for another massive rally on August 18, 2019.

Hong Kong protesters speak about why they march
9 hours ago

The streets of Hong Kong were flooded by a sea of pro-democracy demonstrators on Sunday. The latest march was a rare occurrence of a peaceful assembly ...

After recent chaos, Hong Kong protesters hold peaceful march
17 hours ago

More than 1.7 million people in Hong Kong took to the streets on Sunday in the largest demonstration in the ongoing protests in the city, organizers said.

Hong Kong demonstrators explain reason for protests as thousands gather in rain
23 hours ago

Hundreds of thousands of Hong Kong people flocked to a downtown park for a fresh rally after two months of increasingly violent clashes that have prompted ...

Hong Kong: 1.7 million protesters rally for 11th straight weekend
8 hours ago

Protest organisers in Hong Kong say more than 1.7 million anti-government demonstrators have rallied through the night. They showed up despite the heavy ...

Hong Kong Protesters Throw Eggs, Shine Laser Pointers at Police
2 days ago

Hong Kong riot police have been deployed to chase down a group of pro-democracy protesters they say were assembling illegally after the end of a sanctioned ...

Hong Kong protesters get creative as Chinese forces lurk nearby | DW News
2 days ago

Hong Kong is facing another weekend of protests by the pro-democracy movement, and the situation is growing increasingly tense. There's uncertainty about ...

Hong Kong protesters calling for massive ATM withdrawals
3 days ago

FOX Business' Susan Li and U.S.-China Business Council senior VP Jake Parker on the massive protests in Hong Kong. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a ...

Hong Kong protest: Thousands of teachers rally
2 days ago

Teachers in Hong Kong marched towards Carrie Lam's official residence on Saturday (Aug 17) as another weekend of protests got underway. Full story: ...

Hong Kong protesters to stage massive rally on Sunday
1 day ago

홍콩 시위: 오늘 최대 규모 예정 Protesters in Hong Kong are planning to stage a massive rally on Sunday... despite strong warnings from Beijing. After ten weeks ...

Hong Kong police advance on protesters in Mong Kok
2 days ago

Hong Kong police in full riot gear were seen marching down main roads in Mong Kok on Saturday night (Aug 17), to disperse protesters who blocked streets and ...

Hey Hong Kong protesters! Chinese mainland rappers have something to say
2 days ago

Chinese hip-hop band Chengdu Revolution (CD Rev) has released a new track, lashing out at the recent violence and separatist forces in Hong Kong. Take a ...

New Hong Kong protests as China moves armed vehicles to border | ITV News
3 days ago

Hongkongers have joined together for another round of protests, marking the start of the 11th weekend of demonstrations. On Friday evening, thousands of ...

Hong Kong protesters aim to adopt peaceful tone in mass rally
3 days ago

Hong Kong protesters have gathered for a "Power to the People" rally, striking a more peaceful tone as they seek support from abroad. This comes days after ...

All eyes on the Hong Kong protesters
3 days ago

Pro-democracy demonstrators have gathered in Hong Kong ahead of another weekend of protests. The initially peaceful demonstrations, which began in June, ...

Hong Kong braces for weekend clashes between protesters, police
2 days ago

Protesters in Hong Kong urge world leaders to stand up to Beijing ahead of what could be a critical weekend for those in the city fighting for democracy.

How Beijing is waging its media assault on Hong Kong protesters' credibility
2 days ago

A professor at the University of Hong Kong says Beijing is using trusted propaganda tactics to try to secure public support as pro-democracy protesters clash with ...

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