Facts tell: A protester complains about protests at HK airport 示威者抱怨香港機場示威活動
2 days ago

Protesters staged a two-day demonstration at the Hong Kong International Airport on August 13 and 14, obstructing flights and passengers. What's on their ...

Passengers voice concerns over Hong Kong airport protests
5 days ago

The illegal rally at #HongKong International Airport has seriously affected the city's air traffic, causing many flights to be suspended or canceled. A large number ...

Protesters march from Victoria Park in Hong Kong, demand political reform
21 hours ago

Tens of thousands of pro-democracy protesters marched in the rain from Victoria Park to the financial district in Hong Kong, demanding political reforms.

China condemns actions of protesters at Hong Kong airport
5 days ago

China condemned the actions of anti-government protesters at Hong Kong's international airport on Aug 13 after clashes broke out between protesters and riot ...

HK airport protesters beat up man suspected of having pro-Beijing links
6 days ago

Tensions escalated at Hong Kong International Airport late Tuesday (Aug 13) night, with protesters beating up a man they suspected of supporting the ...

Hong Kong airport reopens after protests
14 hours ago

(13 Aug 2019) Hong Kong airport reopened early Wednesday after two days of demonstrations that caused mass flight cancellations. Hundreds of flights were ...

Clashes break out at Hong Kong airport during protests
5 days ago

A series of clashes broke out at Hong Kong International Airport on Tuesday (Aug 13) night, in which a policeman drew his gun after being beaten by protesters ...

Protesters attack man in Hong Kong airport
5 days ago

A man from the Chinese mainland was seriously beaten by rioters at Hong Kong International Airport on Tuesday. The rioters cable-tied the man's hand and feet, ...

Hong Kong Airport Obtains Interim Injunction to Bar Protesters
5 days ago

Aug.13 -- Hong Kong airport is resuming normal operations this morning after another night of protests that saw violent clashes and flights severely disrupted.

Hong Kong airport suspends all check-in services amid protests
6 days ago

Entering the fifth consecutive day of demonstrations, Hong Kong International Airport has suspended all departing flights, citing disruptions caused by ...

Live: Protesters and police clash at Hong Kong airport | ITV News
6 days ago

Watch as protesters and police clash in one of the world's busiest airports in Hong Kong. • Subscribe to ITV News on YouTube: http://bit.ly/2lOHmNj • Get ...

Riot officers try to disperse protesters occupying Hong Kong airport
6 days ago

Police have arrived at Hong Kong's airport attempting to disperse protesters who have grounded flights. SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel for more videos: ...

Police Officer Draws Gun Against Protesters in Hong Kong Airport
5 days ago

A riot police officer drew his gun to fend off attacking protesters at Hong Kong's International Airport, Tuesday, August 13. As the stand-off between protesters ...

Hong Kong: violence erupts as protesters and riot police clash at airport
6 days ago

Violent clashes break out at Hong Kong airport as riot police arrived to disperse protesters. One officer drew a gun after being beaten by demonstrators, but no ...

Hong Kong: airport protests descend into violence
6 days ago

Mass protests at Hong Kong's international airport descended into chaos as riot police used pepper spray and batons in an attempt to disperse the thousands of ...

Hong Kong Police Arrest Airport Protesters, Warn of Life in Prison
5 days ago

Hong Kong police arrested 5 men aged 17 to 28 from the protests at the airport on Tuesday. They warn any person convicted of an act of violence that ...

Protests at Hong Kong International Airport
1 week ago

A sea of black at the Hong Kong International Airport on Monday (Aug 12) as demonstrators stage their biggest sit-in since the protest movement began nearly ...

Hong Kong protests force airport shut down
7 days ago

National Committee on U.S.-China Relations Steve Orlins on the protests in Hong Kong and in Russia. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel ...

Watch: Tuesday Hong Kong airport protests
6 days ago

Chaos erupted at Hong Kong's airport as riot police armed with pepper spray and batons clashed with protesters who occupied a terminal. For two months, the ...

Hong Kong airport protests turn violent
6 days ago

Yahoo Finance's Rick Newman, Adam Shapiro, and Julie Hyman and discuss the reasons for the protests as they become more violent. Subscribe to Yahoo ...

Mass protests hurt Hong Kong's reputation, says airport authority board member
6 days ago

The recent protests at the #HongKong International Airport hurt the city's reputation and influence business, said Allan Zeman, board member of the Airport ...

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