Hong Kong airport witnesses violent clashes
5 days ago

Rioters surrounded a man from the Chinese mainland at the Hong Kong International Airport on Tuesday night. The angry mob abused him and threw an ...

Chaos erupts at Hong Kong airport as riot police take on protesters
6 days ago

CNN's Paula Hancocks is on the scene as clashes between protesters and riot police break out at Hong Kong's international airport. Protesters scrambled to set ...

Live: Protesters and police clash at Hong Kong airport | ITV News
6 days ago

Watch as protesters and police clash in one of the world's busiest airports in Hong Kong. • Subscribe to ITV News on YouTube: http://bit.ly/2lOHmNj • Get ...

Hong Kong airport protesters tie up man later identified as Global Times reporter
6 days ago

Protesters at Hong Kong International Airport beseige a man they accused of pretending to be a reporter. The man was later identified as a reporter for mainland ...

Hong Kong Airport Curbs Access
5 days ago

Aug.14 -- In Hong Kong, the airport is resuming normal operations after a chaotic night of protests. Authorities obtained a court order to stop demonstrators ...

Hong Kong airport suspends all check-in services amid protests
6 days ago

Entering the fifth consecutive day of demonstrations, Hong Kong International Airport has suspended all departing flights, citing disruptions caused by ...

Pro-democracy protests turn violent as Hong Kong airport cancels flights again | ABC News
6 days ago

Protesters, angry that their demands aren't being met, blockaded entryways with luggage carts and targeted airport officials and police, at one point even ...

China condemns actions of protesters at Hong Kong airport
5 days ago

China condemned the actions of anti-government protesters at Hong Kong's international airport on Aug 13 after clashes broke out between protesters and riot ...

Hong Kong airport cancels flights over protests - BBC News
1 week ago

Hong Kong International Airport has cancelled departing flights, as anti-government protests in its main terminal continue for a fourth day. Thousands are ...

Clashes break out at Hong Kong airport during protests
5 days ago

A series of clashes broke out at Hong Kong International Airport on Tuesday (Aug 13) night, in which a policeman drew his gun after being beaten by protesters ...

Protesters clash with police at Hong Kong airport
6 days ago

Things turned violent at the Hong Kong International Airport on Tuesday (Aug 13) as protesters holding batons attacked police officers. A small group of riot ...

Police Officer Draws Gun Against Protesters in Hong Kong Airport
5 days ago

A riot police officer drew his gun to fend off attacking protesters at Hong Kong's International Airport, Tuesday, August 13. As the stand-off between protesters ...

Hong Kong: airport protests descend into violence
6 days ago

Mass protests at Hong Kong's international airport descended into chaos as riot police used pepper spray and batons in an attempt to disperse the thousands of ...

Facts tell: A protester complains about protests at HK airport 示威者抱怨香港機場示威活動
2 days ago

Protesters staged a two-day demonstration at the Hong Kong International Airport on August 13 and 14, obstructing flights and passengers. What's on their ...

Watch: Tuesday Hong Kong airport protests
6 days ago

Chaos erupted at Hong Kong's airport as riot police armed with pepper spray and batons clashed with protesters who occupied a terminal. For two months, the ...

Hong Kong airport authorities deal with backlog after protest shutdown
6 days ago

Hong Kong airport reopened on Tuesday (Aug 13) after protests as authorities worked to clear the massive backlog, with more protests planned at the airport in ...

Hong Kong Airport Obtains Interim Injunction to Bar Protesters
5 days ago

Aug.13 -- Hong Kong airport is resuming normal operations this morning after another night of protests that saw violent clashes and flights severely disrupted.

Riot Police Clash With Protesters at Hong Kong Airport
6 days ago

Protesters clashed with police outside Hong Kong's airport after a standoff over a man protesters beat, alleging he was an undercover cop from the mainland.

As it happened: Chaos and violence at Hong Kong airport
5 days ago

Subscribe to our YouTube channel for free here: https://sc.mp/subscribe-youtube Protesters at the airport had assaulted two Chinese men suspected of being ...

Hong Kong airport protesters block travellers from entering departure gates
6 days ago

Hong Kong's airport authority has suspended flights for a second day as thousands of protesters staged another rally at the busy international travel hub.

Operations back to normal at Hong Kong airport after violent protests
6 days ago

Operations at Hong Kong International Airport are back to normal on Wednesday morning (Aug 14) after a night of violent clashes. Airport authorities also seem ...

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