Chris Hemsworth and Scarlett Johansson Insult Each Other | CONTAINS STRONG LANGUAGE!
4 weeks ago

"You're ugly!": Avengers: Endgame stars Chris Hemsworth and Scarlett Johansson take it in turns to INSULT EACH OTHER on BBC Radio 1's Playground ...

Endgame Directors Reveal How Chris Hemsworth Reacted To Fat Thor
2 weeks ago

Thor's new look in Avengers: Endgame has been a hot topic amongst Marvel fans since the moment the film dropped in theaters. People have been bickering ...

Chris Hemsworth Gets Scared by a Mouse
1 month ago

Have you ever wondered what scares Thor? Well, Ellen got the answer by catching Chris Hemsworth off guard with a scare by a very large mouse.

Chris Hemsworth on Being 'Demoted' as People Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive
1 month ago

"Avengers: Endgame" star Chris Hemsworth admitted to Ellen he felt "demoted" to "Sexiest Chris," after holding the coveted title of "Sexiest Man Alive" in People ...

The Untold Truth Of Chris Hemsworth
4 weeks ago

Chris Hemsworth doesn't seem to have a lot of secrets, but there's a lot we don't really know about the Aussie star, especially when it comes to sibling rivalry, ...

Chris Hemsworth - Funny moments 2018
11 months ago

Funny moments with Chris Hemsworth ( funny scenes, funny interview, funny quotes, funniest moments from show, dancing mad with kids and dog)

"Avengers: Endgame" Cast Answers Fan Questions (Chris Hemsworth, Jeremy Renner, & Danai Gurira)
4 weeks ago

Chris Hemsworth, Jeremy Renner, and Danai Gurira, who play Thor, Hawkeye, and Okoye in Avengers: Endgame, answer fan questions about the movie.

"I got real tingles!" Avengers: Endgame's Chris Hemsworth on Thor's greatest moments.
4 weeks ago

Chris Hemsworth talks to BBC Radio 1's Film Critic Ali Plumb about avoiding giving away Avengers: Endgame spoilers, wielding the legendary Stormbreaker ...

Luke Hemsworth Makes Brothers Chris and Liam Cry
3 years ago

Luke recalls what it was like growing up in Australia with his brothers Chris and Liam. Matt Damon Surprises Idina Menzel ...

Avengers: Endgame: Chris Hemsworth, Brie Larson and Don Cheadle (FULL INTERVIEW)
1 month ago

ET sat down with the 'Avengers: Endgame' cast ahead of the premiere of the film, out April 26. Exclusives from #ETonline ...

Ellen Celebrates Chris Hemsworth's Body of Work
1 year ago

"Avengers: Infinity War" might be the last time Chris Hemsworth plays Thor, so Ellen put together a retrospective to celebrate his impressive body... of work.

Liam Hemsworth on the CGI-Like Bling He Gave Wife Miley Cyrus
3 months ago

Liam Hemsworth shares what he thinks about the public reaction to him marrying Miley Cyrus and why the big dance number in his rom-com Isn't It Romantic is ...

Chris Evans Jokes About Chris Hemsworth's 'Sexiest Man Alive' Title | Extended
1 month ago

Sangita Patel starts an "Avengers" war between Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth by sharing that Captain America is her "favourite". The "Avengers: Age of ...

Chris Hemsworth Goes Undercover on Twitter, YouTube and Quora | GQ
9 months ago

On this episode of "Actually Me," Chris Hemsworth goes undercover on YouTube, Twitter, Quora, and more sites. How did he get the part of Thor? When did he ...

Chris Hemsworth's Toddler Son Scaled a Fridge to Reach Candy
1 year ago

Chris Hemsworth talks to Jimmy about the chew toy of choice his brother Liam gave his dog and shares video proof of how his young kids are already ...

Chris Hemsworth Was Too Distracting for Dakota Johnson
7 months ago

Dakota Johnson admitted to Ellen that she and her "Bad Times at the El Royale" co-stars found themselves distracted by heartthrob Chris Hemsworth and his ...

I Worked out like Chris Hemsworth for 30 Days
2 months ago

I Worked Out Like Chris Hemsworth For 30 Days! I took on the workout challenge to train and diet like Australian actor Chris Hemsworth from Marvel's "Thor" and ...

Chris Hemsworth Gets Intimate in 'Pitch Please'
1 month ago

Since Chris Hemsworth has a new health and fitness app called Centr, he's become an excellent salesperson - which is exactly why Ellen tested his skills in a ...

Matt Damon Ruins Chris Hemsworth Interview
2 years ago

Since the big Thor: Ragnarok premiere was across the street from our theatre, Chris revealed that he brought Mark Ruffalo and director Taika Waititi with him to ...

Chris Hemsworth Explains Thor's Unexpected Ragnarok Haircut
2 years ago

Chris Hemsworth talks to Jimmy about appearing in his seventh film as Thor, reinventing the character and why they gave him a haircut in Ragnarok. Subscribe ...

Chris Hemsworth talks Miley Cyrus, kids, and his new bromance
12 months ago

The Aussie movie star opens up to TODAY about the Avengers, family life and his new bromance. Get more TODAY: Subscribe to ...

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