Gazprom: Aktie jetzt verkaufen?
2 days ago

Kennst Du schon meinen Podcast? Hier findest Du ihn bei • Google Podcasts: ...

Gazprom Dividend Stock Analysis with Swen Lorenz - A Stock to Buy
3 weeks ago

Gazprom Dividend Stock Analysis with Swen Lorenz from Undervalued Shares: Deep Dive discussing: 0:00 Gazprom ...

About Gazprom
2 years ago

6 months ago

Gazprom stock analysis 0:24 Gazprom's value 3:25 Management is great 7:39 Investing strategy Want to know more about what I do?

Why is Gazprom Investing in Football?
8 months ago

Gazprom's reasons for investing so heavily in sport could be compared to any global organisation – it's a fantastic means of advertising. But when it comes to this ...

Gazprom Aktie: Warum jetzt alle die Aktie wollen | Interview mit Swen Lorenz
4 days ago

Welt Artikel über die Gazprom Aktie: Sehr lesenswerter Artikel: ...

Gazprom part 1, the opportunity
1 year ago

I discuss one of my holdings, Gazprom, the Russian natural gas company. In this video I show you an overview of the company's finances, and I explain their ...

Gazprom Aktie –Dividenden fast geschenkt?
2 weeks ago

Die Gazprom Aktie ist in Mode. Hier gibt es oberflächlich betrachtet einen soliden Dividendenzahler zu einer lächerlich niedrig anmutenden Bewertung. Doch ist ...

Gazprom: Putin's Secret Weapon
5 years ago

May 1st, 2014 In Russia, look no further than Gazprom to see how Vladimir Putin's economic and political power is fuelled. The European Union depends on ...

A German natural gas storage facility and Gazprom | Made in Germany
5 years ago

Wintershall, subsidiary of the Bayer chemicals giant, is selling a substantial part of Germany's natural gas infrastructure to Gazprom, Russia's state-run gas ...

Putin: Gazprom Sets New Export Records; Europeans Not Buying Expensive US Shale Gas!
3 months ago

Subscribe to Vesti News Vladimir Solovyev, television host: "Our ...

Putin's real power: Gazprom
4 years ago

Putin has been poking his nose into the West in hopes of keeping Europe dependant on their oil.

Gazprom is a Bargain or a Value Trap? Stock Analysis
2 years ago

What do I do? Full-time independent stock market analyst and researcher: ...

Gazprom update
2 months ago

An update on Gazprom. A few things took place / changed. The investment thesis hasn't changed much though.

Brand New Market: Gazprom on Route to Becoming Largest Supplier of Gas to China!
4 months ago

Subscribe to Vesti News Gazprom plans to pay record dividends for 2018 ...

Gazprom part 2, the risks
1 year ago

I discuss Gazprom in this video, analyzing the risks.

Gazprom as a Geopolitical Instrument
1 month ago

Please join the Atlantic Council for an event entitled Gazprom as a Geopolitical Instrument: The Strategic Challenge for the EU and the US, on Monday, May 6, ...

The Gazprom Song (with English subtitles)
10 years ago

Catchy tune for Gazprom, the Russian energy monopolist. The feel-good anthem was composed and performed by Vladimir Tumayev, director of the Gazprom ...

Russia's Gazprom begins offshore construction of Turkish Stream pipeline
2 years ago

Subscribe to Vesti News Russia's Gazprom began construction of the ...

Gazprom: 10% Dividende + hohe Kurs-Gewinne?
2 weeks ago

TIPP 1: Sichern Sie sich meine wöchentlichen Börsen-Tipps: TIPP 2: Sie möchten in die chancenreichsten Aktien investieren ...

Greenpeace boat flipped by Gazprom
7 years ago

Greenpeace International activists continued their peaceful protest against Gazprom's Arctic drilling platform Prirazlomnaya into a fifth day. Two activists from ...

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