Gas prices hit record highs in Metro Vancouver
3 months ago

Gas prices have hit record highs in Metro Vancouver with some areas seeing a 12-cent increase. B.C.'s premier suggests the record prices are due to a number ...

B.C. drivers hit with record gas prices
2 months ago

After weeks of seeing prices at the pump steadily increase, drivers in B.C. are now seeing gas prices hit record highs of $1.69.9 per litre in some areas.

Gas Prices Hit New Lows
5 years ago

Car sales are on the rise after a 53 cent per gallon decrease from last year.

Gas Prices Hit Record Highs
11 years ago - free Gas Card Video courtesy of KMOV News 4 of St. Louis, MO. Gas prices are hitting record highs! Why is this happening? Lots of ...

If Oil Prices Hit $100, Gasoline Will Hit A RECORD HIGH! Here’s Why.
10 months ago


Metro Vancouver gas prices hit new record high
2 months ago

A litre of regular will cost you 168.9 at many stations.

Pain at the Pump: Gas prices hit record highs
7 years ago

Timing couldn't be worse for thousands across the country who planned to travel during Labor Day weekend and gas prices rise. For more news from the Texas ...

Gas prices in B.C. set North American record
2 months ago

High gas prices in B.C. have set the North American record. The highest reported price for regular Friday was 169.9 cents per litre in White Rock, where gas is ...

9 months ago

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Michigan Gas Prices Hit Record Highs
6 years ago

Gas prices in Michigan Wednesday topped out in some areas around $4.29 per gallon due to refinery issues causing a dip in Midwest supply.

L.A.'s Gas Prices Hit Record High
7 years ago

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Pain At Pump: Highest Gas Prices In Years
2 months ago

Four is the new norm. We're talking four plus dollars for gasoline -- the highest prices we have seen now in years. Stacey Butler reports.

Gas prices hit three-year high
1 year ago

Drivers are paying the highest prices for gas in more than three years, according to AAA.

B.C. gas prices set record for highest in North America
1 year ago

B.C. gas prices have soared in recent days, enough to set the record for the highest prices ever in North America. Even with the cost of fuel rising, Canadians ...

Gas prices reach a new record-high in Vancouver
2 months ago

Metro Vancouver drivers were hit with a three cent hike overnight. When can they expect to see some relief? Subscribe to CTV News to watch more videos: ...

Gas prices poised to hit new record
11 years ago

More Videos The national average price of a gallon of gas rose overnight to $3.22 a gallon, that's 69 cents higher than one year ago. (March ...

Bay Area Gas Prices Spiking
3 months ago

Gas prices are soaring, and experts say it may just be the beginning.

Record high gas price in Delta
2 months ago

Some drivers paying 178.9 to fill-up.

Gasoline Prices Hit Record High
2 years ago

Gasoline Prices Hit Record High Residents of southern California are trying to get used to skyrocketing prices for gasoline. The average price for 87 octane ...

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