EU Masters Summer 2019 - Quarter Finals Day 2
16 hours ago

France, DACH, Poland and UK/IRE are just 1 best-of-3 away from a spot at the live finals in Katowice, Poland.

Hoping for an Agreement With EU, Says Six Group’s Zeeb
5 hours ago

Sep.23 -- Thomas Zeeb, head of securities and exchanges at Six Group, discusses the spat between the Swiss and the EU and its impact on the stock markets.

How John Major gave up powers to EU and helped divide the Tories over Europe
4 days ago

Former Conservative Prime Minister is fighting the current Conservative Prime Minister Boris Johnson in the Supreme Court over the prorogation of Parliament.

Italian MEP defends UK: This is not how EU should treat a country that has chosen own path
3 days ago

Italian MEP Marco Zanni launched a scathing attack against the European Union over the institutions' treatment of the UK during the Brexit talks, branding ...

The European Union Explained*
6 years ago

The European Union with a lot of asterisks. Support these videos:

The Brief: The EU receives Brexit proposal from Britain
4 days ago

According to an EU executive, Britain has finally sent the EU its proposal for Brexit. Now it remains a waiting game as October 31 quickly approaches.… READ ...

France's Europe minister on Brexit, immigration and Britain's future EU role
2 months ago

The FT's Paris bureau chief Victor Mallet interviews Amélie de Montchalin, French secretary of state for European affairs. She says: 'We want a European ...

Stephen Barclay says EU knows a deal is ‘doable’ after he meets Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier
3 days ago

The Brexit Secretary met with the bloc's top negotiator and said the two sides shared a "common interest". Speaking after the summit, he said: “There is a shared ...

Brexit Party MEP Daubney and EU's Verhofstadt CLASH at European Parliament (18th September 2019)
4 days ago

Member of European Parliament Guy Verhofstadt urged European Union member states to support plans for further integration and cooperation as he once ...

By keeping the UK hostage, the EU elite is becoming the architect of its own downfall
21 hours ago

Jaak Madison, an Estonian Conservative MEP, has warned the European Union that "the EU elite is becoming the architect of its own downfall". "On 23 June ...

"You are the most corrupt government in the EU"
1 year ago

Heated debate in European parliament on Hungary… READ MORE : ...

The History of the EU with David Mitchell
3 years ago

When was the EU created? And what is its purpose? Narrated by David Mitchell the film explores how and why The European Union was conceived as well as ...

Nigel Farage warns Brexit deal hands ALL power to EU and leaves UK at mercy of Brussels (18-09- 19)
5 days ago

Nigel Farage has warned that the United Kingdom is putting itself at the mercy of the European Union by attempting to conclude a Brexit deal. The Brexit Party ...

The European Commission explained - Functioning and Tasks
6 years ago

The animated video explains to the general public the functioning and tasks of the European Commission. The main 4 roles of the European Commission are ...

Analysis: Key takeaways from the EU election results | DW News
4 months ago

The European parliamentary elections have seen their biggest turnout in 20 years. Participation in the EU elections was up by neary 10 points compared with ...

Debate of the candidates for the presidency of the European Commission – EU Elections 2019
4 months ago

Who will be the next president of the European Commission? The candidates for the presidency of the European Commission took part in a Eurovision debate ...

EU election: Who are the populists aiming to disrupt the EU? | DW News
4 months ago

Millions of voters across Europe are going to the polls to elect representatives to the European Parliament, and populist parties are expected to make significant ...

EU Referendum: what is the European Union and how does it work?
3 years ago

An animated guide explaining how the European Union works, why it was formed and what Britain's role is within it. Get the latest headlines: ...

Is the European Union a Country?
3 years ago

Support Wendover Productions by signing up for Lootcrate: Go check out Real Life Lore's video on "Is the United States a ...

Boris Johnson defies new EU deadline to publish his Brexit plan as he targets October deadline
4 days ago

Boris Johnson has defied a fresh EU deadline to publish his Brexit deal plan as he targets “10 intensive days” in October for a breakthrough instead. The PM ...

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