How to Use the 2016 Emergency Response Guidebook (ERG)
2 years ago

Learn the basics on how to use the Emergency Response Guidebook (ERG). Mobile apps are also available: The ...

What is the ERG? Rees-Mogg's Brexit brigade who could topple May
1 week ago

EU states could BLOCK an extension to Brexit, and Nigel Farage has urged them to go ahead and do it. Michel Barnier is said to have told senior MEPs and ...

5 hours ago

In deze vlog unbox ik een superleuk pakketje met nieuwe kleding en accessoires en ga ik samen met mijn vriend sushi eten in Goes deze items: ...

The ERG Get Ready for Brexit End Game
1 week ago

The ERG are desperate for a no deal Brexit, but they know they don't have the numbers for it. So they've been lying and cheating their way to the end of the ...

JDS 2km Erg = 5:38.6
1 year ago

Josh Dunkley-Smith goes an amazing 5:38.6 for 2000m. He's sneaking up on Waddell! Video credits to Row For Sarah on Facebook.

Adam Neill 2Km Erg Test 5:48
6 years ago

Mr. Neill Pulls a personal best of 5:48.

Hier zijn wij heel erg van geschrokken... - Weekvlog #7 Melanie Latooy
3 days ago

Hi hi! Super leuk dat je kijkt naar weer een nieuwe weekvlog. Deze week neem ik jullie mee naar de musical Mamma Mia, gaan jullie samen met mij en Daphne ...

Ed Baker - 2000m time trial on the erg (Concept2 indoor rowing machine)
1 year ago

This morning, I completed a 2k test on the erg in 6:22.9. This is a PR for me. I am 38 years old and 163 pounds. I have been a runner my entire life, and I am fairly ...

2k erg motivation
7 years ago

Moat slays the 2k.

Brexit: Jacob Rees-Mogg and David Davis speak at ERG press conference – watch live
4 months ago

David Davis, the former Brexit secretary, and Jacob Rees-Mogg, the chair of the European Research Group, are among the speakers at an ERG press ...

1 year ago

Contact: [email protected] This song is written in the Balkan pop genre. Balkan pop represents the blend of Pop, Folk and ethnic music. “Balkan Song” ...

BREXIT on 29th March is NOT gonna happen, ERG will NOT pay -  Dianne Hayter
3 weeks ago

Baroness Hayter of Kentish Town has warned House of Lords that the departure, of the United Kingdom, will not happen on the 29th March. "The reality is that a ...

Bản chất đầu tư tài chính 4 0   ERG
9 months ago

Chào mừng bạn đến với dự án $EAGLEROCKGLOBAL , telegram nhóm: Telegram thông tin: ...

LADY KOBULETI -  Ando and Rafo ft. Spitakci Hayko [DEPUTATI SHOW #3] [NEW AUGUST 2018]  //4K//
8 months ago

ladyKobuleti Lady Kobuleti by Ando, Rafo and Spitakci Hayko Director - David Grigoryan Lyrics by - Armen Vardanyan Music Producer - Richard Madlenyan ...

Women's Club 17 - CHITA [Official Video] 16+
2 months ago

Instagram Official Page - Facebook Official Page - Գոռ ...

Francois: ERG 'won't vote for motion that rules out no-deal'
1 month ago

Theresa May (pictured left in Downing Street yesterday) must navigate a minefield in the House of Commons as tensions rise with the clock running down to the ...

KIWiPAIR Erg Testing
5 years ago

Hamish Bond and Eric Murray, on the final session before the Xmas break at the NZ Rowing Summer squad. An erg test is completed by all and this year, ...

ERG - SIN VÉRTIGOS (prod. Séptima Sinergía)
3 months ago


Ken Clarke: The ERG is 'incompetent'
4 weeks ago

The father of the house labels the coup called by Jacob Rees-Mogg "incompetent" and says the ERG is putting pressure on the PM. SUBSCRIBE to our ...

Dutch Rowing Erg Session
4 years ago


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