Ellen Puts Fans on the Spot with 'Audience Got Talent'
1 month ago

There are a lot of talent shows on TV, so Ellen decided to use her own show to find out if there were any skilled audience members in a new segment, "Audience ...

Do Ellen's Fans Actually Know Her Name?
1 year ago

Like Oprah or Beyonce, Ellen is a household name... or so she thought.

Ellen May Have Met Her Biggest Fan Ever
7 months ago

Ellen surprised gamer Stephanie, who was previously on the show and played "I Scream, You Scream, I Can't See My Ice Cream." Ellen brought her back to ...

Ellen Welcomes Back a Fan with the Best Reaction
6 months ago

The last time Britney Vlasaty was in the audience, she won 12 Days of Giveaways tickets for the whole audience. Ellen surprised her again by learning more ...

Ellen Scrolls Through Fans' Instagram Accounts
1 year ago

Ellen didn't need to ask her studio audience what they did over the weekend... she'd already gone through their Instagram accounts!

Ellen Looks Back at Guests Meeting Their Heroes
2 years ago

In honor of her upcoming 2500th show, Ellen looked back at some of the heartwarming moments when her guests got to meet their heroes on her show.

Ellen's Fans Play 'Cinco Second Rule' with a 12 Days Surprise
2 weeks ago

It's Cinco de Mayo, so Ellen played a special version of one of her favorite games, "5 Second Rule," called "Cinco Second Rule"! As a surprise to her audience, ...

Fans Come in Like a 'Wrecking Ball' in Ellen's Game!
3 weeks ago

Having a really good memory helped one fan win a huge prize in one of Ellen's favorite new games, "Wrecking Ball"! #TheEllenShow #Ellen #EllenDeGeneres.

Caught on The Ellen Shop’s Hidden Camera!
2 years ago

Ellen tested her audience members' honesty with a hidden camera she set up in the Ellen Shop. Find out who was caught Ellen gear-handed!

A Big Fan Meets Ellen
6 years ago

When Ellen walks out on stage, her audience gets very excited. Today, one fan got particularly excited, and Ellen had to give her a hug.

Ellen Surprises Two Fans on Skype
4 years ago

These two fans were sitting at home. They had no idea they were about to be live with Ellen on national television!

Average Andy Meets His Biggest Fan
3 weeks ago

Ellen's Executive Producer Andy met his biggest fan, Bridget, who thought she was just going to be an audience member. She had no idea Ellen would call her ...

A Phenomenal Surprise for an Ellen Fan
3 years ago

Shantel is a hard-working young woman who was inspired by Ellen's acts of kindness. Now, Ellen has an amazing surprise that will help her keep moving ...

An Ellen Fan Wins Big and Gets Messy in 'Green or Clean'
4 weeks ago

Since Ellen's friends at 8Greens are sponsoring the Earth Day show, what better time for a fan to win big in a game called "Green or Clean"?! #TheEllenShow ...

An Ecstatic East Coast Fan
4 years ago

Ellen surprised one of her biggest fans! She was clearly very excited.

Ellen Steals an Audience Member's Purse
1 year ago

Ellen snatched an audience member's purse only to find out she had cash, jewels... and a sleek Sagely Smart Weekly Pill Organizer for all her medications.

Ellen Sets Up a 'Blindfolded Musical Chairs' Surprise Proposal for a Big Fan!
3 weeks ago

Ellen had a huge surprise for a fan, Kailan, who thought she was called down to play a game of "Blindfolded Musical Chairs." What she didn't know was that her ...

Ellen's Fans 'Drop the Beat' in a New Game!
6 months ago

Ellen's DJ tWitch likes to raise the roof, but three of Ellen's audience members went head to head in a dance-off... and lowered the roof in a brand new game ...

Average Andy Surprises an Emotional Fan
1 month ago

Ellen and her Executive Producer Andy surprised a fan named Bridget, a big fan of the show and the "Ellen on the Go" podcast. For her anniversary, Bridget's ...

An At-Home Surprise for Ellen's Biggest Fan
3 years ago

In 13 years, Lori hasn't missed a single episode of Ellen's show, and now she's getting the ultimate surprise right at her door!

Ellen Sends Fans on a Scavenger Hunt in 'Aisle Make You Rich!'
4 weeks ago

Ellen sent two lucky audience members to Walmart for a scavenger hunt to find specially marked products that are part of the company's campaign, "Fight ...

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