Ellen Celebrates Dads Saving the Day
6 hours ago

In honor of Father's Day, Ellen celebrated all the dads out there - with a montage of fathers whose paternal intuition helped saved their kids... and save the day!

Jake Gyllenhaal Answers Ellen's 'Burning Questions'
2 days ago

Ellen put Jake Gyllenhaal in the hot seat to answer some of her "Burning Questions." Find out who he thinks the sexiest Avenger is, and hear his very specific ...

Jennifer Aniston’s First Text During Her Plane Scare Was from Ellen
2 weeks ago

Jennifer Aniston recalled her frightening emergency incident on a plane and how Ellen was the first person who texted her to make sure she was okay.

Ellen Gives Average Andy an Anatomy Test
5 days ago

Since June is National Men's Health Month, Ellen wanted to help her Executive Producer Andy be more aware of all his body parts by giving him a pop quiz on ...

When Live TV Goes Wrong
3 days ago

Live TV always brings an element of the unexpected, and Ellen shared some of her favorite examples of when things don't go exactly as they should.

Jaden and Willow Smith Play 'Heads Up' with Ellen
1 week ago

Willow Smith joined her older brother Jaden to play the "Heads Up!" Sidekick deck with Ellen. Ellen and her friends at Cheerios also presented Jaden with a gift ...

Ellen Finds Real People in Her Audience
6 days ago

With technology these days, fake people are created just by using a computer program, which made Ellen feel that she can't figure out what's real anymore.

Snoop Dogg on Staying at Martha Stewart's House and Teaching Ellen a New Word
3 weeks ago

Snoop Dogg stopped by to chat about staying at his friend Martha Stewart's home, thanking himself during his Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony, whether he ...

Put a Ring on It
1 day ago

A very wise proverb says, “If you like it, then you should've put a ring on it.” Luckily for us, that's exactly what these couples did. Even more lucky for us ...

Jennifer Aniston Settles Whether She's Better Friends with Ellen or Reese Witherspoon
4 weeks ago

Reese Witherspoon insisted she is better friends with Jennifer Aniston than Ellen, so Ellen decided to go straight to the source and called Jennifer to settle the ...

Taylor Swift’s Full Interview with Ellen
4 weeks ago

From singing with Zac Efron to getting scared in a bathroom, Taylor Swift has had some unforgettable moments on the show, and now she's back! The superstar ...

Will Smith’s Full Interview with Ellen
3 weeks ago

Will Smith explained how he persuaded his wife Jada Pinkett Smith to go skydiving for his 50th birthday and his experience bungee jumping out of a helicopter ...

Howie Mandel Confronts Ellen After She Almost Killed Him
5 days ago

Howie Mandel confronted Ellen about his last appearance on the show as the mysterious "Masked Dancer," when he wore a dog mask that made it extremely ...

Kourtney Kardashian Reveals Kim's Baby Bombshell to Kris Jenner
1 month ago

Kris Jenner had the ultimate Mother's Day surprise as Ellen brought out Kourtney Kardashian, her kids Mason, Penelope, and Reign, and Kim's children, North, ...

Tom Hanks Answers Ellen's 'Burning Questions'
4 weeks ago

Tom Hanks sat in Ellen's hot seat to answer some of her "Burning Questions." Find out how he's connected to Cher, his best celebrity impression, and the one ...

Teen Who Couldn't Stop Talking About Ellen While Under Anesthesia Visits Show
3 months ago

Ellen welcomed Emily Aldridge, 16, who was recorded by her mom Jennifer after having her wisdom teeth removed. Because of the effects of anesthesia, Emily ...

Billie Eilish Scares Her Fan Melissa McCarthy – EXTENDED
2 weeks ago

Melissa McCarthy, who was joined by her "The Kitchen" co-stars Tiffany Haddish and Elisabeth Moss, talked about her love for Billie Eilish and the music video ...

Jason Sudeikis Confronts Olivia Wilde About 'Traumatizing' Their Son at Amusement Parks
4 days ago

Guest host Jason Sudeikis welcomed fiancée Olivia Wilde to the show, but confronted her about why she keeps "traumatizing" their young son at amusement ...

Ellen Scrolls Through Fans' Instagram Accounts
1 year ago

Ellen didn't need to ask her studio audience what they did over the weekend... she'd already gone through their Instagram accounts!

Aubrey Plaza Gets a Scare from ‘Chucky’
3 days ago

Aubrey Plaza thought she was playing a game of “Speak Out” with Ellen, but she instead got a scare from her “Child's Play” co-star, “Chucky." #AubreyPlaza ...

4 hours ago

A srácokkal ellátogattunk a Pannonian Challengere. Eszéken rengeteg néző előtt újra versenyeztünk a srácokkal pár év kihagyás után! A világ legjobbjai is ...

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