Top 10 reasons NOT to move to El Paso, Texas. It's really a nice place for almost everyone.
1 week ago

Top 10 reasons NOT to move to El Paso, Texas. It's really a nice place for almost everyone. El Paso has great food, great communities and is rich in history.

El Paso, Texas, points of interest and things to do
2 years ago

El Paso city is situated in the far western corner of the U.S. state of Texas. and it stands on the Rio Grande river across the Mexico–United States border from ...

El Paso, Texas, United States. History, Economy, Climate
4 months ago

El Paso is the sixth largest city in Texas, United States. The city of El Paso and other nearby cities, such as Juarez and Las Cruces, New Mexico are referred to ...

5 Things About El Paso "They" Don't Want You To Know About
2 years ago

Every city has its secrets, here are five from El Paso "they" don't want you to know about. Wanna see LaughterHours Trivia LIVE at venues near you? Here's the ...

El Paso, Texas
2 years ago

I grew up in El Paso for most of my life so I just wanted to make a video Mostly for me to be able to say goodbye. I know its long but thats because it features 4 ...

Selfie News: Víctor Hugo con cientos de inmigrantes liberados en El Paso tras cruzar la frontera
16 hours ago

Vídeo oficial de Noticias Telemundo. Nuestro corresponsal Víctor Hugo Rodríguez está en una iglesia en El Paso, Texas que recibe a cientos de inmigrantes ...

It's An El Paso Thing! - 4K DRONE
4 years ago

Experience El Paso in a new light and at new heights showcasing some of the most iconic places in the Sun City. This aerial view provides a never-before seen ...

El Paso Texas Chucotown Streets by GK & Double R
2 years ago

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How residents from El Paso feel about border barriers
2 days ago

Amid the roiling national debate about immigration and a border wall, construction crews in El Paso, Texas, are busy replacing 20 miles of wire mesh fencing ...

Trump holds 2020 campaign rally in El Paso, Texas
1 month ago

President Trump begins his 2020 campaign with his first rally of the year in El Paso, Texas. Trump is expected to reiterate his demand for a border wall as ...

Jerk off cop El Paso TX
9 months ago

Learn the laws and learn from this video what not to do, don't give up on fighting for your rights, try to avoid situations like this, and do not let these nazi brown ...

Top 17 Things To Do In El Paso, Texas
10 months ago

Cheapest Hotels To Stay In El Paso - Best Tours To Enjoy Texas - Cheap Airline Tickets ...

Texas Prison Documentary 2017: Hispanic Gangs TERRORIZE EL Paso Jail County
2 years ago

Texas Prison Documentary 2017: Hispanic Gangs TERRORIZE El Paso Jail County El Paso, Texas; The prison at El Paso, is domestic to the maximum ruthless ...

Driving Around El Paso, Texas
3 years ago

El Paso (/ɛlˈpæsoʊ/; from Spanish, "the pass") is the county seat of El Paso County, Texas, United States. The city is situated in the far western corner of the ...

1 year ago

Riding around Downtown El Paso. White Horse Lake Video: Follow me on INSTAGRAM:

Live PD: Running for the Border | A&E
11 months ago

A routine stop for a car driving with no lights on is derailed when El Paso, TX officers are forced to join a pursuit of someone headed for the border in this clip ...

High School Students in El Paso, Texas speak about life on the US-Mexico border
2 years ago

High School students in El Paso, Texas talk about what life is like on the second busiest US-Mexico border crossing. They also discuss the need to fight the ...

El Paso,Tx.-Customs & Border Protection-El Paso Street Bridge
1 year ago

Another stop on my Feb El Paso trip. This is one of the main crossing points from Mexico to Texas. I heard they are prone to over reacting to Citizens with ...

El Paso, Texas en español
11 months ago

Jugando ....en El Paso, Texas... Los Perms es un vlog familiar bilingüe hecho por un papá estadounidense que ahora vive en México con su familia ...

Pasando por El Paso TX
5 months ago

Mi Apartamento En El Paso Texas!!!
3 months ago

Hola a todos y bienvenidos a mi canal Trabajos De Campo USA oh ahora llamado Trabajadora De Campo - Trabajos Y Vida En U.S.A Gracias por vernos!

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