Travelling around Eastern Europe in Summer 2015
4 years ago

Coach/Walking tour around Eastern Europe in the summer of 2015., as we visited 7 different countries in 11 days. Here is a slideshow, of which the majority is ...

Trophy young wives from Eastern Europe |
2 years ago

Is it possible to get a beautiful much younger slavic girl? What does it really mean to have a trophy wife from Eastern Europe? Can you truly "buy love" from the ...

Dear Western Europe, from an Eastern European
3 years ago

I no longer am 100% on board with the opinions I've expressed in this video. But since I believe it's a good historic piece regarding the attitudes at some point I'm ...

Tourist in West Europe vs East Europe : stereotypes
2 years ago

Hey my guys! I hope such kind of videos you find funny and you understood my idea and mind hihi :) I think it's so cool to make fin of ourselves, otherwise it's ...

Life of Eastern European
11 months ago

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[EU4] Eastern Europe in a Nutshell
8 months ago

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Is it time to scrap "Eastern Europe"? | The Economist
7 years ago

Animated infographic that illustrates the absurdities often applied when the term "Eastern Europe" is used. Which countries are in Eastern Europe? Does Eastern ...

JalanBarengTitiDika: 9 Countries Eastern Europe Spring Tour March 2018
1 year ago

Video ini adalah kenangan dari perjalanan keluarga besar TitiDika ke 9 negara Eropa Timur pada bulan Maret 2018. Kita mengunjungi banyak negara - negara ...

15 Most Beautiful Cities in Central and Eastern Europe. HD
5 years ago

Watch Best Beaches in the World: ...

East Europe Tour : Best of East Europe
4 years ago

Discover Europe's most secret and exciting destinations in a travel through Bohemian country. Colorful history, fascinating folklore, scenic countryside and ...

Top 5 Eastern European Countries With The Most Beautiful Women
2 years ago

Thanks for watching this is just my opinion.

Avars, Bulgars, Magyars and Slavs: Migration Era in Eastern Europe
2 weeks ago

Today we talk about the last Migration Period (VI-X century ca.), focusing on the relationship between Uralo-Altaic and European populations in Eastern Europe ...

Most Livable Eastern European Countries In 2018
1 year ago

Get my FREE business training here: 1:10 - Estonia 3:43 - Latvia 6:14 - Lithuania 9:00 - Romania 11:50 - Bulgaria 13:30 ...

Funny Eastern European Commercials
10 months ago

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What Trump's election win means for eastern Europe
3 years ago

President Obama has tried to reassure America's NATO allies, saying Donald Trump told him he is committed to the transatlantic alliance. The President-elect ...

The disaster of expropriation without compensation in Eastern Europe and Asia – Tom G. Palmer
6 months ago

Tom Palmer provides examples of countries where property rights were dismantled, and the devastating effects of this process upon those countries.

Ep 6: Backpacking Eastern Europe
2 years ago

This summer we spent 15 days backpacking around Poland, Slovakia and Hungary. From Krakow to Budapest, we discovered a bunch of new places, crossed ...

Geopolitical analysis 2017: East Europe
2 years ago

Support CaspianReport through Patreon: BAKU - Eastern Europe finds itself at a turning point. The NATO militarization ...

Eastern Europe by Train
6 years ago

A short view of the itinerary and sites on Scott McGregor's Railway Adventure in Eastern Europe.

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