5 Poorest European Countries
3 years ago

This video provides a list of the five poorest countries in Europe. The choices are made based on GDP, GDP per Capita, and Human Development Index. Most of ...

Chinese men are looking for Eastern European brides
6 months ago

Dating is hard, especially in China, where there are about 33 million more men than women. Some Chinese men are looking outside of the country to fill the ...

The History of Eastern Europe : Every Year
2 years ago

History of The Eastern Europe.

Coffee at the Worst Reviewed Café in Eastern Europe
1 month ago

After eating at the worst reviewed restaurant, staying at the worst reviewed hotel and drinking at the worst reviewed bar, we went for a coffee to the worst ...

What you should NEVER do in Eastern Europe! (Ukraine, Russia,Belorus)
3 years ago

Hey my guys! Here i made a list of things you shouldn't do in Ukraine, Russia or Belorus! I am sure in some cities or other Eastern European countries it can ...

5 Things you need to know before visiting Eastern - Europe
2 years ago

Hey you! I upload EVERY MONDAY and FRIDAY so comeback to me my friends. Good for you for watching this video, it will make you feel good about yourself.

What an eastern European girl thinks of men who visit Eastern Europe for the women
5 years ago

What east European women think of men who visit Eastern Europe for the women - polish slovak estonian serbian romanian girls slovenian czech bulgarian ...

Why Did The Communist Regimes Fail In Eastern Europe?
1 year ago

Why did the Communist regimes fail In Eastern Europe? Subscribe to The Infographics Show : https://goo.gl/QZs9xz ...

A Cultural Journey Across Eastern Europe | Arts.21
10 years ago

The Berlin Wall fell twenty years ago,marking the end of the Cold War and the demise of communism. Eastern Europe freed itself from the yoke of the Kremlin ...

TRUTH or MYTH: Eastern & Central (Slavic) Europeans React to Stereotypes
1 year ago

People are cold and emotionless. https://www.instagram.com/datingbeyondborders/ We focus on dating around the world in weekly videos. Subscribe here: ...

Tourist in West Europe vs East Europe : stereotypes
2 years ago

Hey my guys! I hope such kind of videos you find funny and you understood my idea and mind hihi :) I think it's so cool to make fin of ourselves, otherwise it's ...

Being Black In Eastern Europe/ Bulgaria|| Racism Story time|| FitDrChef
2 years ago

Hey guys, so today I have posted a difference kind of video. For those that don't know i study in Bulgaria, in varna which is in eastern Europe so this video is ...

Rick Steves European Tours: Eastern Europe
1 year ago

Travel on a Rick Steves Eastern Europe tour for the very best value in a European vacation. Rick packages all his tours to include small groups, great guides, ...

2 months ago

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48 Hours in the most UNDERRATED CITY in EASTERN EUROPE | Kotor, Montenegro
10 months ago

We have found the most underrated city in Eastern Europe! We have started our road trip from Croatia to Montenegro (with a little stop over in Bosnia to cross the ...

Life for Eastern Europeans in post-Brexit Britain - BBC Newsnight
3 years ago

More than a month after the Brexit vote, life has gone as normal for the vast majority of people in the country. One group, though, who are anxiously awaiting the ...

If eastern Europeans leave Britain after Brexit, what happens? | Anywhere but Westminster
3 years ago

John Harris visits the flatlands of East Anglia, where support for Brexit runs high, and where a huge number of people from central and Eastern Europe keep a ...

Eastern European Men School | Marozų Mokykla (original)
6 years ago

Veezit our websait: http://www.coolmenschool.com Ve are beizt in Lithuania. Video direktor: Tadas Vidmantas.

Eastern Europe vs Southeast Asia the First time travelers (REAL TALK)
2 months ago

Eastern Europe vs Southeast Asia the first time travelers Stash APP We'll each get $5 https://get.stashinvest.com/jermain3p8ig Acorns APP! Get $5 ...

Life of Eastern European
1 year ago

Subscribe to my real life channel: https://www.youtube.com/talesfromkoldunland Become patron on Patreon: http://www.Patreon.com/EasternEuropean You can ...

Emma's Eastern European Ancestry Discovered | My Family Secrets | Ancestry
9 months ago

Emma's mum passed away when she was young and now she's curious to know more about her mother's side of the family, particularly her surname 'Litva'.

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