Things Not To Say To Eastern European People
2 months ago

Whether it's people presuming your entire diet is made up of vodka and cabbage, or being told to 'go back to your own country' by one person, while the next ...

Why is Eastern Europe Poorer than Western Europe?
7 months ago

Why is the Eastern Europe Poorer than the Western Europe? There are many reasons, the main ones are : location (Western Europe discovered new lands, ...

Dating in Western VS Eastern Europe
1 year ago

From appearance to gender roles. Some major differences I found between between both parts of Europe. Check out the Rosegal items HERE: ...

Introducing Eastern Europe
2 years ago

Start exploring Eastern Europe with Lonely Planet's video guide to getting around, when to go and the top things to do while you're there. For more travel tips, ...

Eastern Europe Is Showing the Way
9 months ago

WotW looks at how Eastern Europe is leading the nationalist cause and why we should put our own movement's problems into perspective. I greatly appreciate ...

Eastern European Men School | Marozų Mokykla (original)
5 years ago

Veezit our websait: Ve are beizt in Lithuania. Video direktor: Tadas Vidmantas.

What you should NEVER do in Eastern Europe! (Ukraine, Russia,Belorus)
2 years ago

Hey my guys! Here i made a list of things you shouldn't do in Ukraine, Russia or Belorus! I am sure in some cities or other Eastern European countries it can ...

13 Things They DON'T Tell You About Eastern Europe
1 year ago

Get my FREE business training here: In this video, I reflect on the massive controversy surrounding my article about Eastern ...

How did the Slavs go from Slaves to Conquerors? History of the Slavic Peoples of Eastern Europe
1 year ago

How did the Slavic people go from slaves to conquerors? Today we're going to discuss the origin and history of the Slavic peoples, and just how they managed ...

Most Livable Eastern European Countries In 2018
1 year ago

Get my FREE business training here: 1:10 - Estonia 3:43 - Latvia 6:14 - Lithuania 9:00 - Romania 11:50 - Bulgaria 13:30 ...

Travel Eastern Europe - 5 Things You Will Love & Hate About East Europe
8 years ago ○ Visiting another continent is exciting, but can be overwhelming. This video is here to help put all you tourists at ease when ...

The History of Eastern Europe : Every Year
1 year ago

History of The Eastern Europe.

5 Benefits of Living in Eastern Europe
4 months ago

After living in Czech and Poland for +4 years, I thought I would demystify what it is like living in "Eastern Europe" and give you guys what I think are the benefits ...

5 Poorest European Countries
2 years ago

This video provides a list of the five poorest countries in Europe. The choices are made based on GDP, GDP per Capita, and Human Development Index. Most of ...

TRUTH or MYTH: Eastern & Central (Slavic) Europeans React to Stereotypes
1 year ago

"People are cold and emotionless." Eastern & Central Europeans react to the most famous stereotypes. We focus on dating around the world in weekly videos.

7 years ago

Bricka Bricka, your favourite Eastern European immigrant returns with a parody of PSY's popular GANGNAM STYLE ( 강남스타일 ) ...

Chinese men are looking for Eastern European brides
2 months ago

Dating is hard, especially in China, where there are about 33 million more men than women. Some Chinese men are looking outside of the country to fill the ...

15 Most Beautiful Cities in Central and Eastern Europe. HD
5 years ago

Watch Best Beaches in the World: ...

Backpacking Eastern Europe | Trip Edit
2 years ago

This summer we spent 15 days backpacking around Poland, Slovakia and Hungary. From Krakow to Budapest, we discovered a bunch of new places, crossed ...

How I See The US After Living in Eastern Europe for 5 Years
8 months ago

In this video I share my experience and what I learned from living abroad as an American expat in Eastern Europe and how I view America and Europe after ...

Tourist in West Europe vs East Europe : stereotypes
2 years ago

Hey my guys! I hope such kind of videos you find funny and you understood my idea and mind hihi :) I think it's so cool to make fin of ourselves, otherwise it's ...

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