Air Canada staff trained to ‘dupe’ passengers about oversold flights | CBC Go Public
1 week ago

Former and current Air Canada employees tell CBC Go Public about a widespread practice of overselling flights and duping passengers into believing they will ...

Air Canada workers reveal overselling tactics
1 week ago

An Air Canada employee says staff are trained to "dupe" passengers at risk of being bumped from oversold flights. The airline says overselling is carefully ...

What Airline Attendants Are Trained To Do When Passengers Become Unruly
2 years ago

More from Inside Edition: Kara Mulder, a flight attendant for eight years, runs the website She said a plane's ...

Krantikari Bohut Krantikari: Medical Colleges Dupe Students By Selling Admission Seats
2 years ago

Many medical colleges debarred from admitting students for two academic years by the Medical Council of India are openly flouting the ban and selling MBBS ...

Passengers suffer due to 12-hour auto and taxi strike
8 months ago

OdishaTV is Odisha's no 1 News Channel. OTV being the first private satellite TV channel in Odisha carries the onus of charting a course that behoves its ...

Court hears Saskatchewan carbon price challenge
6 days ago

Saskatchewan's Court of Appeal will decide whether Ottawa has the jurisdiction to impose a price on carbon pollution in provinces that don't have federally ...

1994, March 15th - ALITALIA MD11 "I-DUPE" - San Paolo ( Brasil ) - "AZ 1575"
1 year ago

1994, March 15th - ALITALIA MD11 "I-DUPE" - Flight "AZ 1575" - Departure: San Paolo (Brasil) / Arrival: FCO (Rome, IT) - 255 Passengers / ( 10h 40min) // crew ...

Gymnastics coach found not guilty of sex-related charges
6 days ago

Former Canadian national gymnastics coach Dave Brubaker has been acquitted on two sex charges involving a young athlete under his supervision. To read ...

Russia planning to disconnect from global network with separate internet system
7 days ago

Russia is planning to disconnect its internet systems from the global network - as a test of its cyber-defences. … READ MORE ...

8 passengers injured as Berhampur Umerkote govt bus overturns
2 years ago

Odishatv is the leading news channel in Odisha.

대국민 사과글 올린 김명수…"재판배제·추가 징계 검토" / SBS
7 days ago

사법 농단 사태의 정점, 양승태 전 대법원장은 구속돼 재판을 앞두고 있습니다. 하지만 양 전 대법원장 체제에서 문제 있었다고 불리던 판사들이...

The push to protect Canadian gymnasts from sexual assault | Shattered Trust
7 days ago

Thrust into an unwanted spotlight due to high-profile sexual assault cases, the gymnastics community hasn't been able to hide from the pervasiveness of ...

Olympic gymnast Kyle Shewfelt on reducing the risk of abuse in sport
1 week ago

Former Olympian, gym owner and CBC commentator Kyle Shewfelt tells Devin Heroux how high profile sexual offences have rocked the gymnastics community ...

Defusing Ethnic Tension in the Solomon Islands (2001)
7 days ago

The Unhappy Isles (2001) - In 1999, Australia brokered a peace deal in the Solomons bringing an end to three years of violent ethnic disputes which rocked the ...

10-Month-Old Twins Joined at the Head Successfully Separated
2 years ago

Doctors worked for 11 hours to separate twin girls joined at the top of the head. The operation on 10-month-old twins, Erin and Abby Delaney, took place at the ...

Major winter storms affecting Canadians from coast to coast
6 days ago

Some of Canada's biggest cities are all but shut down as major winter storms bring extreme cold, freezing rain, snow, and wind. Depending on where you are ...

News 100: Suresh Prabhu orders probe  into IndiGo deboarding passenger at Lucknow
10 months ago

News 100: Suresh Prabhu orders probe into IndiGo deboarding passenger at Lucknow. Watch this video to know other important news of the day.

Child-care costs spiking in Canada
2 weeks ago

A new study by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives finds that, since 2017, child-care costs have risen faster than inflation in 61 per cent of Canadian ...

'새 광화문 광장' 시민 의견 듣는다더니…"토론 대신 통보" / SBS
7 days ago

지난달 말에 서울시가 새로운 광화문 광장을 만들겠다면서 그 계획을 내놨습니다. 도로를 줄이는 대신 광장을 넓히는 게 핵심이었습니다. 1천억...

Concerns about vaping grow with its popularity
1 week ago

Health Canada is proposing new measures to curb the growing popularity of vaping among young people. Dr. Peter Lin talks about the health concerns and ...

PMO, SNC-Lavalin allegations could be obstruction of justice, former AG says | The Weekly
1 week ago

If allegations of interference from the Prime Minister's Office into an investigation into construction giant SNC-Lavalin are true, it could be considered obstruction ...

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