Shallon: Drug Safety - SNL
6 years ago

Officer Kellogg (Seth Rogen) lectures an elementary school class on the D.A.R.E. program and saying no to drugs, but Shallon (Nasim Pedrad) constantly ...

Shallon: Fire Safety - SNL
6 years ago

A fireman (John Goodman) visits a classroom to give fire safety tips, but Shallon (Nasim Pedrad) convinces the other kids (Aidy Bryant, Noel Wells, Bobby ...

Drug Safety || Gacha Life Comedy
2 months ago

This is a funny video I put together for you guys. I hope you all enjoy and have a great day! Peace.

Shallon: Stranger Awareness - SNL
6 years ago

When police officer Rosen (Edward Norton) visits Shallon's (Nasim Pedrad) class, she ruins his speech warning them to avoid taking candy from strangers in ...

Shallon- Drug safety gacha life (NOT COMPLETE)
8 months ago

Yeah okay leave me alone this has taken me like 4 hours I'll finish it tomorrow okay bye bye! :)

Shallon: drug safety| Gacha life skit
5 months ago

This took me forever And shout out to Miari Moon! :)

Drug Safety with Nekotato! | Gacha Life | Read description
6 months ago

Please do NOT intake drugs! This video is ONLY for entertainment purposes. Drugs are VERY harmful! You have been warned. Original audio: ...

Shallon - Fire Safety「GACHA LIFE」
10 months ago

A Gacha Life censored remake of the episode "Fire Safety" by SNL. New Gacha Life Series and Gacha Mini Movies COMING SOON!!! - Check out the original ...

Drug safety~ Gacha life skit
4 months ago

Hey guys! Sorry my break was so long but I'm back with a new video with all of my new oc's! I hope you enjoy! ~

SNL Drug Safety •GL Skit•
3 months ago

Hi Guys! This is just something for you to watch while I finish off my project which is taking a while! I still won't tell you what it is but just know it's coming! Luv ya ...

Careers in Pharmacovigilance / Drug Safety
5 months ago

This is a short lecture by Amrita Akhouri (author of the book - Mind Maps of Pharmacovigilance Basics & Mind maps of Clinical Research Basics), detailing the ...

Pharmacovigilance Basics – Animated approach to learning Drug Safety
2 years ago

Pharmacovigilance Made Easy. Animated approach to Drug Safety Training. Definition of Pharmacovigilance. Origin of the word Pharmacovigilance and WHO ...

Fire Safety || Gacha Life Skit
7 months ago

Sorry I haven't been posting recently, I've been quite busy so there will be lots of delays between videos, thank you Original Skit:

2 years ago

some valuable lessons to be learnt here... Merch: Twitter: Snapchat: Memeulous Instagram: ...

Drug Safety/\GachaLife Skit
3 months ago

Please do not do drugs.

Drugs, Clubs, and Staying Safe | BBC Newsbeat
3 years ago

As iconic club Fabric gets its licence back, with stricter drug controls, Newsbeat's Jim Connolly investigates whether the Swiss approach to drugs could work ...

Drug Safety
11 years ago

Phillip Morris sues Food and Drug Safety Dangerous Vape Claims
1 year ago

Dangerous Vape Claims by Food and Drug Safety vs Phillip Morris Today in Vape news, Things are heating up, pun intended, between Phillip Morris and ...

Communicating Drug Safety Messages
9 years ago

Pharmacists have consistently partnered with FDA on drug safety. Since pharmacists are the most accessible health care professional, they play a key role in ...

Wise Owl's Drug Safety Kit:  What's a Drug?
8 years ago Based on effective, age-appropriate strategies for K-3 drug education, this curriculum carefully introduces young students to the concepts of ...

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