The 2019 Ford GT Is America's Insane $1 Million Supercar
15 hours ago

THANKS TO KARL BRAUER! The 2019 Ford GT is one of the coolest American cars ever. Today I'm ...

The Ferrari California Is Becoming a Bargain
5 days ago

GO READ MY COLUMN! THANKS TO CNC MOTORS! The Ferrari California is becoming a bargain.

Here's a Doug DeMuro Life Update and Car Update
1 month ago

Here's a Doug DeMuro life update and car update for anyone curious! WEBSITE & MERCH! FOLLOW ME! Twitter ...

Here's Why Doug Demuro is Full of Crap
2 days ago

Here's Why Doug Demuro is Full of Crap, DIY and car repair with Scotty Kilmer. Why Doug Demuro took sponsor money to promote a bad overpriced product.

What's The Best Car For A Teenager? | Doug DeMuro
4 years ago

Classic Car Club Manhattan's Jeannette Klein, our Nicole Conlan, and Doug DeMuro debate the topic, with Tavarish providing some good used car options.

TST Podcast #380 - Doug Demuro
9 months ago

NEW SHIRTS!: If you like cars and have an internet connection, you've probably heard of Doug Demuro.He came to prominence by ...

Here's Why You Should Consider a Lotus Evora 400
4 weeks ago


Here's Why Doug DeMuro Doesn't Review Older Cars
9 months ago

Today on More Doug DeMuro, I'm covering why I don't review many older cars. E-MAIL ME! [email protected] FOLLOW ME! Facebook ...

The 2020 Toyota Corolla Is a Car
2 months ago

GO BUY SIGNED DOUG PHOTOS! The 2020 Toyota Corolla is a car. Today I'm reviewing the 2020 ...

Tyler Hoover and Doug DeMuro Discuss the Best American Car Ever
3 months ago

Have you ever thought about the best American car ever made? Today, Hoovie and Doug are debating just that -- and it's quite a lively debate. In fact, this is our ...

Here's Why Doug DeMuro Doesn't Travel to Europe to Review Cars
5 months ago

People often ask me why I don't travel to Europe to review cars. Here's why Doug DeMuro doesn't travel to Europe or Asia or elsewhere to film car reviews.

Here's How the Lamborghini Urus Drives
4 months ago

GO READ MY COLUMN! THANKS TO O'GARA LA JOLLA! The Lamborghini Urus is Lamborghini's ...

Here Are Doug DeMuro's Favorite Cars He's Ever Reviewed
8 months ago

You've asked me what my favorite cars are, so today Doug DeMuro is explaining my favorite cars I've ever reviewed. E-MAIL YOUR QUESTIONS!

The Chevy Corvette C5 Z06 Is an Insane Sports Car Bargain
6 days ago


The McLaren Senna Is an Insane $1.8 Million Supercar
3 months ago

GO READ MY COLUMN! The McLaren Senna is an amazing supercar. Today I'm reviewing the McLaren Senna to show you all ...

Doug DeMuro’s Take on New Cars vs. Used Cars
5 months ago

Should you buy new cars or used cars? Doug DeMuro provides his opinions on whether people should buy new or used cars, and gives his take on when ...

Here's How the Luxury Car Brands Screw You With Options
4 months ago

GO READ MY COLUMN! SIGN UP FOR TURO! You might think you're getting a lot of features when you ...

Here Are All the Cars Doug DeMuro Has Owned
10 months ago

GO READ MY COLUMN! SEND ME A QUESTION! [email protected] Today, I'm revealing all the cars I've owned.

Here's Why the McLaren F1 Is the Greatest Car Ever Made
4 months ago


Here Are the Cars Doug DeMuro Wants to Review Most
6 months ago

People are always asking me which cars I most want to review -- so here they are, the cars Doug DeMuro wants to review the most! FOLLOW ME! Facebook ...

Here Are All the Weird Quirks of My Dodge Viper
3 years ago

GO READ MY COLUMN HERE! I bought a Dodge Viper, and these are its weird quirks. FOLLOW ME: Facebook ...

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