The Denver Post hosts a Denver Mayoral Debate
3 weeks ago

The Denver Post's Andrew Kenney moderated a debate with incumbent Mayor Michael Hancock and challenger Jamie Giellis at the Denver Press Club on ...

Denver Mayor Michael Hancock speaks about runoff election
1 month ago

The Denver election season will continue into next month. Denver Mayor Michael Hancock becomes first Denver mayor forced into runoff since 1995. Mayor ...

Rally calls for resignation of Denver Mayor Michael Hancock for sexual harassment
1 year ago

A "Time's UP Hancock" rally was held on the steps of the City and County Building Wednesday morning where over 50 people called for the mayor to resign or ...

Hancock wants to be Denver's mayor again; We talk safe injections sites, affordable housing
5 months ago

Denver Mayor Michael Hancock is running for the office again. In his interview with Kyle Clark before the official announcement, the mayor significantly rolled ...

Truth testing Denver Mayor Michael Hancock's first political ad
3 months ago

The ad starts with his daughter, Janae, telling his childhood story of being homeless, living in a motel room and going to six elementary schools by third grade.

Denver mayor candidate Jamie Giellis comments on racial gaffes, deleting social media accounts
1 month ago

In a day's time, Denver mayoral challenger Jamie Giellis faced questions about her comments related to African Americans, Latinos and Asians. More local ...

Denver mayoral debate 2019
2 months ago

Four of the candidates for Denver mayor - incumbent Mayor Michael Hancock, and challengers Lisa Calderon, Jamie Giellis and Penfield Tate III - joined ...

Jamie Giellis latest candidate to jump in Denver mayoral race
7 months ago

Denver Mayor Michael Hancock's latest challenger says his homeless sweeps aren't solving the problem, and his dream of the Olympics in Denver is a mistake.

Giellis, Hancock spar over Denver development, homelessness in 9NEWS mayoral debate
4 weeks ago

During Tuesday night's 9NEWS mayoral debate, incumbent Michael Hancock and his challenger Jamie Giellis highlighted their distinct differences during an ...

Denver Mayor Michael Hancock talks to Kyle Clark after being reelected
2 weeks ago

Michael Hancock claimed victory in Denver's mayoral runoff election about 8:45 p.m. Tuesday after polls closed. Challenger Jamie Giellis conceded, calling ...

The mayor of Denver, Michael Hancock in Reykjavik
7 years ago

The mayor of Denver, Michael Hancock was in Reykjavik this week. Check out this video and see what he has to say about Denver and Reykjavik and the ...

How Denver mayoral candidate plans to put housing first
8 months ago

Affordable housing is the number one concern of Denver Mayor Michael Hancock's new challenger. He and community activist Lisa Calderon agree on that; ...

RAW: Michael Hancock claims victory in Denver mayoral race
2 weeks ago

Although the race had not officially been called yet, incumbent Mayor Michael Hancock took the stage around 8:30 p.m. Tuesday to claim victory in the runoff ...

Recap: Jamie Giellis and Michael Hancock face off in Denver mayoral debate
4 weeks ago

The debate gave voters another chance to hear from the two mayoral candidates ahead of the June 4 runoff election, and it followed a wild week politically for ...

Denver mayoral candidate Jamie Giellis speaks about runoff election
1 month ago

Denver Mayor Hancock will compete in a runoff election against challenger Jamie Giellis, an urban planner and the president of the RiNo Arts District. Jamie ...

Denver mayor’s son caught THREATENING officers on camera
10 months ago

The mayor of Denver's son cursed at, berated and threatened an officer's job who had pulled him over for speeding, and it was all caught on camera. Denver ...

Hancock gets high-profile challenger in Denver mayoral race
8 months ago

Denver Mayor Michael Hancock's highest-profile challenger yet is getting into the race with an ad during the Monday Broncos game. Former Colorado State ...

RAW: Denver Mayor Michael Hancock responds to 9NEWS investigation on the Denver library
2 years ago

The city's main library has become a centralized hub for crime and drug abuse, resulting in significant spikes in emergency calls for overdoses, fights and sexual ...

Jamie Giellis incorrectly explains what 'NAACP' stands for
1 month ago

On the Brother Jeff Fard Show on Facebook, Denver Mayoral candidate Jamie Giellis is asked to explain what "NAACP" stands for. After answering incorrectly ...

Challengers attack Hancock as Denver mayor race heats up
3 months ago

Voters in the Mile High City are just seven weeks away from an election to determine the next mayor of Colorado`s largest city. Mayor Michael Hancock, who has ...

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