Democrat Presidential candidates raise funds for 2020 election - ENN 2019-04-16
4 days ago

Democrat Presidential hopefuls raise $75 million in the first quarter this year. Capitol Hill Correspondent Jason Calvi examines which candidates are thriving on ...

Why red means Republican and blue means Democrat
3 years ago

The major party color schemes, and the terms “red state” and "blue state," are actually a recent phenomenon. Subscribe to our channel! ...

From white supremacy to Barack Obama: The history of the Democratic Party
2 years ago

The party completely flipped. Watch the history of the Republican Party: Correction: A previous version of ...

What Do Democrats Believe?
3 years ago

Subscribe to NowThis World: With an increasing number of states legalizing weed, the Mexican drug cartels are left with less ...

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: There's Room For Democratic Socialists In The Democratic Party (HBO)
10 months ago

First-time candidate and 28-year-old Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez defeated one of the most powerful Democrats in the country Tuesday night in a Queens/Bronx ...

Democrats vs. Republicans
3 years ago

Attendees at both political conventions become very passionate when speaking about the other side. We decided to do an examination into this. We went to the ...

History of the Democratic Party | American civics | US government and civics | Khan Academy
3 years ago

A quick overview of the history of the Democratic Party! 200+ years was hard to fit into 16 minutes, but we got most of the highlights, from Jefferson and Jackson ...

Growing up Democrat in a red state, Republican in a blue state | ABC News
2 years ago

A Democratic family living in Texas and a Republican family living in California talk about the backlash they received for being open about their political views.

Democrat lawmakers attend Puerto Rico retreat amid shutdown
3 months ago

Trump spent the weekend in Washington, willing to work on a compromise to end the partial government shutdown, as about 30 Democrats headed south for a ...

Republicans vs. Democrats
5 years ago

Republicans vs. Democrats - U.S.A. is in a custody battle between the republicans and democrats. Subscribe to Studio C: ...

Videographic: Does the American economy do better under the Democrats or Republicans?
5 years ago

The lucky left: An animated infographic showing economic growth under both parties since 1949. With a Democrat at the helm, the American economy has ...

Hannity: Democratic Party is imploding
1 month ago

Freshman socialist and radical Democrats clash with their more moderate colleagues leading up to the 2020 presidential election. #Hannity #FoxNews FOX ...

Democrats vs Republicans - Which Brain is Better?
6 months ago

Will our brains affect who wins the midterm election? We Ate Like Astronauts! Our podast is on YouTube: ...

Chris Cillizza ranks the possible 2020 Democrats who could challenge Trump
9 months ago

CNN's Chris Cillizza and Harry Enten make predictions about how the 2020 race for the Democratic presidential nomination to challenge President Donald ...

Democrats, Republicans react to Mueller report
1 day ago

Many 2020 presidential candidates are weighing in on the special counsel's investigation. Republican political consultant Shermichael Singleton and ...

2020 Democratic presidential primary gets crowded
3 months ago

Former Utah Republican Rep. Jason Chaffetz, president of Independent Women's Voice Tammy Bruce and president of the Claremont Institute Ryan Williams ...

ESPN host: Black people should vote for GOP
4 years ago

Stephen A. Smith says that black voters in the U.S. should vote for the GOP in the next election.

Can a progressive Democrat win against Trump in 2020?
1 month ago

Democratic presidential candidates are voicing support for progressive policies early in the 2020 race, but Washington Post columnist Henry Olsen writes that ...

Top 10 Biggest Democrat Stereotypes
2 years ago

Top 10 Biggest Democrat Stereotypes Subscribe: CHECK OUT TOP 10 BIGGEST REPUBLICAN STEREOTYPES HERE: ...

Divide Us Into Democrats & Republicans | Lineup | Cut
5 months ago

Sponsor this series: Fear Pong is now a game! Get it here: SUBSCRIBE: Watch More ...

Jeff Flake: I'd vote for a Democrat like Biden, Klobuchar, Booker in 2020
3 days ago

Former Arizona Republican Sen. Jeff Flake says he didn't vote for President Trump in 2016 and he doesn't plan on voting for him in 2020. Flake, now a CBS ...

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