UNITED vs AMERICAN vs DELTA Economy Class | Which Airline Is Best?! | Economy Week
11 months ago

Get a free 3 month trial for CLEAR at https://bit.ly/2q0yCG0 Want to support future, more expensive productions of Economy Week? Learn more about rewards ...

5 Reasons Why Delta Is The Best Airline
4 months ago

In this video, Jen and Scott tell you why they think Delta is the best domestic airline. This is part of our “5 Things” series, which is linked down below! We hope ...

Delta One Suites Boeing 777 Minneapolis to Tokyo Hanada DL121 Delta Airlines
3 weeks ago

Delta One Suites Delta Airlines Business class DL121 Minneapolis to Tokyo Haneda Boeing 777−232(ER) N866DA Age 19 years ...

My FAVORITE US Airlines? American vs Delta vs United
3 months ago

In 2018 I traveled on all 3 US Major carriers International Long haul flights. Let's have a detail look of the lounge, seating, food and beverage, service, sleeping ...

Delta Air Lines A319 First Class Review
1 year ago

Instagram — @iTripReport Snapchat — @iTripReport Twitter — @iTripReport PayPal Tip Jar — https://www.paypal.me/itripreport www.itripreport.net ...

The Delta Air Lines 767-400ER experience (SAN-ATL)
3 months ago

The music I use: http://bit.ly/2nEhgxa - AMAZING for YouTubers Support me on Patreon and get COOL stuff: https://www.patreon.com/sanspotter The Delta ...

Delta A220 Inaugural Flight
2 months ago

Delta Air Lines is proud of their new Delta A220 (a/k/a the Bombardier C-Series). Delta is, after all, the first airline in North America to operate the Delta A220.

What It’s Like To Be A Delta Flight Attendant
9 months ago

Melissa Pittman is a Delta flight attendant based out of New York but makes a 5.5 hour commute from Los Angeles. If you want to become a flight attendant for ...

Delta Airlines Safety video 2018
7 months ago

Delta Airlines Safety video 2018 Recorded from a Boeing 757-200 in a flight from Detroit to Indianapolis.

History of Delta Airlines
5 months ago

Delta Airlines is one of the biggest airlines in the world. The airline operates over 5400 flights daily and serves an extensive domestic and international network ...

Close the Gap | Delta Air Lines
1 month ago

When we venture out into the world, we see all that we share.

6 months ago

Delta or Delta Air Lines is known for their extensive fleet with a wide variety of aircraft flying for them. With new aircraft, new routes and more starting up it doesn't ...

Delta Air Lines' CEO Reveals Delta Airlines' Future
8 months ago

Ed Bastian, the CEO of Delta Air Lines sat down with me, a customer who flies more than 140000 miles with Delta Airlines every year. In this interview, Ed ...

Violent turbulence rocks Delta flight, injuring at least 3 passengers
2 months ago

The plane took off from California and was en route to Seattle, but was forced to divert to Reno, Nevada. WATCH THE FULL EPISODE OF 'WORLD NEWS ...

Delta Airlines MD-88 Takeoff from Atlanta (1990)
9 years ago

Posted this one mainly so that everyone could see the Sabena 747 and the Eastern Airlines planes. Ah, the memories. Heavily edited because of some really ...

OMG WoW SHE ...DELTA Air Lines Economy CLASS Review 2019 (NEW YORK CITY - AMSTERDAM ) || iam_marwa
3 months ago

Here isbest economy class ever, DELTA Air Lines Economy Review 2019 , We were travelling from N.Y.C to Amsterdam and the airhostess was so nice to us on ...

HD | Delta Airlines DC-9-51 Severe Weather Landing | N767NC | Detroit Metro Airport (DTW)
5 years ago

More than likely my last ever Landing in a DC-9 and man was it great! This particular aircraft has since been retired and is now sitting in MSP. Also, this was the ...

Incheon to Seattle (인천-시애틀,ICN-SEA),Delta Airlines 델타항공(DL198),Take off and Landing Video (이착륙영상)
3 years ago

Delta One (Business Class) A330-200 Departure time: 17:10, July 28th, 2015 From: ICN (Incheon International Airport 인천국제공항, Republic of Korea) To: SEA ...

Delta Airlines Airbus A350-900 Detroit to Seoul | N507DN | 4K Video
3 months ago

Takeoff, cruise, and landing of Delta 159 heavy from Detroit to Seoul on 29-Dec-2018. This is the longest flight I've ever been on, more than 13 hours and flew in ...

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