Exclusive: Former staff at COZA opens up on how Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo raped her.
1 month ago

Former staff at COZA sits with Chude Jideonwo for a very revealing conversation on her alleged rape.

How God Restored our Marriage | Pastors Jeremy & Jennifer Foster
3 weeks ago

Pastors Jeremy and Jennifer Foster boldly open up about how God restored their marriage when it seemed beyond all hope. We believe their vulnerability and ...

3 months ago

Get the business course here https://braintem.org Another fake pastor is seen pouring water from his mouth to a woman's face.

Baal is Back! Demons in the Deep State
12 months ago

Pastor Carl Gallups lends unique expertise to the correlations between ancient prophecy and modern headlines in Ground Zero: Jerusalem. In this episode ...

Does This Child Preacher Understand the Words He's Yelling? | The Oprah Winfrey Show | OWN
3 years ago

In the late '80s, the Strode family of Marion, North Carolina, became infamous for striking fear in the heart of their town. Their son Duffey, who started preaching ...

A Leader's Faith - A song for Pastor Appreciation
3 years ago

I had the honor of being asked to write a song to honor our Pastors for our church anniversary. Given his definition of faith and recalling Hebrews 13:7, this is ...

2 years ago

2017-12-29: SIGNS THAT YOUR PASTOR IS A PSYCHOPATH: LACK OF DEEP ATTACHMENT TO OTHERS is a recorded live broadcast from Signs That Your ...

God, what do you want me to do? | Pastor Steven Furtick
5 months ago

God already knows what we need, we just need to ask Him what to do. —— Stay Connected Website: www.stevenfurtick.com Steven Furtick Facebook: ...

It may be time to say, “Get out.” | Pastor Robert Madu
10 months ago

To the things in your life that are holding you back... it may be time to say, “Get out.” Subscribe to the latest sermons: http://ele.vc/jeetED To support this ministry ...

UNBELIEVABLE!! A FIGHT breaks out in AMI - Accurate Prophecy with Alph LUKAU
11 months ago

This prophetic moment was an absolute shock but an absolute necessity. These two best friends pray together and came to church together but God exposed ...

Snake-Handling Pastor Bitten By Deadly Rattlesnake  | MY LIFE INSIDE: THE SNAKE CHURCH
1 year ago

SUBSCRIBE to Barcroft TV: http://bit.ly/Oc61Hj A NEW documentary has captured the startling moment a controversial American pastor is bitten by a deadly ...

Joel Osteen - Peace With Your Scars
9 months ago

You can't live very long without being injured and going through hurts and pains. Sometimes the wound heals up and you don't have any sign that it ever ...

It's Time For A Comeback | Pastor Jentezen Franklin & Free Chapel Music
2 years ago

Message Starts at 14:35 Maybe you've been in a season where it seems like your dreams are dead? Well, God made a promise—and it's time for your ...

The Sermon That Shocked Everyone.  UNFORGETTABLE ENDING!
5 years ago

Pastor Jeff Durbin was a keynote speaker at the 2014 IGNITE Conference. He was asked to speak about proclaiming the Gospel. What happened in the sermon ...

You Will Not Need To Fight This Battle | Pastor Alph Lukau | Sunday 5 May 2019 | 3rd Service
3 months ago

THIS is the REAL YouTube page for Pastor Alph Lukau, it has over 680 000 (680K) SUBSCRIBERS ALWAYS CHECK as there are many FAKE ACCOUNTS ...

British Priest reacts to BILLIE EILISH for the first time...
2 months ago

Today we take a Jolly look with Rev. Chris at Billie Eilish. And it gets unexpectedly emotional… If you're going through a tough time in life or suffering from ...

TRUST GOD FIRST - One of The Most Inspiring Videos Ever (very powerful!)
1 year ago

The Most Inspiring Speech Ever. Motivational Video | Inspirational Video | Life Success ⚕️ If you're struggling and having a hard time, consider taking an ...

Very Deep Sermon About Repentance | Pastor Simon | The Holy Spirit Ministry | Daburji Church
2 years ago

This channel belongs to The Holy Spirit Ministry. All the songs are recorded live during worship. Location : VILLAGE - DABURJI , KAPURTHALA , PUNJAB.

Why the Male Black Widow is a Real Home Wrecker | Deep Look
2 years ago

Sure, the female black widow has a terrible reputation. But who's the real victim here? Her male counterpart is a total jerk — and might just be getting what he ...

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