Flying Dassault Falcon 8X Private Jet to Paris
1 year ago

Join me for a trip onboard the Dassault Aviation flagship Falcon 8X business jet from Abu Dhabi to Paris. I was invited by Dassault Aviation on this VIP ...

Flying the Dassault Falcon 8X Business Jet – AINtv
2 years ago

AIN senior editor Matt Thurber went to France to fly the Dassault's flagship Falcon 8X business jet. Matt tested experienced the aircraft's innovative fly-by-wire ...

A Commercial Failure: The Dassault Mercure Story
1 year ago

In the late 1960s, French aircraft manufacturer Dassault Aviation made a huge bet. The company designed its first commercial airliner, the Mercure 100, to do ...

Dassault Rafale in Action
6 months ago

Dassault Rafale in Action - Dassault Rafale en Action Dassault Rafale is a multirole fighter, designed to perform all types of missions for air and naval forces.

Dassault Mirage 2000 - One Of The Most Unique And Beloved Delta-Wing Aircraft
3 days ago

The Dassault Mirage 2000 is a 4th generation fighter which employs the latest technologies such as fly-by-wire, a great radar and a low bypass and powerful ...

2 years ago

I filmed this at the 2016 Airpower in Zeltweg, Austria. I can tell you, this was the hardest filming I did so far. Man that aircraft screamed like hell.

Todos los aviones Dassault - Evolución de las aeronaves de Dassault Aviation
10 months ago

Fue fundada por Marcel Bloch como Société des Avions Marcel Bloch o "MB". Tras la Segunda Guerra Mundial, Marcel Bloch cambió su nombre por Marcel ...

Dassault Falcon 2000EX EASy Walk-Through
6 months ago

Par Avion's Janine Iannarelli takes us on a tour of the Dassault Falcon 2000EX EASy. Find Dassault Falcon jets for sale at ...

The Dassault Falcon Story, by Jean-François Georges
6 years ago

A Documentary Narrated by Jean-François Georges © April 2013. The Dassault Falcon brand is part of Dassault Aviation, the only company in the world that ...

Dassault Rafale - The Primary French Sleek Multi-Role Fighter
2 days ago

Dassault Aviation's Rafale is a multirole aircraft, featuring low observability and capable of performing an extremely wide range of missions, day or night, in all ...

How Dassault Puts the VIP Touch Inside the Falcon Jet Cabins – AINtv
2 years ago

Before a new Dassault Falcon Jet is delivered to its owner, a lot goes into making sure the appointments of the cabin interior are very special. AIN had the ...

Afterburner Take-off ! Full Power Dassault Rafale Departure + Airshow ( HD )
6 years ago

Dassault Rafale burning afterburner Departure !! Awesome perofrmance by this frence pilot and one of the best fighter dispalys I have ever seen. This was a ...

Forget UK f-35:Dassault showed off a model of "French" New Generation Fighters
5 months ago

The well-known French company Dassault used this year's Euronaval 2018 exhibition, to display a model of the New Generation Fighter (NGF) that will ...

Airbus and Dassault Aviation Join Forces On Future Combat Air System
11 months ago

Airbus and Dassault Aviation have decided to join forces for the development and production of Europe's Future Combat Air System (FCAS), which is slated to ...

Complément denquête Dassault un univers impitoyable 2015 HD
4 years ago

Complément denquête Dassault un univers impitoyable 2015 HD Complément denquête Dassault un univers impitoyable 2015 HD Complément denquête ...

The Dassault Falcon Story
6 years ago

A Documentary Narrated by Jean-François Georges © April 2013.

Le Rafale, le roi du ciel - Rafale Dassault
6 years ago

Le Rafale : Le Roi du Ciel - Documentaire COMPLET Dès sa naissance, cet appareil polyvalent, dont la mission est de remplacer 7 avions hyper-spécialisés, ...

Le Rafale de Dassault
2 years ago

Documentaire sur l'histoire du Rafale Français, une réussite nationale !! Il est exporté après 15 ans d'échecs mais il a réussit et c'est ce qui compte !!! "Ce sera ...

$59 Million Dassault Falcon 8X Cabin Tour
4 months ago

Ever wandered what it's like inside a $59 million private jet? Watch to find out! Dassault makes some of the most striking private jets - but it isn't style over ...

Dassault Falcon 7X "Mini Bandit" LX-MES Take Off at Bern Airport
5 years ago

Do you want to support us? Patreon: A great looking Dassault Falcon 7X nicknamed "Mini Bandit" took off at the Airport ...

Histoire de Dassault | Smart Jet
1 year ago

Dassault est aujourd'hui un leader de l'aéronautique qui a permit à la France de s'affirmer à travers de nombreuses puissances depuis un siècle.

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