Bible Prophecy & Current Events
6 days ago

Bible Prophecy & Current Events - Don Stewart Don Stewart brought a special prophecy update message to 412 Church. He looked a signs from the current ...

Current Latest End Times Events Happening around the World
2 months ago

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Current events, a war, along with rapture,  7 year tribulation
2 days ago

So much happening, however it must be attached or align with scripture to be seen as true end time events unfolding. A little more talk about mid tribulation wars.

Current Events
2 days ago

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Current Events: Crash Course Kids #34.1
3 years ago

What are air currents? Air currents are like rivers of wind caused by areas of high and low pressure.The air above the land is warmer and less dense, so it rises.

1/21/19 Current events
2 months ago

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#35 NZ, current events, comic book
1 day ago

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Current Events Update (March 3, 2019)
11 hours ago

Apostate liberals in the United Methodist Church are DEFEATED by Bible believers with the deciding factor being AFRICAN Christians in the UMC who voted ...

2 months ago

Coast to Coast AM December 27, 2018. First-hour guest, former ABC investigative correspondent Greg Hunter offered commentary on the economy and current ...

Full Spectrum Live - 8pm Eastern - Current Events, What SHTF Looks Like, Q&A and more
2 months ago

Tonight's guest is Patrick from Breakaway Homesteader on YouTube. Subscribe to him here: ...

How to talk about Current Events in English
2 years ago

JOIN THE ACADEMY In this English lesson you will learn the 3 easy steps to how to talk about current events in ...

The biblical/Hebraic signifigance of current events
2 years ago

Pastor Mark talks about the significance of currents events around the world from a biblical/Hebraic perspective.

Latest End Times News and Current Events Around the World (February 5, 2019)
1 month ago

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Napoleon Dynamite - Current Events
6 years ago

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Unexplained Events Happening Worldwide! (FEBRUARY 2019)
1 month ago

Unexplained Events Happening Worldwide FEBRUARY 2018-2019 EVENTS WORLD NEWS EARTH END TIMES SUBSCRIBE: - Connect ...

The Front Bottoms - Current Events
6 years ago

off their first album 'I Hate My Friends' lyrics: its the ending to a sad story on a monday afternoon just pick your heads up from your desk can we please get this ...

This Week in Un-Current Events: The Beat-Off Beat Down, and More!
1 year ago

It's been a weird one, for sure. Alabama Boss weighs in on the oddest and least important news of the week. ___ Check this out!!! ___ ...

W. Kamau Bell Talks Current Events And 'United Shades Of America'
11 months ago

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Top Current Affair 2018 | (January - December) Trending Topics 2018
3 months ago

Today I am discussing Top and Trending Current Affairs 2018 - From January to December 2018. I have divided all the Events into 6 Broad categories such as: ...

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