Fayetteville’s Kelli Bordeaux case: P.I. solves soldier’s disappearance
4 days ago

David Marshburn is the persistent private detective who brought Nick Holbert to justice and solved the Kelli Bordeaux mystery. More: https://bit.ly/2FsdcJO.

Karen Widdoss case: Ex-boyfriend’s sinister obsession
2 weeks ago

A Pennsylvania teen thought it was over between her and her high school boyfriend. But he had other ideas. More: https://bit.ly/2HltTsC.

Atlanta’s Honey Malone case: Stone Mountain slaying still unsolved
8 hours ago

Did Vanessa “Honey” Malone accidentally walk in on a home-invasion in progress, or was she silenced because she knew too much about a drug deal?

Charlotte’s Ketie Jones case remains unsolved
6 days ago

No witnesses. No fingerprints. No motive. Police in Charlotte, North Carolina need the public's help solving the Ketie Jones case. More: https://bit.ly/2TO1mCA.

Does secret diary reveal road map to Amber Wilde’s disappearance?
3 days ago

Cops find Amber Wilde's personal diary. And there in black and white, they find the words that spell out a possible motive: "I'm pregnant.

Kansas man convicted of abusing adoptive daughter he impregnated
2 weeks ago

Chloe Howey faced the ultimate betrayal from Michael Hines Sr., who legally adopted her through the state of Kansas, when she was just 13.

He didn’t want to finish fixing grandma’s roof - so he did the unthinkable
3 weeks ago

Fire crews rush to a house fire call in Pueblo, Colorado, but they found much more than just flames and smoke. They uncovered a deadly plan that would rip a ...

Man Convicted Of Throwing Son Off Bridge - Crime Watch Daily With Chris Hansen
2 years ago

A jury convicted 23-year-old Tony Moreno of killing his 7-month-old son Aaden. More on this here: ...

Diary solves crime: The Alyssa Bustamante case
3 weeks ago

"'We have your diary, and we've read your diary. Even the last entry which was scribbled out,'” said a Missouri investigator. “Once I brought up the diary, I could ...

The brave survival story of little Shasta Groene
2 months ago

Two kids, two months, trapped with a deranged monster by the name of Joseph Edward Duncan III. Shasta Groene was 8 years old when she was kidnapped.

Emily Defries discusses conviction in prison interview
5 days ago

Emily Defries has always maintained her innocence in the Anna Bell case. She talks about her conviction from behind bars. And an interrogation expert weighs ...

Beloved Detroit chef misses big catering gig, disappears - what happened?
3 weeks ago

UPDATES: https://bit.ly/2EQFtd2 Whether on a battlefield or in a bar, Douglas Calhoun could take care of himself. But one early morning in June 2017, the big ...

The disappearance of Heather Elvis
2 months ago

Heather Elvis, a 20-year-old hostess at a popular restaurant in Myrtle Beach, vanished in South Carolina on Dec. 18, 2013. UPDATES: https://bit.ly/2S2DlpH.

He doused his girlfriend and called it an accident
4 weeks ago

A beautiful single mother of two doused by industrial-strength drain cleaner: Was it a tragic household accident like he claims? More: https://bit.ly/2U8N2Rh.

Unsolved: Michigan mom attacked after donating a kidney
4 weeks ago

There were no signs of trouble in the kitchen, nothing out of the place in the living room. But then investigators found Renee Pagel in her bedroom.

Teen girl stalked, attacked with knife, gasoline by ex-boyfriend
2 weeks ago

Sophia Putney-Wilcox survives her harrowing ordeal and recounts the story of what she thought would be her final night alive. More: https://bit.ly/2TMsLUK.

Pt. 2: Mom's Hanging Death Raises Suspicions - Crime Watch Daily with Chris Hansen
1 year ago

Did mom Jessica Johnson really commit suicide, or was her death a setup? Crime Watch Daily's Melissa McCarty investigates the young mother's life and death.

Lauren Giddings case: Law student classmate's reaction tips off cops
1 week ago

Stephen McDaniel's reaction to hearing of the discovery of Lauren Giddings immediately captured the attention of investigators, who found it strikingly suspicious ...

Pt. 1: Man Dies On 37th Birthday - Crime Watch Daily with Chris Hansen
1 year ago

It's Lee Byford's 37th birthday. Little does he know, it's also the day he will die. Crime Watch Daily's Nerissa Knight has the story on his tragic ending. Check your ...

Search for missing teens leads to discovery in Utah mineshaft
1 month ago

Utah teenagers Riley Powell and Breezy Otteson disappear on the night before New Year's Eve in 2017. Then authorities discover Riley's abandoned Jeep.

Arrest Made In Cold Case Murder Of Woman - Crime Watch Daily With Chris Hansen
2 years ago

Stephanie Dzikowski was shot dead execution-style in July 2015, right in front of her child. Crime Watch Daily aired Dzikowski's story in January 2017, releasing ...

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