Forbidden romance with teen ends tragically in Mississippi
3 days ago

People often say you can't help who you fall in love with. Mercedes Williamson's complicated romance cost her her life. More:

Dark family secret leads to contract plot against dad
5 days ago

Along with her older brother and little sister, Cheryl Pierson was raised in a quiet suburb on Long Island - by all appearances, a typical middle-class-life.

Mississippi’s Nikki LaDue January case
1 week ago

In Mississippi, her family is convinced investigators have the young mother's case all wrong. What happened to Nikki LaDue January? Full story: ...

Mystery on Route 13: What happened to Pravin Varughese?
6 days ago

UPDATES: A Southern Illinois University college sophomore went to a party in 2014, but he never made it home. He was later found in the ...

Atlanta, Georgia missing: Where is Athena Curry?
1 week ago

The suspicious disappearance of this beautiful young mother has cops in Atlanta baffled. Athena Curry mysteriously vanished from the home of her baby's father ...

Mark Waugh case: What happened in DC apartment?
3 weeks ago

A boozy birthday celebration one night on the town turns deadly back in a small Silver Springs apartment. Only three people were present, and one is dead.

Motor City mystery: Where is Bianca Jones?
2 weeks ago

It's a chilling mystery that begins on a cold winter morning in Detroit in November 2011. Full story:

Michigan woman’s 'last note' raises suspicions, leads to cop
3 weeks ago

The detective knew Officer Ken Bluew was the one who found Jenny Webb hanging from the luggage rack of her own car. Bluew was the one who found the ...

Home surveillance camera captures crime in Phoenix home
1 month ago

With 15 years left to serve in prison, Rebekah Mellon agrees to talk about the fateful night in Phoenix. More:

TCDPOD: Grim discoveries in missing pregnant mom case; carnival worker, pilot murder arrests
1 week ago

UPDATES: Bad news in case of missing pregnant Chicago mother Marlen Ochoa-Lopez. Georgia college professor found dead at ...

Forensics technology reveals new suspect in cold case
1 week ago

UPDATES: Lorrie Ann Smith, 28, did everything right: She worked hard, loved her friends and family, and in her small town of Cliftondale, ...

Fayetteville’s Kelli Bordeaux case: Private investigator solves soldier’s disappearance
2 months ago

David Marshburn is the persistent private detective who brought Nick Holbert to justice and solved the Kelli Bordeaux mystery. More:

TCDPOD: Did ex-cop drive Texas to NY to kill dad of wife's kids? Drowning 'Smiley Face Killers' myth
2 days ago

A former Texas police chief is on trial for an upstate New York double-murder plot. A South Carolina dad is accused of killing his 5 kids, driving around with their ...

Timmothy Pitzen missing-person case: Mom checks boy out of school
2 months ago

UPDATES: "She apologized for the mess she created, and that Timmothy was safe with people who loved him and he would never be ...

Pt. 1: Jaila Gladden Outsmarts Kidnapper Using Phone - Crime Watch Daily with Chris Hansen
1 year ago

A young woman goes to the store to get something for her cold. Then, she texts her boyfriend her location, indicating the worst: she has been taken. Crime Watch ...

Pt. 3: Sarah Foxwell Snatched From Bed - Crime Watch Daily with Chris Hansen
1 year ago

A little girl is snatched from her bed in the middle of the night, and her sister saw who took her. Why would someone kidnap little Sarah Foxwell? Crime Watch ...

Did A Diaper Photo Lead to This Boy's Death? - Crime Watch Daily with Chris Hansen
2 years ago

The remains of a child named Dylan Redwine were found, and his father Mark Redwine is accused of harming Dylan after the child found photos of him in a ...

Woman Stalked, Killed By Obsessive Ex-Fiancé - Crime Watch Daily With Chris Hansen (Pt 1)
2 years ago

Nicole Leger was stalked, held hostage, and sexually assaulted by former fiancé Michael Adams, who ultimately killed her. Lager's son Trey tells Crime Watch ...

Grandma Celebrates Killing Son-In-Law - Crime Watch Daily With Chris Hansen (Pt 2)
2 years ago

Cynthia Cdebaca was very happy to hear she fatally shot her son-in-law Geoward Eustaquio. Check your local listings at

Karen Widdoss case: Ex-boyfriend’s sinister obsession
2 months ago

A Pennsylvania teen thought it was over between her and her high school boyfriend. But he had other ideas. More:

Pt. 5- Man Killed On Super Bowl Sunday - Crime Watch Daily with Chris Hansen
10 months ago

The mysterious murder of Larry Fenton would shatter the seaside serenity of Clearwater, Florida. Who killed this man as he prepared to watch the Super Bowl?

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