Diary solves crime: The Alyssa Bustamante case
1 month ago

"'We have your diary, and we've read your diary. Even the last entry which was scribbled out,'” said a Missouri investigator. “Once I brought up the diary, I could ...

Home surveillance camera catches domestic violence, then tragedy
20 hours ago

With 15 years left to serve in prison, Rebekah Mellon agrees to talk about the fateful night in Phoenix. More: http://bit.ly/2IEzcn6.

Behind the closet door: Georgia’s Jessica Boynton case
2 weeks ago

What really happened to Jessica Boynton? Even Jessica herself wants to know. For the wife of a Georgia police officer, answering that question was ...

Married to a serviceman, in love with another, woman disappears in desert
1 week ago

One hot Saturday morning in June 2014, Erin Corwin kissed her husband goodbye and told him she was going out for a hike. She never came home.

Kentucky man blames his dog for his attack on girlfriend
6 days ago

It was a miracle that Marilyn Stanley was still alive after being attacked by the man she once called her boyfriend. More: http://bit.ly/2UW30lq.

Real Crime: Almost Perfect Murder (Crime Documentary) - Real Stories
2 years ago

A documentary which follows the life and deceptions of Albert Walker, an international fraudster who betrayed family and friends in Canada and embezzled at ...

1 day ago

Boost your detective skills and logic with a set of brain games for crime experts! Let's see if you can crack these brain games easily. Solving tricky riddles at least ...

14 hours ago

CHRISTOPHER WATTS April 17 UPDATE the POS Psycho is allowed to keep his family "victims" photo on cell wall. Wisconsin Dept of Corrections disregarded ...

4 hours ago

Like Facebook Page - https://bit.ly/2RVeCnb Subscribe Youtube Channel - https://bit.ly/2REdjdg © Copyright Contain ------------------Thanks For ...

The disappearance of Heather Elvis
3 months ago

Heather Elvis, a 20-year-old hostess at a popular restaurant in Myrtle Beach, vanished in South Carolina on Dec. 18, 2013. UPDATES: https://bit.ly/2S2DlpH.

क्राइम स्टोरीज़ - नाजायज़ संबंध - CRIME STORIES - Naajayaz Sambandh - Episode 32 - 12th April, 2019
6 days ago

क्राइम स्टोरीज़ - नाजायज़ संबंध - CRIME STORIES - Naajayaz Sambandh - Episode 32 - 12th April, 2019 "Click to watch all the episodes of...

Where is Monique Daniels? Oklahoma teen missing since 1992
3 weeks ago

It's been more than two decades since anyone last saw Monique. Why did her parents wait nearly two years to report her missing? Full story: ...

Are Parents to Blame for Knife Crime? | Good Morning Britain
1 day ago

In 2018, there were 258 deaths relating to knife crime in the UK with a 50% rise of young people being murdered. Elaine Donnellon and Sheldon Thomas ...

18 hours ago

ɪɴsᴛʀᴀɢᴀᴍ: https://bit.ly/2C6AdjL ᴛᴡɪᴛᴛᴇʀ: https://bit.ly/2TiqPE1 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ᴅɪsᴄᴏʀᴅ:...

True Crime: New York City. Прохождение. #7.
8 hours ago

Магазин игр Steambuy: http://bit.ly/1DmvvZW Ссылка на плейлист: https://bit.ly/2CXn8K1 Прохождение игры True Crime: New York City, в игре есть...

The sadistic brothers of Portland, Oregon
2 months ago

Paul Jackson and Vance Roberts share the same mother, and police say these blood brothers also share the same criminal drive. Just as the two men are about ...

Timmothy Pitzen missing-person case: Mom checks boy out of school
2 weeks ago

UPDATES: https://bit.ly/2FRRwFZ "She apologized for the mess she created, and that Timmothy was safe with people who loved him and he would never be ...

What really happened in the basement of this mansion in Virginia?
4 months ago

A mother of five goes missing, only to be found dead in her mansion basement. But investigators believe there's more to this apparent suicide than meets the eye ...

Superboy vs The Crime Syndicate (Superman Universe: Unity Saga Part 3)
2 days ago

GET A ROB CORPS RING HERE! ▸ https://www.patreon.com/comicsexplained Superman is a fictional character, a superhero appearing in American comic ...

Grandma commits cold-blooded crime, then goes gambling
1 month ago

A military reservist is attacked in his home in a gated community near San Diego, California. After committing the cold-hearted crime, the shooter went out for a ...

The brave survival story of little Shasta Groene
3 months ago

Two kids, two months, trapped with a deranged monster by the name of Joseph Edward Duncan III. Shasta Groene was 8 years old when she was kidnapped.

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