Counter Intelligence (Part 1) - The Company
5 years ago

Part 1 (of 5) -- The Company This first episode lays out the structure of the modern intelligence agency, using the evolution of the CIA and the creation of the ...

A counterintelligence agent says there are 3 strategies you can use to connect with anyone
2 years ago

Ever walked up to a stranger at a party, a networking event, or just a new acquaintance and wanted to make sure they left the conversation with a positive ...

The Challenge of Counterintelligence Cultures
3 weeks ago

The Third Annual Herb Romerstein Memorial Propaganda and Deception Lecture: The Challenge of Counterintelligence Cultures: The Counterintelligence ...

Spies Next Door! 3 Stories of Espionage and Counterintelligence in Arlington VA
5 years ago

One does not think of Arlington, VA as an exotic center of international espionage and intrigue. But this quiet suburban neighbor of the nation's capital has ...

Episode 6: FBI Counterintelligence Tactics
1 year ago

Guerrilla Radio: The Official Podcast of The Revolutionary Conservative 04 April 2017.

Lecture on Counterintelligence with William Nolte
5 years ago

On February 7, 2014, William M. Nolte, Former Director of Education and Training at the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, discussed ...

Counter-Intelligence Special Operations (1969)
7 years ago

National Archives - Counter-Intelligence Special Operations - National Security Council. Central Intelligence Agency. (09/18/1947 - 12/04/1981). - This film ...

Securing the Nation’s Secrets, Infrastructure, and Democracy: Counterintelligence in the Digital Age
11 months ago

Some of the most insidious security breaches by any adversary into US infrastructure, organizations and networks go undetected. It is the mission of the National ...

Former Air Force counterintelligence specialist charged with spying
1 month ago

Monica Witt, a Texas native, is accused of defecting to Iran and revealing highly classified Pentagon programs. WATCH THE FULL EPISODE OF 'WORLD ...

FBI director: China is "top priority" in counterintelligence mission
6 months ago

China is the target of economic espionage investigations in nearly all 56 of the FBI field offices. "CBS This Morning" co-host Norah O'Donnell spoke with FBI ...

Marine Corps Intelligence Schools
2 years ago

Credit: Sgt. Brandon Ponyah | Date Taken: 04/04/2017 A brief overview documentary of the modern day training that takes place at Marine Corps Intelligence ...

Counter Intelligence - The Company (Understanding America's Spy Company)
2 years ago

Counter Intelligence - The Company (Understanding America's Spy Company) - THE DEEP STATE IS ALIVE & WELL!

Counter Intelligence (Part 3) - The Strategy of Tension
5 years ago

Part 3 (of 5) -- The Strategy of Tension The Strategy of Tension examines the history of false flag operations used for war, propaganda and psychological ...

Lord of War- Counter Intelligence, how to make a boat disappear
8 years ago

A scene from Lord of War where Ethan Hawke, Jack Valentine, is deceived by Nicolas Cage, Yuri Orlov, and Jared Leto, Vitaly Orlov, by making a boar ...

Panel Discussion on Counterintelligence, Cybersecurity, and Insider Threats
3 years ago

Panel Discussion on Counterintelligence, Cybersecurity and Insider Threats, during the Annual Strategic Conference of the GW Center for Cyber & Homeland ...

Counter Intelligence | Part IV - Necrophilous
6 years ago

Source: Shining a Light on Black Operations This 5-part documentary is a great expose on the national surveillance state that has ...

Russia now knows they can get away with conning Americans: former counter-intelligence officer
15 hours ago

Russia now knows they can get away with conning Americans: former counter-intelligence officer.

Moles, Defectors, and Deceptions: James Angleton and His Influence on US Counterintelligence
6 years ago

A Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars and Georgetown University Center for Peace & Security Studies joint conference.

Leaks, Spies and Lies with Robert Booth -- State Department Counterintelligence
4 years ago

Cuban spies who pass secrets via shopping cart in a grocery store, a Taiwanese honey trap in DC, a Russian bugging device inside the State Department, ...

Foreign Influence Operations and Counterintelligence
2 years ago

On May 9th 2017 the Foreign Policy Association welcomed Director of the National Counterintelligence and Security Center, William Evanina, and Special Agent ...

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