The Russian Constructivism
1 year ago

The Russian Constructivism Semester04 | Art and History Study Bsc. Sc. Hons Architecture, Faculty Architecture and Planning UiTM Seri Iskandar.

Architecture and the Russian Avant-garde(Pt1 Malevich)
12 years ago

New book to compliment this documentary film series - ENCOUNTERS WITH THE RUSSIAN AVANT-GARDE ...

Constructivist architecture
8 years ago

Историк архитектуры профессор Игорь Александрович Казусь говорит об истории возникновения конструктивиз...

Russian Constructivism
12 months ago

Survey of Modern Art, Russian Constructivism Topic questions: 1. Using the Workers' Club as an example, explain the Constructivist idea of “Tektonika”, ...

Anti-Architecture & Deconstructivism
2 years ago

Deconstructivism is a Postmodern architectural style characterised by the idea of fragmentation and the manipulation of a structure's surface. Buildings adopting ...

1/2 (with sound)Zaha Hadid on Kazimir Malevich - Secret Knowledge
4 years ago The Russian Revolutionary: Zaha Hadid on ...

Russian Constructivism
9 years ago

Constructivism is the Russian version of Modernism. It was a revolutionary movement in art, caused by the social and industrial revolutionary movements of the ...

рассказываю про проекты
2 years ago

stuff mentioned• microgenre of music: poetry video: Сам проект: ...

2017 Personality 06: Jean Piaget & Constructivism
2 years ago

In this lecture, I talk about the great developmental psychologist Jean Piaget, who was interested, above all, in the way that knowledge is generated and ...

Workshops: Digital Constructivism, Architectural Association Visiting School
3 months ago

Architectural Association Visiting School: Digital Constructivism Workshop, julio 2018. Video: Archivo EAEU.

Architecture and the Russian Avant-garde(Pt2 Tatlins Tower)
12 years ago

New book to complement this documentary film series - ENCOUNTERS WITH THE RUSSIAN AVANT-GARDE ...

Detlef Mertens - Bioconstructivism, Biotechnics and Biotechniques: Lissitzky, Moholy-Nagy, Kiesler
4 years ago

Lecture date: 2008-11-04 By the early 20th century, both mechanistic and vitalistic theories in science and philosophy had been significantly transformed and ...

"Novokuznetskaya Seven" Business Centre/Бизнес-центр Новокузнецкая, 7
2 years ago

"Novokuznetskaya Seven" Business Centre is a former factory-kitchen built in 1932 by a group of constructivist architects. For the last eighty years, the building ...

Лекция Анны Броновицкой «Уоллес Харрисон».
2 years ago

Лекция Анны Броновицкой в Музее «Гараж». «Уоллес Харрисон (США, 1895–1981)» в рамках цикла лекций «Архитекторы...

What Is Constructivist Architecture?
2 years ago

"What Is Constructivist Architecture? Watch more videos for more knowledge What Is Constructivist Architecture? - YouTube ...

Close up: Yekaterinburg  | Get to know the city's Constructivist architecture and spirited nightlife
1 year ago

The Calvert Journal heads to the Urals to discover the spirit of Yekaterinburg, the city that divides Europe from Asia. Get a feel for the radical architecture, vibrant ...

Constructivism inspired sketch work pen on paper
4 months ago

Hi! here is a new sketch that I made. It is totally inspired from constructivist art and architecture. I wanted all the forms and structures to impress the constructivist ...

Design/History/Revolution - Panel 2: Revolutions in / and Architecture | The New School
7 years ago

The New School, a university in New York City, offers distinguished degree, certificate, and continuing education programs in art and design, liberal arts, ...

Russian Art - 6 Architecture: Post Revolution Period
2 years ago

Sixth video about the Russian Art serie. Any doubt? Send me a message. Historia del Arte: Land of the Art: ...

HOUSE OF V HKTDC Hong Kong Fashion Week for FallWinter 2016
3 years ago

Inspired by the modern and contemporary aesthetics of constructivist architecture, House of V's F/W16 collection interacts with the culture, attitude, and values of ...

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