CNN calls on President Trump to denounce horrific anti-media shooting video
5 hours ago

CNN and other reporters have called on President Trump to denounce a fake video of him shooting members of the news media. According to The New York ...

CNN reporter: Situation in Syria deteriorates as Trump withdraws remaining troops
20 hours ago

President Donald Trump is ordering the remaining US forces out of northern Syria, Defense Secretary Mark Esper says, a development that has paralyzed the ...

Jake Tapper compares Republicans' shifting views on oversight
1 day ago

CNN's Jake Tapper takes a look at key Republicans' stances on Presidential oversight in past years compared to during the Trump administration. #CNN ...

How SNL's parody compared with the real CNN LGBTQ 2020 town hall
22 hours ago

Here are three of the must-see moments and their real life counterparts from the Oct. 12 "Saturday Night Live" cold open. Subscribe to The Washington Post on ...

Pete Buttigieg: I would keep troops in Syria if needed
23 hours ago

During an interview with CNN's Jake Tapper, 2020 Democratic candidate Mayor Pete Buttigieg responded to President Trump's decision to pull troops out of ...

'Egregious deception,' CNN reporter debunks Trump's claim about US troops
3 days ago

CNN's Daniel Dale fact-checks some of President Donald Trump's false claims from the past week. #CNN #News.

SE Cupp: Republicans have let Trump get away with too much
2 days ago

CNN's SE Cupp looks at different ways President Donald Trump has tired to circumvent Congress, even when Republicans had control of both houses.

Fleeing civilians tell CNN they don't know where to go as Turkey attacks
4 days ago

CNN's Clarissa Ward speaks to civilians who are attempting to escape the chaos in Syria as Turkey launches military operations across the border while CNN's ...

Trump voters react to impeachment inquiry. This is what they said off-camera.
2 days ago

CNN's Martin Savidge asks voters in Florida, a key swing state, whether the ongoing impeachment inquiry has affected their opinion of President Donald Trump.

Smerconish: Could this be Trump's best defense?
2 days ago

Constitutional scholar Edward Foley examines a possible legal defense strategy President Donald Trump could take if the impeachment process continues to ...

Trump's talking like a tin-pot dictator, CNN's Don Lemon says
7 days ago

CNN's Don Lemon reacts to President Trump's tweets about withdrawing US forces from Syria. #CNN #News.

Michael Smerconish: There are 2 cracks in Trump's firewall
3 days ago

CNN's Michael Smerconish explains the significance behind the shift in tone from outlets such as The Drudge Report and Fox News on President Trump. #CNN ...

Watch Trump’s response when asked about arrested Giuliani associates
4 days ago

President Donald Trump's personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani is under further scrutiny after two of his associates were arrested in Washington. CNN's Jim Acosta ...

Trump: 'I don't know' if Giuliani is still my attorney
3 days ago

CNN's Don Lemon examines President Donald Trump's answer when asked by reporters if Rudy Giuliani is still his personal attorney. #CNN #News.

Erin Burnett: It was a brutal day for Trump
3 days ago

CNN's Erin Burnett says President Donald Trump had a bad day following multiple losses in court and the testimony of his former ambassador to Ukraine. #CNN ...

Video shows Rudy Giuliani with arrested associates
3 days ago

Cell phone video from 2018 shows Rudy Giuliani with his two associates, Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman, who were recently arrested for allegedly funneling ...

Trump warns McConnell about 'disloyal' Republicans
5 days ago

President Trump is calling Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell up to three times a day and lashing out at Republican senators, a source says, as the ...

Trump ally warns of 'mortal threat' to his presidency
6 days ago

CNN's Christiane Amanpour asks Chris Ruddy, a friend of President Trump, about the ongoing impeachment inquiry surrounding his administration.

Anderson Cooper astonished by Pence's response to this question
4 days ago

Vice President Mike Pence defended President Trump amid the impeachment inquiry, saying Trump was concerned about election interference when speaking ...

Susan Rice on Trump: What is he smoking?
5 days ago

Former national security adviser to President Obama Susan Rice responds to President Donald Trump's comments claiming Kurdish forces haven't helped US ...

Judges rule against Trump three times in one day
3 days ago

The Trump administration was dealt three legal setbacks after a federal judge in New York blocked a ruling that made it more difficult for immigrants to obtain ...

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