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The disturbing case of Chris Watts
1 month ago

If I ever chuckle or do anything of the sort it's a nervous tick because I'm discussing something that makes me physically & mentally uncomfortable.** Jim Can't ...

Nichole Atkinson's Interview Plus New Photos (Chris Watts Case)
5 days ago

Hello Everyone here is Nichole Atkinson's Interview and Some new photos i found for you to look at while your listening to the interview... music used in this ...

Autopsy Results From The Chris Watts Case
2 months ago

Going thru some of the autopsy report and also clearing up a couple things I said earlier ..I hope you guys like. I ordered a microphone so should have it soon.

DA describes how Chris Watts "coldly and deliberately ended four lives"
5 months ago

This case against Chris Watts, which has generated international media attention, will never go to trial. During the sentencing hearing, Weld County District ...

RAW: Chris Watts' mother, Cindy Watts, questions son's plea deal
5 months ago

Sitting in the dining room of her modest North Carolina home, Cindy Watts talks about her son Chris – who pleaded guilty last week to murdering his pregnant ...

RAW: First video of Chris Watts in jail released
4 months ago

The Weld County District Attorney's office released photos, hours of videos and other items related to the Chris Watts case. The documents released include ...

Watch How Police Caught Chris Watts, Family Murderer, With Body Language - Police Body Cameras
4 months ago

Witness the exact moments when police knew Chris Watts was guilty in his family's disappearance and the eventual found murder of his pregnant wife ...

NEW evidence in chris Watts case LIVE!  #wattsmurders #chriswatts #chriswattsupdate
1 day ago

A LIVE session about the evidence video and how shannan was killed in the basement. #chriswatts #chriswattsconfession #nicolekessinger #wattsmurders ...

Chris Watts Case - My Theory Explained About What Happened
1 week ago

ChrisWatts #Shanann #NicholeKessinger This is my theory about what happened to Shanann, Bella and Celeste and who I think played a part. It involves no ...

Prosecutor speaks at Chris Watts' sentencing
5 months ago

Prosecutor speaks at Chris Watts' sentencing.

Nickole Atkinson Interview (Chris Watts Murder Case)
2 months ago

Nickole Atkinson police interview. Atkinson was a friend of the murdered Shannan Watts. Nickole Atkinson dropped Shannan of to her home after a business trip ...

Shocking Evidence From Horrific Family Murder in Colorado
5 months ago

CLICK TO SUBSCRIBE: Shocking evidence photos and videos from horrific family murder Chris Watts Opens a New Window. buried his ...

MommyRamblingsBlog Live Stream Live Calls Chris Watts Case
23 hours ago

ChrisWatts #LiveCalls #NicholKessinger ****This is my Amazon affiliate link, so if you would like to support the channel at no cost when you shop on Amazon.

‘Chris Watts Is What We Call A Family Annihilator,’ Says Former FBI Criminal Profiler
4 months ago

Chris Watts murdered his pregnant wife, Shanann, and their two young daughters in August 2018. A former FBI profiler says Watts was a “family annihilator.

Speculating the Watts.  Chris Watts case 10
3 days ago

A take on the psychology/psychopathology/psychopathy of this case. How SW may have died. "Luckily, women who conceive during a period of remission are ...

Chris Watts Case Interactive Premiere With New Clues in Police Cam Video
2 weeks ago

ChrisWatts #PoliceCam #Premiere #LiveChat Join me for some analyzing of some more things I noticed or found in this police cam video from August 13, 2018 ...

Video Shows Chris Watts Confessing To Wife’s Murder | TODAY
5 months ago

A new video showing an interrogation of Christopher Watts captures the moment the Colorado father confessed to killing his pregnant wife. Watts pleaded guilty ...

3 months ago

We would like to discuss the very odd things surrounding the Watts Family Tragedy. Chris Watts was found guilty for murdering his pregnant wife Shanann Watts ...

Chris Watts describes the ‘different type of fight’ that preceded the murder of his wife
1 month ago

Chris Watts told investigators that after he told his wife he wanted to split up, she questioned him about a potential affair. He said he “snapped” and went into ...

Never Seen Footage & Evidence in Watts Case
2 months ago

Check out the beautiful ring that Shanann was wearing before her husband so coldly took it off her finger and placed it in the bedroom on the nightstand, watch ...

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