Chris Watts | The Watts Family Homicides
5 months ago

ChrisWatts #ShanannWatts #TheWattsFamily #Documentary *** NOW AVAILABLE WITH SPANISH SUBTITLES *** The Watts Family Homicides occurred ...

20/20 re-airs Chris Watts case: Nichol Kessinger pics, Shanann Watts’ parents appear on May 18, 2019
1 week ago

ChrisWatts #NicholKessinger #ShanannWatts 20/20 re-airs Christopher Watts case: Nichol Kessinger photos, Shanann Watts' parents appear on Saturday, May ...

NEW COLORADO CASE: Chris Watts and His Family
9 months ago

Donate to the Family of Shannan: (ran by Shannan's best friend) Don't forget to Subscribe please ...

Chris watts documentary (FULL MOVIE)
5 months ago

Real footage of the Chris watts case edited as the tragedy unfolded.

The Case of Chris Watts - pt. 1
4 months ago

An in depth look at the various psychological peculiarities of Chris Watts. Consider joining our Patreon for exclusive content ...

The Chris Watts Case | What Many Don't Know | Part 1
2 weeks ago

On August 13, 2018 Chris Watts took the lives of his pregnant wife Shanann and 2 daughters; Cece and Bella. In today's video I will be discussing the upbringing ...

Chris Watts sentenced to life for killing his pregnant wife and two daughters | Full sentence
6 months ago

A Colorado man was sentenced to life without parole Monday after pleading guilty to murdering his pregnant wife and their two young daughters and dumping ...

Crime Of Passion Or Premeditated Murder – New Details About The Chris Watts Case
3 months ago

Colorado husband and father Chris Watts claimed he killed his wife, Shan'ann, in a crime of passion – but are there clues that may prove otherwise?

UPDATE On Chris Watts Case As Of March 30th, 2019 Now With Extra Springtime FLUFF !!
2 months ago

Chris Watts Update as Of March 30th, 2019. Where the civil case at? Is the house sale been delayed? Did the FBI really seek out a youtube to help them raise ...

Chris Watts Case: Shan'anns Mom Sandy Drops TRUTHbombs about Cindy Watts
4 months ago

chriswatts #truecrime I came across Sandy Rzucek's statement that she wrote out for the Colorado police. She wrote about her encounters with Cindy Watts ...

Will and Kay: Chris Watts case discussion
1 day ago

Crazy male/female back and forth about Chris and Shanann's marriage.

Dr Phil- Inside the Chris Watts Case-DEC 18, 2018
4 months ago

One of my favourite Dr Phil Episodes. Affiliate links below... Books I'm reading at the moment and recommend if you are an avid true crime fan!

Chris Watts to File Motion 35c in Colorado to Re-open case? Nichol Kessinger Reap What You Sow 😂
3 weeks ago

I've broken down all the details pertaining to Chris Watts possibly re-opening the case to file Motion 35c in Colorado. Being he wont get a lesser sentence, could ...

The Case of Chris Watts - Part 3 - The Confession
4 months ago

The psychological tactics & persuasion techniques that lead to Chris Watts' confession. Jim Can't Swim Patreon - Voice ...

Never Seen Footage & Evidence in Watts Case
3 months ago

Check out the beautiful ring that Shanann was wearing before her husband so coldly took it off her finger and placed it in the bedroom on the nightstand, watch ...

Watch How Police Caught Chris Watts, Family Murderer, With Body Language - Police Body Cameras
5 months ago

Witness the exact moments when police knew Chris Watts was guilty in his family's disappearance and the eventual found murder of his pregnant wife ...

Police unwrap bloodied bed sheet Chris Watts buried his wife Shannann
6 months ago

The family murdering monster is made to face the wall of an interrogation wall before being shackled and loaded into the back of a car. Watts pleaded guilty to ...

Chris Watts Case Interview with Attorney Who Met Shanann at Restaurant
2 months ago

ChrisWatts #Shanann #Watts #Interview #Lawyer This is uploaded from personal files of mine that were sent to me by the WCDA's office. ****This is my Amazon ...

1 month ago

Interview of one of Chris Watts CoWorkers at Anadarko Petroleum. Roberts speaks on the strange messages from Watts.

4 days ago

ChrisWatts #ShanannWatts #NicholKessinger #TrueCrime AND THEN I HAD TO KIND OF LIKE CALM HER DOWN. TELL ME ABOUT THOSE TIMES. WHAT'D ...

Chris Watts Case: Did Anyone Notice This?
3 months ago

In this video we take a closer look at the relationship between Shanann and Chris Watts sister. As well as possible discrepancy in the discovery files. During his ...

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