Chris watts documentary (FULL MOVIE)
9 months ago

Real footage of the Chris watts case edited as the tragedy unfolded if you have any documentary ideas that you would like to see from us please leave us your ...

The Chris Watts Case, One Year Later | A Timeline
1 month ago

ChrisWatts #ShannanWatts #NicholKessinger #BellaWatts #CelesteWatts #Rzucek #ScottReisch Babysitter Interview: ...

Chris Watts | The Watts Family Homicides
9 months ago

ChrisWatts #ShanannWatts #TheWattsFamily #Documentary *** NOW AVAILABLE WITH SPANISH SUBTITLES *** The Watts Family Homicides occurred ...

NEW COLORADO CASE: Chris Watts and His Family
1 year ago

Donate to the Family of Shannan: (ran by Shannan's best friend) Don't forget to Subscribe please ...

The Case of Chris Watts - pt. 1
8 months ago

An in depth look at the various psychological peculiarities of Chris Watts. Join us on Patreon - Narrator ...

3 months ago

Watch 8 paranormal/EVP in Watts Case here Creepy and sad coincidences in the Chris/Shanann Watts Case Videos. Videos ...

The Chris Watts Murder Case
2 weeks ago

This week on JaackMaate's Happy Hour Podcast the boys discuss the awful murder case of Chris Watts. Not for those of a sensitive nature.

The Chris Watts Case | What Many Don't Know | Part 1
4 months ago

On August 13, 2018 Chris Watts took the lives of his pregnant wife Shanann and 2 daughters; Cece and Bella. In today's video I will be discussing the upbringing ...

Watch How Police Caught Chris Watts, Family Murderer, With Body Language - Police Body Cameras
9 months ago

Witness the exact moments when police knew Chris Watts was guilty in his family's disappearance and the eventual found murder of his pregnant wife ...

2 months ago

Almost a year on from the brutal slayings, which shook the world, Watts has said he wishes he could "make up" for what he did. Chris Watts, who was convicted ...

Christopher Watts describes killing his daughters in chilling jailhouse interviewing
7 months ago

The convicted killer detailed how he murdered his young daughters after slaying his pregnant wife. Subscribe to the CBS News Channel HERE: ...

Chris Watts Case: Did Anyone Notice This?
7 months ago

In this video we take a closer look at the relationship between Shanann and Chris Watts sister. As well as possible discrepancy in the discovery files. During his ...

Unseen moments from the Chris Watts confession tapes
10 months ago

These unseen confession tapes show the moment Chris Watts explains why he put the bodies of his family in oil tanks.

The Case of Chris Watts - Part 3 - The Confession
8 months ago

The psychological tactics & persuasion techniques that lead to Chris Watts' confession. Join us on Patreon - Narrator ...

Chris Watts - 2000 Page Discovery MurderMystery&Makeup | Bailey Sarian
8 months ago

Murder, Mystery and Makeup - GRWM & Chris Watts Case - 2000 Page Discovery | Bailey Sarian Dont forget to Like and Subscribe x o : My ...

The Strange Case of Chris Watts ( A True Crime )
3 months ago

Next videos on the case - A documentary providing an overview of the psychological dynamics before and after ...

Chris Watts Family Murders - #7: Troy McCoy Interview
7 months ago

Chris Watts' coworker, Troy McCoy's interview after the Watts family murders in August 2018 in Frederick Colorado. The interview was audio only so I played the ...

Part 2 HLN's Ashleigh Banfield/ September 2018 |Chris Watts Case |Shanann's Teacher |Chris' Roommate
2 weeks ago

This channel is not monetized, and is brought to you commercial free! Support me only if that is your desire. Patron: ...

Chris Watts Case: David Colon 2nd Police Interview (Ex-Coworker, Friend)
9 months ago

Source: Jay is 4 Justice Subscribe for more 24 Hour Crime. Disclaimer: I don't own any content in this video. No copyright ...

#ChrisWatts #JacobForman family Murder Reminiscent #Watts case #DutyRon
2 days ago

ChrisWatts #JacobForman #DutyRon Jacob Forman of Kelowna British Columbia was sentenced to life in prison for the murders of his wife Clara 33 and two ...

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