How Does China's Government Work?
4 years ago

How Important Is The African Union? » Subscribe to NowThis World: From the Somali Civil War to the ...

Explained: China's Communist Party
6 years ago

Jeremy Fernandez explains the Communist Party's absolute dominance of China has developed through a mix of organisation, propaganda and suppression of ...

US education says no to Chinese resources
6 days ago

Subscribe to our YouTube channel for free here: The University of Minnesota has suspended ties with Chinese tech giant ...

China - world power again | DW Documentary
1 year ago

China is on its way to becoming a socialist world power. After a time of revolution and reform, the country is entering a new era. As President Xi Jinping forges ...

Ai Weiwei: The Internet vs. The Chinese Government
6 years ago

I think those technology platforms [the internet and social media] constantly put the government on trial. And every event, every policy they make, people will ...

Government orders owner to tear down Chinese rooftop villa
6 years ago

CNN's David McKenzie reports on a Chinese man who built an unusual structure on top of a residential building. More from CNN at

Chinese government admits they detained missing Interpol president
6 months ago

China admits it detained a top international police official after he mysteriously vanished during a trip home. Meng Hongwei resigned as the head of Interpol, the ...

Alibaba's Jack Ma on the Government in China
4 years ago

Alibaba's Jack Ma talks about his relationship with China's government, at the WSJD Live Conference in Laguna Beach, Calif. Subscribe to the WSJ channel ...

Democracy, Authoritarian Capitalism, and China: Crash Course World History 230
4 years ago

In which John Green teaches you about the end of World History, and the end of the world as we know it, kind of. For the last hundred years or so, it seemed that ...

Chinese video surveillance network used by the Australian Government
6 months ago

They've been used to identify ethnic minorities and political dissidents in China, and were last month banned by the US due to concerns they were creating a ...

The Uighurs versus the Chinese Government
10 years ago

Uighur Dilemma (2009): Ever since the violence between Muslim Uighurs and Han Chinese, a fear of fanaticism has taken hold. Is the government's decision to ...

Huawei CEO: "We will never" provide Chinese government with any information
1 month ago

China's top economic official will hold trade talks in Washington later this week – another sign that efforts to avoid an all-out trade war are making progress.

Chinese Government is worried about Kenya's ban on tilapia imports
5 months ago

The Chinese government has downplayed concerns about a possible trade war between Kenya and China after Kenya banned tilapia imports from China, ...

"The Big Bang Theory" censored by Chinese government
5 years ago

"The Big Bang Theory" is not only the highest rated sitcom in the U.S., it's also a hit in China -- and that's apparently making some in the government there ...

How Strict Are China’s Censorship Laws?
4 years ago

Thousands of protesters in Hong Kong have gained widespread attention in their response to recent electoral changes imposed by the Chinese Government.

Ai Weiwei on the Chinese Government and What It Wants from Him – The New Yorker Festival
4 years ago

Unable to leave China, Ai Weiwei talks with the New Yorker staff writer Evan Osnos via Skype from his studio in Beijing. Ai shares his latest work, his thoughts on ...

China's National People's Congress Explained
6 years ago

So you may have heard there are some important political meetings going on in China this week. In Chinese they are called Liang Hui or the two meetings.

Chinese government showcasing Chinese business opportunities in Kenya
4 months ago

In a bid to expand her diplomatic interests in Kenya, the Chinese government is hosting a home life exhibition at KICC seeking to showcase various areas of ...

Liao Yiwu Howls Against the Chinese Government
6 years ago

After the massacre at Tiananmen Square in 1989, poet Liao Yiwu responded in anger and sadness with a powerful poem that become popular among activists.

In China 'you might disappear at any time' | Guardian Docs
4 years ago

Wang Yu was the most high profile of the lawyers arrested in July 2015 in a crackdown on rights campaigners in China. Subscribe to The Guardian ...

What the Chinese Government Is Cracking Down On!
3 months ago

Real fam, would you snitch on one of your friends, or are you keeping their browser history totally private?

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