China pushes back on Pompeo's claim that Huawei is lying
2 days ago

A Chinese official pushed back on Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's comments to "Squawk Box" that Huawei is doing the bidding of the Chinese government.

Explained: China's Communist Party
7 years ago

Jeremy Fernandez explains the Communist Party's absolute dominance of China has developed through a mix of organisation, propaganda and suppression of ...

How Does China's Government Work?
4 years ago

How Important Is The African Union? » Subscribe to NowThis World: From the Somali Civil War to the ...

China - world power again | DW Documentary
1 year ago

China is on its way to becoming a socialist world power. After a time of revolution and reform, the country is entering a new era. As President Xi Jinping forges ...

Microsoft China Event: Windows 10 China Government Edition
2 years ago

The Chinese government has the highest standards for security. The tools they choose to use for productivity and creativity must meet the highest levels of ...

Wikipedia versus the Chinese Government
7 years ago

For a while, Wales says, Wikipedia was banned in China.

"The Big Bang Theory" censored by Chinese government
5 years ago

"The Big Bang Theory" is not only the highest rated sitcom in the U.S., it's also a hit in China -- and that's apparently making some in the government there ...

CBS News gets rare question at Chinese government press conference
5 years ago

The opportunity to ask questions at press conferences involving high levels of the Chinese government only comes a couple of times a year. Questions must be ...

Ai Weiwei on the Chinese Government and What It Wants from Him – The New Yorker Festival
5 years ago

Unable to leave China, Ai Weiwei talks with the New Yorker staff writer Evan Osnos via Skype from his studio in Beijing. Ai shares his latest work, his thoughts on ...

Chinese video surveillance network used by the Australian Government
8 months ago

They've been used to identify ethnic minorities and political dissidents in China, and were last month banned by the US due to concerns they were creating a ...

'No Question' Huawei an Extension of the Chinese Government, Says Rep. Hurd
1 week ago

May.17 -- Representative Will Hurd, a Texas Republican and member of the House Intelligence Committee, discusses the threat Huawei Technologies and other ...

Protester Accuses Chinese Government of Abuse
2 years ago

(6 Apr 2017) Protesters lined roadways outside a hotel where Chinese President Xi Jinping is expected to stay when he visits President Donald Trump on ...

China's Government Seeks Control Over Big Tech: WSJ
2 years ago

Oct.12 -- China's internet regulators have discussed taking 1 percent stakes in Tencent, Weibo, Youku Tudou and Alibaba, the Wall Street Journal reported, ...

China's National People's Congress Explained
6 years ago

So you may have heard there are some important political meetings going on in China this week. In Chinese they are called Liang Hui or the two meetings.

Is Chinese government behind missing booksellers?
3 years ago

A deepening mystery in Hong Kong sounds like the plot of a thriller novel, but it's all too real. Five people have vanished since October, all of whom are ...

Huawei CEO: "We will never" provide Chinese government with any information
3 months ago

China's top economic official will hold trade talks in Washington later this week – another sign that efforts to avoid an all-out trade war are making progress.

China's government trafficking babies from poor families
8 years ago

Subscribe to our channel Subscribe to our channel Government officials are being accused of stealing infants ...

Stanford Seminar- How the Chinese Government Fabricates Social Media Posts for Strategic Distraction
11 months ago

Speaker: Jen Pan, Stanford University The speaker examines how the Chinese regime controls information online and how the government engages in ...

Alibaba's Jack Ma on the Government in China
5 years ago

Alibaba's Jack Ma talks about his relationship with China's government, at the WSJD Live Conference in Laguna Beach, Calif. Subscribe to the WSJ channel ...

Vatican denounces the "intransigent religious intolerance" of the Chinese Government
8 years ago

The Vatican has accused China of oppressing religious freedom and says that attempts to control the conscience of its citizens and interfere in the internal affairs ...

Democracy, Authoritarian Capitalism, and China: Crash Course World History 230
4 years ago

In which John Green teaches you about the end of World History, and the end of the world as we know it, kind of. For the last hundred years or so, it seemed that ...

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