Girl discovered in gypsy camp leads to child trafficking probe
6 years ago

Authorities in Greece have launched an international appeal to identify a young girl found in a raid on a gypsy camp last week. They believe she could be a ...

Child trafficking in Cambodia
10 years ago

CARING: Caring investigates child trafficking in Cambodia. Despite stricter legislation, the problem is still rampant. On one side are parents who want to foster a ...

Child trafficking in China | DW Documentary
1 year ago

Tan Jingjing from China is convinced her son was sold to traffickers by her ex-husband. More on Tan Jingjing's story: She's been ...

Child sex trafficking in America | Nacole | TEDxRainier
5 years ago

Child sex trafficking is a form of modern day slavery, and according the Department of Justice, human trafficking is one of the fastest growing criminal enterprise.

Ashton Kutcher's emotional call for "fight" to end child sex trafficking
2 years ago

Ashton Kutcher got emotional as he told the US Senate that new technology must be developed to stop online child sex trafficking. SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube ...

Ex-Navy SEALs Rescue Children From Sex Trafficking In San Diego (HBO)
2 years ago

According to the FBI, there were 465676 National Crime Information Center entries for missing children in 2016. Frustrated that police don't always treat runaway ...

Teaching children the signs of human trafficking
2 years ago

In one London elementary school, children are learning how to identify the five signs of human trafficking. CNN's Isa Soares reports.

Child Trafficking in Bolivia | Save the Children
3 years ago

Human trafficking is a crime that exploits women, children and men in every country, according to the UN. Learn how we're helping girls in Bolivia recover and ...

UNICEF USA: "I just wanted to die" -- A Trafficked Child Speaks out
5 years ago

Help UNICEF end trafficking. Donate to UNICEF Today - In this video, you will learn about the thousands of kids in the ...

Children for Sale: The Trafficking Ring Selling Babies from the Slums to Rich Couples
2 years ago

A vast underground network of traffickers has made a living convincing poor mothers in Bulgaria to sell their infants to rich Greek couples. From the courts, to the ...

Police break up child trafficking ring in China
4 years ago

Police rescued 37 babies and a 3-year-old girl after busting a child trafficking ring in eastern China's Shandong province. CNN's Will Ripley reports.

China's Huge and Hushed-Up Child Trafficking Problem (2009)
3 years ago

Kidnapped (2009): Chinese authorities refuse to acknowledge the extent of child trafficking in their country, leaving many parents to take matters into their own ...

Human Trafficking Survivor Recalls Thinking Abuse Was ‘Normal’
2 years ago

Kendall claims her parents handed her over to a man who runs an international sex trafficking ring when she was born and that she grew up being physically ...

Child Trafficking American Style: How Cash-for-Kids exists and how to Stop It by January 16, 2015
4 years ago

SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE Divorce Corp VIDEOS: Director Joe Sorge reveals how good ...

Meet the Team of 'Abolitionists' Rescuing Victims of Child Sex Trafficking - Crime Watch Daily
3 years ago

They have made it their life's mission to go undercover and bust child sex traffickers. Melissa Moore has a moving interview with the brave rescuers calling ...

Child Trafficking and Women in Poverty
11 years ago See undercover video taken by police, better understand why it happens, and who is doing it.

Child Trafficking in Los Angeles Facts
4 years ago

Child sex trafficking is a growing problem in Los Angeles, California. More than 330 cases of child trafficking in LA County were identified. Our children are at risk ...

நாமக்கல் குழந்தை விற்பனை விவகாரம் கைதான 7 பேருக்கு ஜாமீன் மறுப்பு |Namakkal Child Trafficking Issue
4 hours ago

நாமக்கல் குழந்தை விற்பனை விவகாரம் கைதான 7 பேருக்கு ஜாமீன் மறுப்பு |#Namakkal...

Child trafficking in China: Why thousands of children disappear every year
6 months ago

Subscribe to France 24 now: FRANCE 24 live news stream: all the latest news 24/7 We take a look at the issue of ...

Sold in America: The Trafficking
1 year ago

Thousands of people in the U.S. are trafficked for sex each year. Newsy talks to survivors and explores new efforts to stop exploitation. Learn more about this ...

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