Rescuing India's children from slavery
4 years ago

India has the most child laborers in the world. Kailash Satyarthi has devoted his life to fighting that distinction.

Chocolate Child Slaves- CNN
7 years ago

Full article here : Everyone loves chocolate. But for thousands of people, chocolate is the reason for their enslavement.

Child Slavery - Restaveks in Haiti
10 years ago

A child living in servitude is often called a restavèk, a Creole word that literally means a "stay-with." But the word has come to be a foul word in Haiti, an insult ...

Real Stories of Child Slavery: Dangerous Jobs in Thailand & Cambodia #nochildforsale | World Vision
6 years ago

Real Stories of Child Slavery: Dangerous Jobs in Thailand and Cambodia. Join the fight to protect Children. Together end child slavery. Share. Donate. Sponsor.

Reporters: Kailash Satyarthi is on a mission to end child slavery in India
6 months ago

Subscribe to France 24 now: FRANCE 24 live news stream: all the latest news 24/7 A child disappears every ...

Why Should Child Slavery Matter to You?
5 months ago

This Giving Tuesday, November 27, tune in to watch the feature film documentary The Price of Free, here on SoulPancake. Freeing the millions of children ...

Prostitution and child slavery in Lebanon
2 years ago

3 min TV report on Akkar in Lebanon and the appalling circumstances child refugees face both on a farm and then later as either prostitutes or as those ...

*Disturbing* Black Slave Traders Enslaving and Crippling Little Children
3 years ago

Grown black African men enslaving and crippling little African children. Viewer caution is advised-*disturbing*

This World Child Slavery
6 years ago

There are still children working and living as slaves today.

Real Stories of Child Slavery: Child Labour In India | World Vision
6 years ago

Sign the petition to end child slavery: #nochildforsale There are 219 million children involved in child labour worldwide. Approximately 60 ...

International Day Against Child Slavery
3 days ago

Snapshot | 150 million children are still being forced to work around the world.

10 Horrific Facts About Child Labor
7 months ago

Support our efforts to make videos about what we want: Most people think of slavery and child labor as a thing of the ...

Troubled Waters: Inside the child slavery trade | CNN Freedom Project documentary
1 month ago

CNN Freedom Project investigates the root causes and potential solutions to the existence of 20000 child slaves in Ghana's lucrative fishing industry -- and one ...

Say NO to Child Labour & Slavery
3 years ago

Have you ever realised the clothes that you wear, the coffee that you drink, the chocolate that you relish and the computer that you work on, may all have been ...

Your Smartphone Was Made By Child Slave Labor - Congo Cobalt Mines
2 years ago

Your Smartphone Is Powered by Child Labor at Cobalt Mines in Africa. Human rights watchdog Amnesty International has accused several tech and auto ...

Don't Support Child Slavery Avoid These 6 Chocolate Companies
1 year ago

Many of us purchase our chocolate without thinking about who made it, and that's a problem, since a variety of large corporations have been accused of using ...

Child Slaves In Queens
3 years ago

CBS2's Dave Carlin reports.

Nestle Chocolate Brought to You by Child Slavery | Brainwash Update
5 years ago

Abby Martin calls out Nestle once again, this time over the company's commissioning of cocoa famers in Ivory Coast who force thousands of underage workers ...

Apple & Tesla's Worst Nightmare: Child Slavery 2017
2 years ago

Get Immediate Access To Our Exclusive Report on Congo's Horrible "Blood Mining", Child Labor and Cobalt Mad Scramble, Including Our 3-Step Plan of Action ...

Nestle Sued by Former Child Slaves
6 months ago

Just in time for Halloween, Anya Parampil brings an update regarding a legal case filed against Nestle, which alleges the company aids and abets human rights ...

Poverty in Haiti spawns child slavery  13 October 2008
11 years ago

Subscribe to our channel Haiti is one of the poorest countries in the western hemisphere and the poverty has fuelled restavek, a system ...

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